Saturday, December 30, 2006

Robert Scheer: Silencing Saddam

Robert Scheer knows what's up with Silencing Saddam, at The Huffington Post:
"The irony here is that the crimes for which Saddam Hussein was convicted occurred before the United States, in the form of Donald Rumsfeld, embraced him. Those crimes were well known to have occurred 15 months before Rumsfeld visited Iraq to usher in an alliance between the United States and Saddam to defeat Iran."
This is a basic mafia hit. In an international trial, with real witnesses to ALL of Saddam's crimes, we would have found out where the goodies came from that Saddam used to kill his own people. We would have found out about all the help Ronnie Raygun and Bush's dad gave this third rate dictator who was more of a threat to the Republican party and the Bush family than he was to the Americans who'll be paying for this war for years to come.

Two Guys Out of Work

Of course, one of these guys has been tried and punished. The other gets a nice pension, and, no doubt, a book deal. I wonder which one is responsible for the most deaths? How do you teach ethics in a world where one mass murderer is rewarded and another is hanged? In fact, the Bush cabal, led by Cheney and Rumsfeld, has killed hundreds of thousands more Iraqis in just a few years, a much quicker rate than Saddam ever achieved, even with the poison gas we gave him.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Republican War

DarkSyde wants to remind everyone that this is a Republican War:
"this is a Republican War started by a Republican President managed by a Republican Cabinet enabled by a Rubber-stamp Republican Congress and cheered on by Republican media operatives."
Cheered on by a lot of Democrats too. Like Hillary. And John Kerry. I mean, while we're working for public opinion, why not gain a little by admitting that certain members of our own party cheered this Treasonous administration on, like a bunch of political gamblers cheering on a cock fight, wherein they thought that out of the post-9-11 nationalist fervor, they could win the kind of political points afforded to those who sell out to the center.

Of course, Pro-war Democrats were just icing for Karl Rove's plan to politicize the war. Of course some Democrats would go for the head fake. Others did everything they could short of blocking the shot (thank you, Russ Feingold).

The rest of us need to point out that the Democrat/Republican difference is less important that the war/anti-war difference. Only ONE side of the latter was right. That makes for some very wrong Democrats (I'm looking at you, Joe Lieberman). Now I want to hear them admit they were wrong, otherwise, they're not much better than this narcissistic President on this issue.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Caniac the Miserable

The wing nut over at Questions for Christians wrote back, of course, because the fighting keyboardists don't have lives or kids in Iraq. And, as I promised, he has now been banned from the blog my wife started to honestly ask questions of Christians. When Caniac actually asked how the Iraq war conflicted with Christianity, I just had to let 'em go. But, he wrote back with a rude, hate-filled tirade for me that's just not worth posting (after saying he had no ill will, HA!). So, I got the last word. Am I too harsh? No. I don't support a war of lies, torture, creating more extremists, destroying diplomacy, deficits, supression of science, and environmental catastrophe. Am I too nasty and angry? Uh, well, just look at the state of the world this guy and his glorious leader have brought us? We should all be EXTREMELY ANGRY. These people have done more damage to the world in 6 years than anyone could have dreamed. This great country I love is being ruined by these red-neck mother fuckers, and I will never calm down to talk to their ilk. They should be in prison, and I'm going to severely pissed until that day arrives. So, here's the two barrels I gave him:
I knew you wouldn't be able to shut the fuck up, just like most Republicans.

80% of Americans disapprove of your glorious leader's handling of the war. I will no longer listen to the nonsensical ravings of your lunatic mind that says killing innocent people is OK with Jesus. After 911, the whole world was with us. Even Iranians were marching in the streets against extremist. Now the whole world hates us, and there is even more extremism. All because of George W. Bush. All because of idiots like you.

Crybaby? I have been physically assaulted by pricks like you because of my bumper stickers (so much for free speech), and I have seriously kicked the ass of every prick who ever did that to me. The last guy sucker punched me in the face through my car window and I got out and kicked him in the balls so hard, he was still on the ground crying when I drove away. I'm sure you would be no different. Without your guns or your keyboards to hide behind, you are sad little shits who never worked hard for anything in your miserable life. I have busted my ass at hard labor for 20 years, and I don't need some sad little shit like you to tell me what's real and what's not. You are a chicken shit little puke who couldn't fight in the war you support, so you join the fightin' keyboardists with the rest of your chicken hawk friends. Now piss off, fuck head. I could care less what you think about me. You started a war on lies, from a President who wasn't even elected, controlling a theocratic government that dismisses science and shoves a backwards religious view down the throats of those the constitution says have a right to be free of that.

When a democrat wins in 08, and the new democrat congress has passed a higher minimum wage, ethics reform, lower student loan rates, medicare reform, and your idiot president has vetoed all those things a majority of Americans want, then the only thing I will have to whine about is the fact that people like you aren't in prison for your treasonous crimes, and the enormous tax you've left to my children because of your massive deficits.

Your idiotic ravings have been marked as spam and you are no longer able to post at Questions for Christians. Any email you send back to me will be marked as spam and go unread, so don't bother. I control this site, and you are no longer welcome. I get the last word. You and your red-neck buddies down in North Carolina can all go fuck each other's pretty mouths while you rant and rave about the homosexual agenda, you fucking deliverance hypocrites. I hope you get cancer and are denied marijuana as medicine, I hope you suffer in your final days without the option of euthanasia, and I hope it all happens after you're forced to patrol the streets of Baghdad in shitty body armor.

So long, prick. You will not be missed.
If anything, I was too easy on the miserable excuse for a living being.

Christian Questions for Christians Answer Christian Questions

The End of Caniac?
"You have certainly shown yourself to be an ignorant and angry man with whom an intelligent conversation is impossible."
I can only hope. But there's no way I'm going to let a wing nut get the last word...
Well, I'll be glad to see you go. Throughout your ignorant tirades, you have ignored my questions and provided lies as proof for yours. You ask ignorant crap like "how is the Iraq war a corruption of Christianity?" And, apparently, you're actually serious. Just once I'd like for jerks like you to quote where Jesus said killing people is good. But, forget Jesus for a while. I can ethically argue that sometimes war is neccessary, and even good, like when we stopped the Nazis. But you have made no such argument for why the Iraq war is good. You are blindly following your lying jerk of a President, who has called me a terrorist, while you support the killilng of innocent civilians. You and your chimpanzee leader have lied at every turn. Your attempt to equate Islamist extremists with Nazis is a sad joke. You just can't face the fact that you and your glorious leader have been wrong about EVERYTHING. So, suck it up and get lost. This country is finally on a path back to REASON and SCIENCE, and your pitiful attempts to debunk global warming with EXXON funded bullshit has been exposed for the dangerous, murderous lie it is. From the environment, to the war, to Katrina, to the deficit, to the attack on science, your glorious president has made this world a more dangerous place. Millions will die as a result. You should be ashamed of yourself. And to have the balls to call me ignorant after the display you've provided on these pages is the height of Hubris. Why don't you go see what your Bible says about that...

Frankly, if someone who pays attention to the evils you and your ilk have perpetuated isn't as angry as I am, there's something seriously wrong with them. So long, and thanks for all the death, destruction, and deficits. We'll clean up your mess, but you're not allowed to play here anymore.
Of course, there's no way he'll let that go, so I hope he comes back for one last diatribe that I can mark as spam, so he can no longer speak for Christians over at my wife's Questions for Christians blog.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

EPA Gone Feral: Destroying Our Future

This Bush treason will kill many more children than his little war has.
"In defiance of Congressional requests to immediately halt closures of library collections, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is purging records from its library websites, making them unavailable to both agency scientists and outside researchers, according to documents released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). At the same time, EPA is taking steps to prevent the re-opening of its shuttered libraries, including the hurried auctioning off of expensive bookcases, cabinets, microfiche readers and other equipment for less than a penny on the dollar."
This is self destruction of public property at its worst. While selling the furniture for pennies on the dollar to friends is just plain old theft, the destruction of years of research into toxic chemicals and pesticides is an outright assault on the lives and health of every American. This obvious attempt to help industry by knee-capping the regulatory agency that protects us from the chemicals is so cynical, so dangerous, and so homicidal that somebody from the Bush cabal had damn well better go to jail over this one. They'll put Nuns in jail for graffiti on Pentagon property, but they'll let this shit slide?
In a letter dated November 30, 2006, four incoming House Democratic committee chairs demanded that EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson assure them “that the destruction or disposition of all library holdings immediately ceased upon the Agency's receipt of this letter and that all records of library holdings and dispersed materials are being maintained.” On the very next day, December 1st, EPA de-linked thousands of documents from the website for the Office of Prevention, Pollution and Toxic Substances (OPPTS) Library, in EPA’s Washington D.C. Headquarters.

Last month without notice to its scientists or the public, EPA abruptly closed the OPPTS Library, the agency’s only specialized research repository on health effects and properties of toxic chemicals and pesticides. The web purge follows reports that library staffers were ordered to destroy its holdings by throwing collections into recycling bins.

“EPA’s leadership appears to have gone feral, defying all appeals to reason or consultation,” stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch, noting that Congress has yet to review, let alone approve, the library closures. “The new Congress convening in January will finally have a chance to decide whether EPA will continue to pillage its library network.”
Un-fucking-believable. These people have no shame. Do their kids breath different air, drink different water, or eat different food from the rest of us. Or are they actually thinking, fuck the kids? Oh, right. Iraq. Deficit. Pollution. I see a trend. The GOP just doesn't give a shit about the future generations of Americans. I guess they're really betting the farm on the Rapture....

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Daily Kos: Impeachment: you think the world is not watching?

"So Democrats also think it's okay to go invade another country, to get several hundred thousand of its inhabitants killed, to proudly practice and promote torture around the world, to tear up the Geneva Conventions and a whole load of international treaties, and to go grab random foreigners around the world to put them in Guantanamo and throw away the key?"
Right. But when we discover the crimes, we need to make it clear that there is no choice. The constitution states quite clearly that impeachment is what you do if there have been high crimes and misdemeanors. This isn't something we can throw away for political expediency. This is a constitutional duty. If we don't do our duty, we are just as guilty as Republicans for putting party over country.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Document shows Bush guided CIA on detention - Americas - International Herald Tribune

If this isn't treason, I don't know what is. George Bush personally authorized torture techniques. Remember the reports that as young person, he tortured and killed frogs? First sign of a serial killer.

There is something wrong with the Bush family. Just look what Jeb has been up to:
Officials Clash Over Mentally Ill in Florida Jails

For years, circuit judges here have ordered state officials to obey Florida law and promptly transfer severely mentally ill inmates from jails to state hospitals. But with few hospital beds available, Gov. Jeb Bush’s administration began flouting those court orders in August.

Now, in a growing standoff between the government of Florida and its judges, the state is being threatened with steep daily fines if it does not comply. And at least one judge has raised the possibility that the secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families could go to jail for contempt of court.

“This type of arrogant activity cannot be tolerated in an orderly society,” Judge Crockett Farnell of Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Court wrote in an Oct. 11 ruling.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Despite Billions Spent, Rebuilding Incomplete -

So, we lefties never talk about all the good things that America has done for Iraq. OK, let's do that. Today's WP has a look at exactly what our reconstruction dollars have done in Iraq. And that's just some of the trillion or so we'll spend on it. Well, we didn't really spend it. We charged it. Our kids will be paying the Iraq tax for decades. But, let's look at the good stuff.
"'We accomplished a significant amount of work. But it was just overwhelmed by the overlay of violence,' said Clifford G. Mumm, who has spent much of the past three years in Iraq managing projects for Bechtel Corp. 'It's hard to be very optimistic.'

U.S.-funded projects have long been a target for sabotage. Many of those that were spared remain unused by a population paralyzed by violence.

Yet those inside the reconstruction effort say security concerns were hardly the only problem. Poor planning and coordination by U.S. officials meant that even successful individual projects failed to do the job; for example, health-care centers were built at great cost but had no water and sewer service. Poor work-site management by contractors meant that some projects went awry. And now that the United States is handing over reconstruction efforts to Iraq, many involved with the process worry that the Iraqis don't have the training or the money to keep U.S.-built facilities running."
I know, commie bastards like me even try to ruin the good stuff for you. So, maybe you'd like to hear what an actual Iraqi has to say.
"What reconstruction?" Othman said in an interview last week. "Today we are drinking untreated water from a plant built decades ago that was never maintained. The electricity only visits us two hours a day. And now we are going backwards. We cook on the firewood we gather from the forests because of the gas shortage."
Well, there you have it. Our money has actually done the opposite of what GW Bush, the great leader and hero who was OH so much better than Gore or Kerry (people with actual experience in war), intended. Well, boys and girls, the road to hell is paved with GW Bush's good intentions. So is the road to Baghdad.

Despite Billions Spent, Rebuilding Incomplete -

So, we lefties never talk about all the good things that America has done for Iraq. OK, let's do that. Today's WP has a look at exactly what our reconstruction dollars have done in Iraq. And that's just some of the trillion or so we'll spend on it. Well, we didn't really spend it. We charged it. Our kids will be paying the Iraq tax for decades. But, let's look at the good stuff.
Despite Billions Spent, Rebuilding Incomplete - "'We accomplished a significant amount of work. But it was just overwhelmed by the overlay of violence,' said Clifford G. Mumm, who has spent much of the past three years in Iraq managing projects for Bechtel Corp. 'It's hard to be very optimistic.'

U.S.-funded projects have long been a target for sabotage. Many of those that were spared remain unused by a population paralyzed by violence.

Yet those inside the reconstruction effort say security concerns were hardly the only problem. Poor planning and coordination by U.S. officials meant that even successful individual projects failed to do the job; for example, health-care centers were built at great cost but had no water and sewer service. Poor work-site management by contractors meant that some projects went awry. And now that the United States is handing over reconstruction efforts to Iraq, many involved with the process worry that the Iraqis don't have the training or the money to keep U.S.-built facilities running."
I know, commie bastards like me even try to ruin the good stuff for you. So, maybe you'd like to hear what an actual Iraqi has to say.
"What reconstruction?" Othman said in an interview last week. "Today we are drinking untreated water from a plant built decades ago that was never maintained. The electricity only visits us two hours a day. And now we are going backwards. We cook on the firewood we gather from the forests because of the gas shortage."
Well, there you have it. Our money has actually done the opposite of what GW Bush, the great leader and hero who was OH so much better than Gore or Kerry (people with actual experience in war), intended. Well, boys and girls, the road to hell is paved with GW Bush's good intentions. So is the road to Baghdad.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another Argument with a Union Guy

Never ceases to amaze me how redneck union guys who claim to be independents or even Democrats are the first to take the side of the Rethugs. This is a recent exchange in my union news group. The righties have been pretty quiet, but after posting a link to get people to go freep an MSNBC poll about impeachment, I got this response to Bush treason:
So basically instead of making suggestions to MSNBC on how the newly elected Democrats could change policy and define their platform for the reshaping of American presense in the world— we get a vote on a political lynching. I guess it’s the Dems turn to do what the Reps did to Clinton when he was President and they had the power. Thus proving my point that their all alike.
Ugh. Yeah, they're all alike. Typical crap from a guy who not only watches, but enjoys, Bill O'Lielly. Here's my response:
Lynching? Or is it oversight? Is it justice? Let's see, a lynching was when KKK people tied black guys up to trees and went to town. Impeaching GW Bush for his numerous crimes would be JUSTICE.

The Democrats will pass legislation in the first hundred hours raising the minimum wage, implementing all the 9-11 commission recommendations, allowing the government to negotiate with drug companies for medicare, break the link between lobbyists and legislators (drain the swamp), cut the interest rate on student loans in half, and allow federal funding of stem-cell research, hopefully with a veto proof majority on the stem cells. After the first 100 hours, it's pass a pay as you go rule, so the
deficit gets under control, and allow the tax cuts for those over 250K per year to lapse (start rewarding work over wealth). That's the plan they've been pushing for over a year now. But you wouldn't know that. You've been too busy saying they don't have a plan to bother to listen to the plan.

So, no, they're not the same. And you know it.

Besides, Clinton lied about a blow job. Bush violated the 4th amendment with warrantless spying on American citizens, he lied to congress to get us into war (I can't think of a bigger crime, considering all the death, maiming, and destruction that's resulted), and he has allowed torture in direct violation of many laws and treaties. Not to mention all his "signing statements" where he says this law applies to everyone but me. All blatant violations of numerous laws that are a HELL OF A LOT WORSE THAN LYING ABOUT A BLOW JOB, at least to those of us whose heads are outside of the lower end of our digestive tract.

So, do you really think the two are anywhere near comparable, or are you just parroting the O'Liely line of crap again?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Quick Notes From Planet Earth

Hunter is his usual brilliant self lately.
"The notion among hardcore, far-right conservatives that this sweeping Democratic victory was a great victory for hardcore, far-right conservatives because the Democrats who won are really conservatives too. Not that there's the slightest bit of evidence of conservatism, for all but a handful of these people -- no, it's just that 'conservative' means whatever the hell hardcore far-right conservatives consider popular, at the moment. There's no actual tenets involved, mind you, which is a lucky thing, because the same conservatives just spent months declaring that these same Democrats were hopelessly, unimaginably liberal, and were going to make you marry your dog or something."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld: a costly legacy in lost lives - The Herald

Rumsfeld: a costly legacy in lost lives - The Herald:
"Detractors painted him as a reckless warmonger who botched the Iraq occupation planning, sent too few troops, failed to anticipate a bloody insurgency, put soldiers into combat without enough armour, damaged the all-volunteer military and sullied America's reputation by sanctioning detainee abuse."

Monday, November 06, 2006

VA-Sen: Voter suppression in Virginia

If conservatives have all the ideas, then why do they have to cheat? I can't wait to see some other Rethugs perp walked for these crimes. Of course, in the close races, some of these people would rather go to club fed than see the public vote for someone besides their guy. This is Bush Treason, Republican Treason, Karl Rove Treason: trying to force democracy on Iraq, while taking it away here.
Daily Kos: VA-Sen: Voter suppression in Virginia: "Widespread Calls, Allegedly from 'Webb Volunteers,' Telling Voters that their Polling Location has Changed.

A couple of examples:

a. Norman Cox has been registered to vote in the same location in Arlington since 1972. Someone from a 406 number (in Montana) called to tell him that his polling place has changed. [Note: The Webb Campaign is NOT making any such phone calls.] Cox said he believed that he was being mislead and the caller hung up.

b. Peter Baumann in Cape Charles, VA (North Hampton) got a similar call from a 'Webb volunteer' saying his polling location had changed. He said: No, I'm a poll worker and I know where I vote. The girl--who was calling from California--hung up."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

State Department screened speakers for possible dissent

Bush-Cheney 1984: From the Big Surprise Department.

"WASHINGTON - An internal State Department review has found that U.S. officials screened the public statements and writings of private citizens for criticism of the Bush administration before deciding whether to select them for foreign speaking projects.

The screenings amounted to 'virtual censorship' in the State Department's selection of speakers, said a report by the department's Inspector General's Office. McClatchy Newspapers obtained a copy of the 22-page report, which was completed in September."

Bush Abandons US Soldier Behind Enemy Lines

Hey, all you conservatives, did you notice this yesterday? While Bush, McCain and the rest of the nut jobs were blathering on about Kerry's mangled sentence (as if Bush was one to try to talk), Bush abondoned an American soldier behind enemy lines:
Extra checkpoints were set up last week as U.S. troops launched an intensive search for a missing soldier, who has yet to be found.

Shortly after leaving Sadr city, U.S. troops dismantled other checkpoints in the downtown Karradah neighborhood where the soldier had been abducted, loading barbed wire coils onto their Stryker armored vehicles.
Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan notes:
The U.S. military does not have a traditional of abandoning its own soldiers to foreign militias, or of taking orders from foreign governments. No commander-in-chief who actually walks the walk, rather than swaggering the swagger, would acquiesce to such a thing.... And where, by the way, is McCain on this? ... Silent recently on Iraq. But vocal - oh, how vocal - on Kerry.
Where is everyone on this? We have now abandoned a soldier because Bush wants to kiss Iraqi ass now. Shameful.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Republicans Losing the West

If Democrats are going to be a national party again, they have to win in the west. After all, you've got your guns, so where are you going to hunt? Environmental populism has been winning political hearts and minds across the west for a while now. The republican party's ideology dictates that hearts and minds are reality based, and they don't do reality.

These California Republicans are in trouble. If you follow the links, you'll see why.
--CA-04: John Doolittle

--CA-11: Richard Pombo

--CA-50: Brian Bilbray
Pombo is an environmental disaster, and a genuine asshole to boot.

Colorodo is slowing growing bluer and bluer. It's easy to see why when you look at the talent the Republican party runs for office.
--CO-04: Marilyn Musgrave

--CO-05: Doug Lamborn

--CO-07: Rick O'Donnell
Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, and Nevada are in play because of the incompetence of these winners.
--MO-Sen: Jim Talent

--MT-Sen: Conrad Burns

--NV-03: Jon Porter
--NM-01: Heather Wilson
And Washington State is always close, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why.
--WA-Sen: Mike McGavick

--WA-08: Dave Reichert
These are all Republicans in trouble for one reason or another, and it's shocking that enough people would vote for these slime balls. Just read the stories. The vast array of sleeze is astounding. Well, not really. They are Republicans.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Another Religious FREAK Gets My Dander Up

I just love these guys. They really know how to stick to their talking points. Hopefully those talking points are finally being seen for what they are. I shouldn't even call them Bullshit, because at least with Bullshit you can fertilize plants.
Main Entry: 1mor·al
Pronunciation: 'mor-&l, 'mär-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin moralis, from mor-, mos custom
1 a : of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior : ETHICAL

It's wrong to curse in public, in school, and pretty much everywhere else. If it's WRONG then it's not moral. The bilbe also says it's wrong.

It seems like you're more concerned about bashing the Republicans anyway. Sooooo... while we're at it...

Democrats have no (I repeat), NO plan for winning the war in Iraq.
Democrats don't have plans for anything really.
All they can do is blame Bush, yet they produce no solutions.
Bashing Bush is more important to you than actually doing the things you say you would do (like feeding the poor)
If you want to win favor with the voters, portray some MORAL VALUES. People respect that.
Killing babies is not moral.
Gay marriage and adoption are not moral.
You are stupid.

Listen very carefully.

Fuck off.

I don't believe in your Bible. So, for you to argue something saying that IT says it is so is illogical. The definition of MORAL that you sent mentions nothing about Religion. It is entirely possible to live ethically without believing in the same BULLSHIT you believe in. I believe it is RIGHT to curse when your president tortures, murders, maims, ridicules, and belittles anyone who dares to believe differently than him. I have been called a traitor. I have been called a baby murder. I don't need your fucking insults, you fucking red neck. If you write me again, you will be added to the spam filter.


The democrats have a plan to. They're called subpoenas. Then we can find out the truth about your ethical bunch of White House thugs.

I have another plan too. It has to do with helping the working people of this country for a fucking change. No more tax breaks for billionaires. No more wars of lies. And no more putting up with the kind of terrorism you support.

It is GW Bush and the Republican party that has no plan, other than to continue pouring a billion dollars down that hole every four days. It's not about bashing Bush. It's about restoring some sense of reason and sensibility to a government gone crazy with power, slashing the bill or rights down to one, all because you don't want gay people to rescue an UNABORTED baby from the hells of the foster system.

Most people respect reason.

Now crawl back under your rock where dinosaurs are Jesus horses, and God made the world just the way it is 5000 years ago, and no one is moral except the ones who believe like you. Too bad you can't just go back to the 50's where the blacks and the jews were all kept where the belong - under your boot.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Honor Crude and Cruel Persons

A friend recently posted a short bit on Christians and forgiveness: "Is it possible to honor crude and cruel persons who destroy life and love?"

My answer?
100's of thousands of dead Iraqis. Over 2700 dead American soldiers. Civil war. Torture. Rape. Mutilation. Thousands of times more than was being committed by Saddam. Unstable middle east. Nuclear proliferation. Pakistan making friends with Al Qaeda types. Taliban coming back. North Korea. Iran. Broken military. Rich getting richer. More poverty. Less health care. War on the middle class. All because working people thought gay marriage and abortion were a bigger threat than anything else.

Good thing I'm not a Christian because I hate GW Bush more than any of you Republicans ever hated Bill Clinton. I will never forgive him. I will never forgive those of you who called me a traitor because I tried to tell you what an evil man he and his cronies are. I will never forgive anyone who voted for this regime, which has hurt America more than any administration in history. I will never forgive the ignoring of threats, the lies, the cherry picking, the strategic leaks, the denials, or the signing statements. I will never forgive any authoritarian government that forces the views of some on the rest.

Even long prison sentences for these criminals will not be enough.

Now all of you who are angry, get out there and vote. The rest of you, well, let's hope your God has mercy on your souls, and that your children are rich enough to afford to pay of the deficit.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Einstein Quote

"The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them."- Albert Einstein.
For all you evolution and climate change denying Rethuglicans, Albert Einstein was a famous SCIENTIST.

Monday, October 09, 2006

"G W Bush's death wish is revealed in powerful images and words of Bush choices whether the Iraq war, torture, tax cuts for wealthy, environment, civil liberties challenging the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Geneva Convention and mankind. Bushisms are not meaningless dyslexia but Freudian slips revealing lifelong destructive patterns."

Thanks, Steven, for checking out my blog, and I appreciate yours as well. Randy Rhodes often talks about Bush's youthful experiments with blowing up frogs and torturing small animals. When she had Justin A. Frank, author of Bush on the Couch, on the show, they got into a lot of psychological problems that Bush demonstrates. Not to mention the rumors that he's on anti-depressants... I hope Cheney on the Couch is the sequel.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Internet Gambling Ban

Well, Bill Frist has his lips planted firmly on the ass of the religious right now, after slipping an internet gambling ban into a port security bill. Except, I wonder how much of that gambling will just move to Abramoff's Indian casino friends? Or the Mississippi gambling boats, or the hundreds of other places to gamble in this country. This is more of a get out, burn gas, and gamble locally bill. Helps the oil companies and the local gambling industry. Nice.

All you internet gamblers better show up to the polls, and remember, the Republicans are the ones who took your on-line poker site away.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Videos

Someone at the White House needs to visit this drug addiction treatment videos web site that I just finished optimizing for the search engines. While I'm not sure what drugs George and Dick are taking, I'm sure it's something powerful. And they're going to need help to get off it. So, if there's a counselor in the White House who's trying to save the world by stopping the President and Vice President's drug addiction, then please, someone, send them to this site where they can find educational videos to help with drug addiction.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Coke head calling the bed pan white

When I heard George Bush call terrorists Islamic Fascists, I just had to look up the dictionary definition at Webster's:

1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
Sounds like the neocons to me.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More fun with Caniac

Having a little fun with a wingnut over at Questions for Christians:
Dick "last throes" Cheney doesn't lie. OK. You've had enough. Put the Kool Aide down and back away.

A few reporters admitting to fabrication means the whole paper is lies? Very nice. Again, you must have gone to the Karl Rove school in Orwellville. Taking that position means that only FAUX NEWS tells the truth. Careful, you're going to make me spew. So, here's a FACT about Dick Cheney's truthfulness:
BORGER: "Well, let's get to Mohamed Atta for a minute because you mentioned him, as well. You have said in the past that it was, quote, 'pretty well confirmed.'" CHENEY: “No, I never said that.”
- CNBC, 6/20/04

“It's been pretty well confirmed that [Atta] did go to Prague and he did meet with a senior official of the Iraqi intelligence service in Czechoslovakia last April, several months before the attack.”
- Vice President Dick Cheney, 12/9/01

“There is no evidence that the alleged leader of the Sept. 11 hijackers, Mohamed Atta, met in April 2001 with an Iraqi intelligence agent in Prague, a finding that eliminates a once-suggested link between the terrorist attacks and the government of President Saddam Hussein, according to a senior administration official.”
- Washington Post, 5/1/02

So, Brainiac, I guess we can't believe anything Dick Cheney says, huh? You said it. Lie once and no one can ever believe you again.

But let's get on to the meat of the thing. Scientists 30 years ago hadn't invented the internet, were wrong about dinosaurs (you know, Jesus horses), and many, many other things. That's the thing about science. It has ways built in to correct itself. Theory and observation. Something religion doesn't have.

Ironically, however, they were only partly wrong. One scenario theorizes that as the north pole and Greenland melt, lots of fresh water pours into the north Atlantic. That halts the gulf stream, and the northeast and Europe get very cold. But it's just a scenario. Could be wrong. We should wait and see and not do anything about it.

But, hey, there's no sense talking to you about this. You will never let anyone convince you that you're wrong about anything.

Oh, I'm angry. You have no idea. It's about time we had some angry liberals. Of course, it was you guys who were the real rabid dog angry when Bill Clinton was getting a blow job in the same room where Ronald Reagan took his medicine. Liberals like me are angry about something that really matters.

I have watched George Bush allow this country to be attacked. I have watched an American city drown. I have seen 300 BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS WASTED ON A WAR BASED ON LIES WHILE THE REAL TERRORISTS WHOSE BALLS SHOULD BE HANGING ON THE OVAL OFFICE WALL ARE STILL WANDERING AROUND FREE. I have watched Haliburton get rich, science get ignored, unions get busted, jobs get outsourced, corporations moving to the Caymans, pollution get worse, public lands sold off, Enron, enforcement of immigrarion laws (especially against employers) stopped, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, health care and fuel get unaffordable, the deficit exploded, and people like you keep spewing BULLSHIT paid for by the oil companies who are making record profit.

But it only has a little to do with you personally. It has a lot to do with you in the plural. You and Dick and George. So fucking sure that your God is the right God. That everyone is going to hell. That armageddon is coming and anyone who's not a Christian will burn in hell.

When GW says God told him to strike Iraq, that's shoving religion down my throat. We he calls what he's started a Crusade, that's inciting future terror attacks. That makes my kids less safe.

Hey, why are we in Iraq anyway? Iraq's ties to 9-11? WMD? Democratic dominos falling though the middle east? But you said Cheney doesn't lie. Fighting terrorists there so we don't have to fight them here? Oh, I see, they have those shock collars on so they can't come here when they're ready? The people who started all this with box cutters are too geographically challenged to come over here again? What a sad, pathetic, horrific joke you and your idols are.

Maybe they like it when we come over there and rape and kill innocent children. Saves them the trouble and does their recruiting for them. Then we fire Arabic translators for being gay. Almost 50 of them so far. Nice. That'll help.

But I digress.

I noticed that you again avoided all the points made on the many links I provided. If your only argument that Global Warming isn't happening is that they were wrong in the 70's, well, you need to take another Earth Sciences class. But that would be torture, wouldn't it? Having to listen to all those unclean facts? All those references to evolution?

I don't hate all Christians. I hate hypocrites. Republicans are not Christians in your policies or politics. You are befouling an earth you claim God told you to behold. If you don't believe that GW Bush is an environmental nightmare (even without Global Warming and Climate Change in the arguement), then there is no sense in wasting my time on you anymore.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Caniac the Magnificent

This came in over at Questions for Christians:
You liberals are always looking for the knee-jerk response. In the mid 70's, you all thought the next ice age was coming due to aerosol emissions. Global warming just 30 years later? 19,000 international and relevantly experienced scientists have signed a petition calling the whole global warming issue "poppycock".

A couple of degrees up or down over 5,000 years really doesn't concern those of us who can think. Liberals "feel", they don't think. You all immediately have to respond to things. You blame humans for their impending doom. Did the brontosaurs cause their own extinction by driving SUVs? Was it the Raptors rampant gun use? Triceratops urban sprawl? If only they were all vegans...
Oh, I just love these guys. He did everything but call the dinosaurs "Jesus Horses" (thank you Jimmy Fallon). But I ignored the obvious problem this guy has with the fossil record and went after him on the more obvious stuff.
Hey, Caniac, can you back this up:
"19,000 international and relevantly experienced scientists have signed a petition calling the whole global warming issue ‘poppycock’."
Please tell me who that was. Provide a link to the petition. Show me the signatures. Otherwise, get lost. I was a grade schooler in the 70’s. And 100% of the non-oil-company-funded scientists (that means peer-reviewed science, not the kind George Bush preaches) agree that we are heating the planet, melting the ice, changing the climate, and raising sea level.

Oh, and remember, a few degrees up or down, a few feet up or down (ocean level) doesn’t really matter much to the molton-core ball of rock with a thin shell of delicately balanced air and water that 6 billion of us live on.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Stolen Votes and Union Republicans

Another Tirade on Health Care in My Union Newsgroup

While we watch out health care get whittled away, while more soldiers
die in a war based on lies, and while corporate cronies get rich while
robbing the middle class, the vote stealing continues, and lying scumbag
republicans like TJ keep promoting the thieves and liars because of
bullshit issues like gay marriage.

All you guys want your health care and dental? Stop voting for these
fucks. Vote for universal health care and we won't have to worry about
who we put on the trust or whether stagehands make good negotiators.

In the mean time, the votes keep getting stolen by the Karl Rove crowd
while people like Brother Mike C**** keep swift boating anyone who gets
in the way of Republican domination of the electoral process and the US

Wake up.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Reply to a Lament on My Union's Health Care

Unions all over this country are in the same shape. Health care is the issue. Bill Clinton knew it, and his wife had a plan that would have cost 7% of GDP, as TJ recently pointed out. Now we are paying almost 20% of GDP in health care. Trillions every year. For profit health companies like those owned by Bill Frist give 90% of their political contributions to Republicans, as do pharmaceutical companies. Their reward? A 600 Billion Dollar Medicare bill that prohibits us from negotiating for lower prices for drugs.

Howard Dean, who everyone here likes to ridicule because they can't talk issues, had a good plan that would have helped all the working people in this country get health care. You pay into Medicare, you get covered by it. The administrative costs of medicare are very low, about three percent, compared to the costs of for-profit private plans, where administrative costs run about 30% with a big chunk of that going into the CEO's pocket.

Contrary to popular Republican belief, malpractice insurance premiums are a VERY small chunk compared to that healthy bite taken so someone's daughter can drive a Mercedes at Harvard. The profits are obscene, like those earned by Senator Dr. Frist's company. (BTW, Dr. Frist believes AIDS can be spread through tears and sweat)

In a time of cuts from greedy corporations like the forum management, I doubt very much we're going to get the kind of contracts we need to cover it all.

It is time that Americans voted for health care for all.

Now, that ain't a debate about Nero's bar tab. That's a bucket brigade, and it needs to pour votes on the fire these corporate plutocrats are holding to our feet. It's the only way to beat the Diebold factor.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Favorite Un-evolved Life Form is Staying Out in the Light!

More fun with the un-educated....
You are so full of shit I have no idea where to begin.

The Republican congress in 1994 passed Bill Clinton's tax package. It included tax cuts for middle class people and a slight raise on taxes on rich people. You really should shop for facts somewhere besides Fox News....

I heard on the radio this morning that we are now spending 17% of GDP on health. I'll take the Devil's deal. Devil in a dress. HA. And people say we Bush haters let our hate get in the way of reason. Un fucking believeable. If you were any more fucked up, TJ, we could call the guys in white coats.

As for socialized medicine, well, that which you do to the least among us....

Wait, Bush said the recession was 9-11's fault. Which is it? And why would Gore raise taxes when we had record surpluses? Gore never mentioned raising taxes once. And he never could have with Rethugs in control of the house. You can try to re-write history all you want, but facts are facts. Bush is a disaster. Working people's wages have fallen steadily, Clinton created more jobs in his best month than Bush created in his whole 5 years, oh, and Bush's jobs are those really high paying ones, like Butlers and diamond-tipped cane polishers. The rich are getting richer, there are millions more poor people (where's your Jesus there, huh?), millions more without health care, and CEOs salaries are now 1000 times that of the average worker (it was only 300 times under Clinton). Not only have wages fallen, but now, thanks to making his oil company buddies richer, our purchasing power and disposable income are dropping too. Plus, the only thing driving the Bush economy has been people borrowing on their equity. Just wait till that chicken comes home to roost....

Kennedy cut taxes on upper incomes because when he took office they were really high because we had been paying off WWII, the cold war, and Korea. You know, novel idea, pay for the wars you fight, instead of borrowing the money from the Saudis and Chinese and making your grandkids pay it back, plus interest.

You're a liar on stem cells, too. The reason you can spew the crap you do about umbilical cords and adult cells is because you and your beloved great leader have suppressed research on Embryonic cells, which are taken from a glob of cells, not a child. Nobody gets killed because an embryo is not a person. In fact, under your glorious leader's rules, the embryos can go in the trash, but not into research. What a joke. THERE IS NO blood of life there, bible boy. You need to stop getting your science from your church. They have an obvious bias. As for the debate between Adult vs. Embryonic, well, you're wrong again (I'm sensing a pattern here).
"But the biggest difference in potential between adult and embryonic stem cells comes down to their developmental capacity -- their ability to give rise to other, more mature types of cells.The most flexible type of stem cells are those that are totipotent, which are considered the "master" cells of the body because they contain the genetic information necessary to create all the cells in the body. The fertilized egg is an example of a totipotent cell.Pluripotent stem cells, which come from embryos and fetal tissue, have the potential to develop into all of the more than 200 different known cell types in the adult body -- except the placenta."
The real hope in adult stem cells is in bone marrow, not umbilical cords. And since there has been so little research on embryonic cells (thanks to you Jesus freaks forcing your backwater views on the rest of us), you really can't say adult cells are better. What we know so far is that the developmental capacity of embryonic cells is better than adult cells.

But hey, what do you care, Jesus is coming back soon, right? Why don't you wait for him under your rock. All those un-evolved life forms under there are lonely without you.
Gee, this is so much fun! Fucking moron.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Another whacko steps into the light, gets burned, and crawls back in his hole

Here's one to the guy who can't stop hating Jane Fonda.
Here's the bottom line, shit head. You were all for Bush. You perpetrated lies about Kerry. You still do, even after I've sent you plenty of proof that the Swift Boaters were pitiful liars whose storied didn't even wash with a Navy run by your Hero Bush. That means that you, and every other person who voted for Bush should be ashamed of yourselves and apologize. You are all accomplices to the murders of 2400 American soldiers, 100,000 innocent Iraqis, thousands of people who could be saved by stem-cells, hundreds who died in Katrina, thousands who will die from increased pollution, and the millions who will die from Climate change you right wing nuts continue to deny.

I'm going to stay right here in America, you fuck. And all us commie
liberal pinko fag lovers are going to take over the house and senate,
and eventually the white house. We're going to put this country back on
a course where we do things based on Science, not superstition. We're
going to stop invasions based on lies, stop polluting so fucking much,
start a program for alternative energy, try to get health care as a
basic right for every American, even you, you fascist fuck.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Republican Says Dems Do Nothing on Immigration

My reply to this brainwashed fool:

Dems don't control any federal branch of government. When they do, then you can blame them. Now, when the Senate votes a way you don't like, you can only blame your glorious Republican party. You know, the party of God, as opposed to us terrorist loving Democrats.

Just to point out what a liar you are, here's EXACTLY what a Democrat is doing about immigration:
Governor Bill Richardson Declares State of Emergency Along New Mexico Border With Mexico

August 12, 2005
Pahl Shipley (505) 476-2202

Governor Makes $1.75 million available to assist state and local law enforcement in border communities

COLUMBUS, NM- Governor Bill Richardson today issued an Executive Order declaring a state of emergency along the New Mexico-Mexico border, specifically in Doña Ana, Luna, Grant, and Hidalgo counties. The Governor made the announcement following a helicopter and ground tour of the border near Columbus, New Mexico.

"As Governor I have a responsibility to protect our citizens, property, and communities," said Governor Richardson. "Recent developments have convinced me this action is necessary- including violence directed at law enforcement, damage to property and livestock, increased evidence of drug smuggling, and an increase in the number of undocumented immigrants."

Governor Richardson’s declaration makes $750,000 in state emergency funding immediately available to the affected counties. The Governor pledged an additional $1 million in assistance for the area. The funds will be used to support state and local law enforcement efforts, create and fund a field office for the New Mexico Office of Homeland Security to coordinate assistance to the area, and help build a fence to protect a livestock yard near Columbus, along a favorite path for illegal immigration where a number of livestock have been stolen and killed.

The Governor also called on Mexico to bulldoze the abandoned town of Las Chepas, which is directly over the border from Columbus. Las Chepas is a notorious staging and resting area for those who smuggle drugs and immigrants into the United States.

"I’m taking these serious steps because of the urgency of the situation and, unfortunately, because of the total inaction and lack of resources from the federal government and Congress," added the Governor. "We will continue to work with the federal government in an attempt to get their assistance, but something had to be done immediately. I want the people of Doña Ana, Luna, Hidalgo, and Grant counties to know my administration is doing everything it can to protect them."

The Governor also directed the New Mexico Department of Agriculture to work with the New Mexico Livestock Board to assess the security and safety of livestock in this border region.

Governor Richardson also received support today from the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The Chihuahua Secretary of Industrial Development, Alejandro Cano, says Chihuahua will fully support the Governor in dealing with the situation along the border.
For the record, Bill Richardson will probably run for President. He was Clinton's energy secretary.

Now the Jesus Freak is Anti-immigrant (Big Surprise)

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for controlling immigration better. I see it as a jobs issue, where billionare Bush buddies are getting rich busting unions and keeping the minimum sinfully low. But here's my response to this Bush Buttkisser.
This is so ironic, coming from a Bush loving, Rapture raving, hard core Republican like you.

Think maybe the education problems have something to do with the fact that Bush has underfunded his own "no child left behind" initiative? Think maybe the high drop-out rates have something to do with schools encouraging kids to drop out before taking the test that ranks the schools, so the numbers don't get skewed by a bunch of kids who aren't learning? Think maybe the immigrant population explosion has something to do with Religion telling these people it's a sin to use birth control, or to use the morning after pill (which aborts a glob of cells with no "blood of life")? Or maybe it has something to do with Bush and his religion Nazis insisting that we teach abstinence only in school, instead of telling kids about ALL their options to control the birth rate?

You think maybe the high number of illegals in Colorado have anything to do with the fact that the big meat packing companies hire them to slaughter and butcher animals - jobs that used to be high-paying union jobs held by Americans? Did you know that the meat industry gives 95% of its political donations to Republicans who help bust the unions and make it easier to get the illegal labor.

So, we need a highly educated populace? Why, then, do you support a Republican party that cuts student loans, student grants, raises the rates on the existing student loans, and refuses tax cuts to middle class families trying to pay for their children's tuition? Why do you support a GOP that cuts funds to Vocational Technical programs, head start, child health programs, and all kinds of other Educational funding? Why do you support a GOP when many Republicans advocate eliminating the department of Education?

Lou Dobbs links to the Center for Immigration Studies, a pretty good source...
"At the peak of the Great Wave of immigration in 1910, the number of immigrants living in the U.S. was less than half of what it is today, though the percentage of the population was slightly higher. The annual arrival of 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants, coupled with 750,000 annual births to immigrant women, is the determinate factor— or three-fourths— of all U.S. population growth."
So, as a percentage of population, less than what we had in 1910.

But, hey, don't let that stop you from trying to distract everyone from Bush's illegal wiretapping, his on-going quagmire of lies in Iraq, his 3 TRILLION in debt added since he became president, his ignoring of science, his union busting, his cronyism, or all the crooks in his administration, or the fact that YOU VOTED FOR HIM.
Until they admit they voted for the wrong guy, I have no patience for any Bush voter.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Jesus Freak in my Union Group crawls out from under his rock again

Seems when thing are going really bad for Republicans is when the GW loving Jesus freak in my union group decides he's going to spew out some good ol' Republican hate. I just love shooting him down.
Funny how you just ignore all the valid points I've made to you over the years. Seems when you can't argue you just run and hide like all the little Bush lovers now. But you just have to poke that vapid little head of yours up everynow and then.

Do you or your draconian sheriff have any proof that a democratic lecture series is why they're in jail, or is this just a stupid joke? Real funny. Suggesting that Democrats actually encourage criminals. Real nice. That's all you got? Some bullshit lie by some bullshit sadist? Has the spokesman for the Republican crime machine actually come to this? How about we send Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, Tom DeLay, and all the other Republican crooks to Joe's jail? I'd love to see Duke Cunningham survive that. He could give a LIVE lecture series on how to take bribes.

Let's ask the sheriff what he thinks about unions, eh? Or maybe we should just do away with social security, Medicaid, workers comp, and all the other programs brought to you by Democrats, eh God Boy? Let's just let your hero GW Bush and his rich oil company buddies turn this country into a plutocracy (oh, wait, too late) where we all fend for ourselves. Then they'll be plenty of people for Joe's Jail, huh?

Maybe the prisoners would like to hear what Barack Obama said about Iraq yesterday.

Wonder what Jesus would have to say about Joe's little tent city?

I know, Jesus freak, why don't you read some of these stories about good Christian Joe Arpaio:

I especially enjoy the ones where guys who did not kill anyone DIED because of this man's serious abuses of power. Who would Jesus Kill? Or, how about the ones where Joe cost his constituents millions because he lost law suits for cruel and unusual punishment? Yeah, really saving them money there, huh?

But you don't give a shit, do you, oh kind, loving, cheek turning Christian? You don't give a shit about anyone but you and yours. "I got mine. Fuck you." Right? The Local 33 Republican motto?

We all know, TRASHYNOVA (at that once-great-country-on-line ISP), that you don't give a shit about the US Constitution. Like Bush said, it's just a piece of paper. Why not just wipe your ass with it?

Hell, let's just go back to monarchy. Then GW could send me and anyone else with the balls to speak truth to Joe's jail. I'm sure that would make you and your Christian friends real happy. Why not just kill everyone who doesn't agree with you? Eh?

Don't worry. I don't expect you to answer a single one of my points. You never do.
Can't wait to see his answer.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Steven Colbert's Corresponent's Dinner Video

You can get the Colbert video here. If you haven't seen it, I have to tell you that the hype is true. This is the best piece of political satire in a long time. At least since Mark Twain. It's a real Modest Proposal moment. Other's have called it an Emperor's New Suit moment. Either way, it's a great moment in American history. George Bush may never be tried, imprisoned, or impeached for his crimes, but at least he had to sit there and take it while Stephen Colbert ripped him a new one in front of all his friends. Too bad Cheney wasn't there.

Bush challenges hundreds of laws - The Boston Globe

"He agrees to a compromise with members of Congress, and all of them are there for a public bill-signing ceremony, but then he takes back those compromises -- and more often than not, without the Congress or the press or the public knowing what has happened."--Christopher Kelley
Like a little boy promising his mother something while his fingers are crossed behind his back, GW Bush is committing treason by ignoring the laws of the land, which he has actually signed into law, by attaching "signing statements" that essentially mean he's taking it back. This isn't a veto. Congress can't over-ride a signing statement. The bill becomes law when he signs it, and if he breaks it, he should be prosecuted. As this story in the Boston Globe points out, he has broken several of them. When will he have to pay?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Bushisms

Decider In Chief

Here's a new Bushism from yesterday that will make it to my Bush quotes page:
I say, I listen to all voices, but mine is the final decision. And Don Rumsfeld is doing a fine job. He's not only transforming the military, he's fighting a war on terror. He's helping us fight a war on terror. I have strong confidence in Donald Rumsfeld. I hear the voices, and I read the front page, and I know the speculation. But I'm the decider, and I decide what is best. And what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Shove It Up Ben Stein's Fat Ass (then take his money)

What a fucking joke this idiot is.... My biggest regret in life is that I couldn't go on that show and take his dirty blood money. Read on for my comments, or take this fucking "war to save freedom from Islamic Terrorists" and shove it up your ass. It's an over-blown lie in the 1984 mold, the constant war, or the "long war" as the Pentagon has taken to calling it, for the sake of further encroaching the military industrial complex into the government of, for, and by war.

Missed Tributes
By Ben Stein
Published 3/6/2006 2:08:21 AM
Now for a few humble thoughts about the Oscars.

I did not see every second of it, but my wife did, and she joins me in noting that there was not one word of tribute, not one breath, to our fighting men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan or to their families or their widows or orphans. There were pitifully dishonest calls for peace -- as if the people we are fighting were interested in any peace for us but the peace of the grave. But not one word for the hundreds of thousands who have served and are serving, not one prayer or moment of silence for the dead and maimed
Pitifully dishonest? Really? So anyone who suggested that we work for peace, instead of gearing up for war, was pitifully dishonest. How the fuck would Ben Fucking Stein know what was in anyone's heart when it comes to honesty? Shit, the man worked for Dicky Nixon, one of the most dishonest people on earth ever.
Basically, the sad truth is that Hollywood does not think of itself as part of America, and so, to Hollywood, the war to save freedom from Islamic terrorists is happening to someone else. It does not concern them except insofar as it offers occasion to mock or criticize George Bush. They live in dreamland and cannot be gracious enough to thank the men and women who pay with their lives for the stars' ability to live in dreamland. This is shameful.

Shameful? Where are the WMD? Over 1000 days past "Mission Accomplished," they still don't have enough body armor or armored Humvees. Vet health care is being cut by Republicans, a bunch of draft dodging chicken hawks, and Ben FUCKING Stein has the balls to call an Award show shameful? It's a GODDAMN AWARDS SHOW for Christ's sake. The people who should be gracious enough to thank the men and women who pay with their lives for George Bush's lies are in the White House. How many soldiers funerals has GW Bush been to? NONE. I wonder how many Ben Fucking Stein has been to. I know he's just another Republican Chicken Hawk who didn't serve.
The idea that it is brave to stand up for gays in Hollywood, to stand up against Joe McCarthy in Hollywood (fifty years after his death), to say that rich white people are bad, that oil companies are evil -- this is nonsense. All of these are mainstream ideas in Hollywood, always have been, always will be. For the people who made movies denouncing Big Oil, worshiping gays, mocking the rich to think of themselves as brave -- this is pathetic, childish narcissism.
I wonder if Ben saw "Good night and good luck." Sure, it's 50 years since the rabid right wing McCarthy (no doubt a hero of Stein's) died, but the movie draws parallels to today's culture of "anti-terrorism," which, in the run-amok state it's in under George W. McCarthy, is damn near as hysterical as 50 years ago. If Stein had his way, we'd be infiltrating anti-war groups and eves-dropping on Democrats like John Murtha who dare to speak the truth about Bush's war. And who said all rich white people are bad? Huh? Is Ben making up something to be upset about here? Is Ben saying that oil companies aren't evil? Huh? And who said they were? George Clooney again? Syrianna isn't about Oil companies being evil. It's about the fact that we deal with some very evil people in order to get oil out of that very fucked up place it's in. To do so, our government, and world-wide oil companies have to do some evil things.
The brave guy in Hollywood will be the one who says that this is a fabulously great country where we treat gays, blacks, and everyone else as equal. The courageous writer in Hollywood will be the one who says the oil companies do their best in a very hostile world to bring us energy cheaply and efficiently and with a minimum of corruption. The producer who really has guts will be the one who says that Wall Street, despite its flaws, has done the best job of democratizing wealth ever in the history of mankind.
Wow. Wouldn't it be great if we did, in fact, treat gays, blacks, and everyone else as equals? Is Ben Fucking Stein suggesting that by not allowing gay people to marry, we are treating them as equally as we treat blacks (who weren't allowed to marry whites until the 60's)? Is Ben Fucking Stein telling me there aren't people like CLASSY FUCKING NOVA who like to point out that the Bible says we should stone gay people to death? Are you, Tommy, suggesting that every thing is hunky fucking dory because Ben Stein says it is? Democratizing wealth? PULEEEASE! We have the most inequitable distribution of wealth right now that we have ever had in modern times. CEOs make 1000 times what the average worker makes. And we're cutting taxes for the uber rich as fast as we can. A minimum of corruption in the oil companies? Good god, man, what color is the sky on Ben Stein's planet? Blood red?
No doubt the men and women who came to the Oscars in gowns that cost more than an Army Sergeant makes in a year, in limousines with champagne in the back seat, think they are working class heroes to attack America -- which has made it all possible for them. They are not. They would be heroes if they said that Moslem extremists are the worst threat to human decency since Hitler and Stalin. But someone might yell at them or even attack them with a knife if they sad that, so they never will.
Attack them with a knife? What kind of threat is that? Damn, I wish Ben Stein would say that to my face, the little chicken shit. How about we pay Army sergeants more? How about the gowns at Republican fund raisers? Doesn't seem to bother Ben when Laura Bush shows up in a 10 G dress. And how about the Americans who showed up to the Oscars in hybrids? Gee, I wonder what Ben Fucking Stein drives? Furthermore, there is no way in hell that some Muslims with box cutters and IEDs are as big a threat to decency since Stalin or Hitler. Let's see, who's the superpower that's been torturing people, spying on it's own citizens, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, and lying it's way into war?
Hollywood is above all about self: self-congratulation, self-promotion, and above all, self-protection. This is human and basic, but let's not kid ourselves. There is no greatness there in the Kodak theater. The greatness is on patrol in Kirkuk. The greatness lies unable to sleep worrying about her man in Mosul. The greatness sleeps at Arlington National Cemetery and lies waiting for death in VA Hospitals. God help us that we have sunk so low as to confuse foolish and petty boasting with the real courage that keeps this nation and the many fools in it alive and flourishing on national TV.

Holy fucking shit, Tommy. I can't believe you would forward this drivel. This Bush loving slobbery kiss of a waste of words. As if Hollywood had decided to send these kids to die. As if Hollywood had lied about WMD and non-existent ties to Al Qaeda. As if Hollywood, and not Ben Fucking Stein and his right wing freaks at FAUX NEWS, had convinced 90% of the Bush voters that Saddam was responsible for 9-11. The idea that these men and women are dying for some great cause is a LIE. They are dying for LIES. They are fighting petty thugs in Iraq. Meanwhile, the real terrorists are still free. I didn't hear one mention out of Ben Stein's fat mouth about Osama Bin forgotten. Not one word about the Musharaf Junta in Pakistan that we call our friends (an unelected, non-democratic Islamic regime that is barely hanging in on in a country that not only has, but has distributed, nuclear weapons). Not one word about the fact that REPUBLICANS have voted against every increase in port security, or chemical plant security, or railroad security the Democrats have put forth. Not one word about how Bush has cut Veterans health care. Not one word about how the Republican party has been selling out the American people for a fucking golf trip or a cruise.

The greatness in this country is in the people who know, repeat, publish, and pursue the truth. Hollywood has been making movies about truth and greatness for a century now. There have been many different takes on greatness in the movies. There is no ONE SINGLE Hollywood that is any one way or another. There are, however, many brave people who made movies about civil rights BEFORE the civil rights movement. There are many brave Hollywood people who have made great films about the threats, problems, prejudices, and shitheads in America. Hopefully, one of them will make a movie about what an ass Ben Stein is. As for greatness in the Kodak Theater, well, there were some damn good stagehands, ushers, janitors, camera people, dancers, singers, and actors who are a hell of a lot better people than Ben Stein will ever be.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An Evangelical Bush Voter Laments: "Who really knew what W had in mind when he was elected!"

"You act like I'm the one making up accepting Christ to get to heaven is my idea."
You act like every other religion is making up that accepting their God to get into heaven is their idea. They believe it is their God's Truth, just as you believe it is yours. And you say they are wrong and will burn in hell. Well, actually, you say your God says so. But all I can hear is you. Just as all you hear are Hindus, Muslims, Wiccans. You don't hear their God any more than they can hear yours. And yet you are convinced you're right.

You know, with that kind of faith, people can be convinced to fly into buildings.

Finally, well, it's all a matter of record. Plenty of people knew exactly what that asshole had in mind before he was elected. I knew. Al Gore knew. Pretty much everyone who voted against him. We all knew. But then there were the people who bought into the Bush Bullshit. Wonder who those people are?

Evangelicals Say They Led Charge For the GOP

Wonder why they don't just come out and say, gee, I was wrong about this guy and I'm sorry for all the nasty things I said about people who were against him and against his TRILLION DOLLAR BOONDOGGLE. You know, all of us who are "with" the terrorists because we're not "with" him? You know, all the people who died because he said "Bring it on." You know, all the people YOU SAY are going to burn in hell for supporting Gay marriage, for realizing that being against gay marriage is THE SAME as being against mixed race marriage.

And we all knew BUSH was neo-con. Hell, Cheney was the Neo-CON in chief. READ THIS:
The 90-page PNAC [the neo-con's Project for a New American Century] document from September 2000 says: “The United States has for decades sought to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security. While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein.”

The strategic “transformation” of the U.S. military into an imperialistic force of global domination would require a huge increase in defense spending to “a minimum level of 3.5 to 3.8 percent of gross domestic product, adding $15 billion to $20 billion to total defense spending annually,” the PNAC plan said.

“The process of transformation,” the plan said, “is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.”
I was pointing out this neo-con philosophy BEFORE the 2000 election. So, my question is, after what he did in the first term, why would anyone vote for him again? Oh, right, because they lied about Kerry, stole votes in Florida and Ohio, and were probably eavesdropping on the competition with their new 1984 Big Brother toys.

Spare me your preacher's stump. I don't buy it. People like you need to seriously re-think your politics before you screw everything up beyond repair.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Reaction disappoints U.S. backers in UAE

Don't bother following the link, unless you like to read the Moonie drivel on the Washington Times boo-hooing about the Dubai ports takeover. All of us who are upset about this deal are hysterical, anti-arab, racist protectionists. Sure. Here's my reaction to the person who sent this to my union news group (yes, that again):
Maybe I'd feel bad for these people if they recognized Israel, and not the Taliban. Maybe I'd feel bad if there weren't so many Bush family ties to the money to be made on this deal. Maybe I'd feel bad for these poor, misunderstood Arabs who come from a tyrannical fascist monarchy, not unlike the one we just deposed in Iraq. Or, maybe I just realize that the Washington Times, and it's flock of Moonies' "reporters" are just a front for a bunch of power-hungry robber barons who are finding yet another way to screw the American worker.

Remember all the Republican congressmen who were there to crown the Reverend Moon as Lord King Jesus on Earth. Isn't there a commandment about that. What a bunch of hypocrites. But, whatever. They have to go where the money, and the people willing to lie and steal for them, are.

So, boo-hoo. I don't know why you waste your time reading this bull slobber from one of the most right-wing bunch of whackos carrying the president's now very foul water.

Dubai is more like the Casablanca of the middle east. "Shocked! Absolutely shocked to find terrorism going on here!"

I"m with Lou Dobbs on this one. I'm an equal opportunity discriminator. I think American ports should be run by American companies. Preferably American companies with addresses here, not in the Caymans, who pay taxes. Now that's patriotism. And all you right wingers who said those of us who were against this TRILLION DOLLAR BOONDOGGLE in Iraq weren't patriotic, I say shove it.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rapture Ready Freak Crawls Out of His Hole

I finally got one of the American Taliban in my union newsgroup to spout off some of my favorite shit: THE RAPTURE IS COMING! These people disgust me to no end. No need to post the ranting bull slober he sent out, you can figure it out from my reply:
OK, I suppose you American Taliban have never heard the term self-fulfilling prophecy. You so want all the visions John had (while he was mentally ill, BTW, near the end of his life) to be true that you vote for a man who's helping it along. You believe God gave John the visions: is that the same as the way God told George Bush to kill thousands of innocent people? Just wondering. Or is this whole idea or Rapture (a word not in the Bible) just made up by Darby to get more bloodthirsty "Christians" like you into his church? Then the Scoffed Reference notes piled on more crap. And now people like you vote for Bush because you think God wants him to be President. Are you sure he's not the Anti-Christ?

Furthermore, I didn't understand your street prophet ranting about the Lord coming like a thief, because I asked you straight up if all the Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, etc were going to burn in Hell. But, I'll assume that's what you're saying. In fact, from what I understand from your ilk, a guy like Hitler could kill millions, but as long as he accepts Jesus right before he dies, he goes to heaven. RIGHT? And Gandhi goes to hell. Nice. And what's even more ironic is that you've been so brainwashed by this crap that you don't even see the irony in that.

"...exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man." sounds like society in any day. Not much on history, are you? I think it's ironic you would choose this quote as Republicans are being frog marched into court by the dozens for their various corrupt dealings. Such hypocrites.

Tell you what, let's cut through the crap. I'm not going to argue angels on pinheads with you. I know plenty of Christians who think you end-timers are full of it, warping the true word of God, yada yada yada. You guys can argue that crap until you're blue in the face.

I want to know how voting for a man who has killed thousands, tortured, maimed, lied, stolen, and generally gone against the teachings of Christ, how is that a good Christian thing to do? HUH? You're going to save unborn babies, while Iraqi children are burned and maimed and killed? You're going to destroy the environment (nature is the temple of God, right) because we won't need it soon anyway? You're going to cut taxes on rich people like Paris Hilton while you cut programs for the poor? While you make it harder for kids to get an education? All the while Bush is helping his rich Arab friends get richer, selling out our ports, cutting deals with his Saudi friends, helping Halliburton steal more of our money that our grandkids will have to pay back?

But none of that matters if you think there is no future, huh? Real easy to brush off any concerns about the future when you think there's not going to be one, HUH? Bush has certainly helped generate sales for all the Rapture bullshit scam you're buying: books, movies, CDs.... Wonder what Jesus would say about all these con men getting rich selling this shit to bird brains like you?

People like you are the most dangerous threat to humanity. You have elected a man who believes like you, and he has his finger on the Armageddon button. Because of your hatred for people who don't believe like you, and because you believe in this violent interpretation of a book of the Bible that many believe should have never been included, you are more dangerous than any Islamofascist. And make no mistake, you are fascists. The way you're trying to force your religious beliefs on the rest of us (abortion, school prayer, government regulators who deny science, ignoring or denying birth control) is FASCIST. The whole 1984 thing - spying on people without a warrant, arresting citizens without charges, rendition, etc. - that's FASCISM. It's what my Grandfather fought against in WWII. And now we have the American Taliban, thanks to people like you.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves for electing these fascist fucks, and I hope you all suffer as much as the people they've massacred. Because you can say you're a nice guy all you want, but that doesn't make it true. Nice guys don't aid and abet murderous thugs and robber barons.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Anti-muslim e-mail going around

I just got this very anti-Muslim, pro-Israel e-mail going around. It starts by listing all the Nobel prizes won by Muslims (not too many) and compares that to the many won by Jews. OK. But then it goes on. My friend actually prefaced the forwarded mail with an admonition to turn everything in the middle east besides Israel into volcanic glass.

Well, that was too much for me:

More than ever we need to back Israel and make volcanic glass of the rest of that miserable area.....
Did you just advocate dropping nuclear bombs on everyone in the middle east besides Israel (which is in violation of all kinds of UN resolutions - Bush's reasoning behind invading Iraq)? Aside from the fact that Muslims have been kept in the dark ages by the very regimes Bush is cozy with (like Saudi Arabia), which would explain their lack of Nobel prizes, I'd like to comment on a few of the other inflammatory comments in this mail.
The Jews are not demonstrating with their dead on the streets, yelling and chanting and asking for revenge.
Yes they are. The Israelis elected the most right-wing, vengeful party they have, the Likud. They chant for revenge every time a suicide bomber kills some of their citizens.
The Jews are not promoting brain washing the children in military training camps, teaching them how to blow themselves up and cause maximum deaths of Jews and other non Muslims.
Yes they are. Military service in Israel is compulsory. Many reports have shown that the Israeli military teaches their teenage soldiers that Palestinians are animals to be shot without remorse.
The Jews don't highjack planes, nor kill athletes at the Olympics.
They don't have to. They have one of the world's best air forces (thanks to the US), equipped with some of the best weapons (thanks to the US). If they want to kill a lot of people, they just use F-16s and missiles. They do it all the time. Sometimes they hit their target. Sometimes they kill civilians.
The Jews don't traffic slaves, nor have leaders calling for Jihad and death to all the Infidels.
Uh, well, yes they do. While it's wrong to say ALL jews do one thing or another, just as it is wrong to say ALL muslims do, it's very well documented that the Palestinian people are used for cheap labor by greedy Israeli corporations who are complicit with the Israeli government to wall off the Palestinians, keep them fenced in substandard housing, and fed rations, since the Israeli government has taken most of their viable farm land. Not unlike what greedy American corporations have done to Mexicans.
The Jews don't have the economical strength of the Petroleum, nor the possibilities to force the world's media to see "their side" of the question.
Huh? They have the economic strength of using cheap loans and billions in grants from the US every year. The media sees their side of practically everything. Hell, there are many people, and I'm not one of them, who are very upset that the media is "owned" by Jews.
Perhaps if the world's Muslims could invest more in normal education and less in blaming the Jews for all their problems, we could all live in a better world.
Same goes for the Jews, eh? Blaming all their problems on the Muslims is the same kind of scapegoating.
OK. Now you think about it. I'm sure I'll feel the wrath of any Jews [in this newsgroup] - especially the ones who voted for Bush because 100,000 dead Muslim civilians at the feet of this administration is just a good start to them, but I really don't care. I think all these extremist religions, from Arial Sharon's to Osama Bin Laden's, are nuts. But when I hear them arguing among themselves, and I see otherwise reasonable people like you spreading this kind of crap (really, advocating the nuking of an entire region...), I've got to step in and say, hey, why not be fair here? There is a very large peace movement in both Israel and Palestine. We used to elect US presidents who tried to help those sides. Now we elect one who, the first time he set foot in Israel, was asked what he wanted to say to all the Jews. He said, "You're all going to hell." See, GW thinks if you don't believe like him, you go to hell. He believes in the literal translation of Revelations (written by a madman) that only a few Jews will accept Jesus at the end, and the rest will burn in a lake of fire.

So, please, don't go down that road with [a freakish right wing Christian zealot in the newsgroup]. Jews and Muslims can have peace with each other. Armageddon is a lie so Bush's Robber Barons can destroy the environment, foreign relations, and anything else they can get away with for profit.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Think Progress » EXCLUSIVE EMAILS: Jack Abramoff Describes Relationship With President Bush

NEWS FLASH! GW Bush doesn't know jack. But, he does know JACK abramhOFF, as these e-mails prove. So, Bush is lying when he says he doesn't know Jack. Like Bush lying is a big newsflash... The newsflash will be when Republican hypocrites (is that redundant?) start doing something about it.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Death, Taxes, and George W. Bush

Howard Gleckman has an article in Business Week that's worth reading: Death, Taxes, and George W. Bush. Basically, Bush's new budget would eliminate the estate tax ("... this year, of the 2.4 million people who are expected to die, only about 6,500 estates will be subject to the tax"). But it would also eliminate the Social Security death benefit of $255 that poor people use to help pay for funerals. Real compassionate, you fucking fucks.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Letter from My Boss to Senator Feinstein

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I have been a long time supporter but a quiet one; I have never taken the trouble to write you before. Considering where our country is, at this moment in history, and where it appears to be heading, I feel that I must speak out.

In my opinion the greatest threat to our country and our constitution is not from without, but it is from within. The attempts by the President to claim more and more power must be stopped. Unfortunately his nomination of Judge Alito is part of this power grab. If this man is confirmed the civil liberties at the very core of our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be in great peril. The balance of power between the Executive and the Legislative will in all likelihood also be forever altered. They say every generation is presented with great challenges and I can think of no
greater challenge then this one.

The time has come for all Democrats in the Senate to stand up for our country and do their sworn duty to protect and defend the very document that created their jobs, against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

Benjamin Franklin could just as well have been speaking to the Democratic Party when he said, “If we don't hang together we will surely all hang separately.”

I urge you to answer the call of your country in need, and stand with Senator Kerry to do everything in your power including filibuster to halt this nomination. The American people need to see that the Democrats are willing to stand up for their freedom.

Jeffrey Bryan

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Walter Cronkite on Secrecy and Lies

This is an old column by Walter Cronkite, but it's been making the e-mail rounds again lately, maybe because the White House is telling all its aids not to say anything in the Katrina hearings. Or maybe it's because Bush said he was getting warrants and now proudly says he's not. Or maybe people just like hearing the calming words of a man they trusted for so many years.

At work this past week, two Republicans whom I've known for years looked like I punched them in the stomach when I answered their "how are you's" with, "I'll be better when Bush is impeached." One of them, the more honest one, I suppose, admitted how disapointed he is with the Bush Junta. I find their grief amusing, to say the least. When greedy people who buy into bullshit suddenly find themselves swimming in it, I'll be damned if I'm going to throw them a life preserver. After all, these are the people who say I hate America, that I'm as bad as the terrorists, that I want to help the terrorists, that I'm weak on defense (I supported Wes Clark, for Christsake), and that John Kerry didn't deserve his medals. These are the same people who want to force creationism to be taught in schools, who want to have mandatory prayer in school, who have increased poverty (what would their Jesus say about that) and laughed about it because it's only fair that all those lazy poor people should get off the free ride.

So, no, I don't feel bad about their grief, shame, and disappointment. In fact, I think it's just the beginning of what they should feel. After all, these are the people who fought Oregon's Death with Dignity Act, who fought the right of cancer patients to smoke cheap, effective medicine. These two acts together mean they wanted cancer patients to suffer painful, horrible deaths without options their doctors might otherwise offer them. If I were like them, and belived in Leviticus and all those other quaint Old Testament rules, I'd say they should have to suffer the same pain and horror they wanted inflicted on those people. Now that would be justice.

But I'll settle for impeachment.

Walter Cronkite, April 5, 2004

The initial refusal of President Bush to let his national security adviser appear under oath before the 9/11 Commission might have been in keeping with a principle followed by other presidents -- the principle being, according to Bush, that calling his advisers to testify under oath is a congressional encroachment on the executive branch's turf.

(Never mind that this commission is not a congressional body, but one he created and whose members he handpicked.)

But standing on that principle has proved to be politically damaging, in part because this administration -- the most secretive since Richard Nixon's -- already suffers from a deepening credibility problem. It all brings to mind something I've wondered about for some time: Are secrecy and credibility natural enemies?

Read the rest here.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

IMPEACHPAC - Google this term

Help get ImpeachPAC onto the Google Zeitgeist. Go to Google now and search for ImpeachPAC. Then go to the first result and read up. Maybe donate a little. Why?
"Now, by the way, any time you hear the United States government talking about wiretap, it requires -- a wiretap requires a court order. Nothing has changed, by the way. When we're talking about chasing down terrorists, we're talking about getting a court order before we do so. It's important for our fellow citizens to understand, when you think Patriot Act, constitutional guarantees are in place when it comes to doing what is necessary to protect our homeland, because we value the Constitution." -- George W Bush
Well, we know he's a lying fuck. That's no suprise. But what's the impeachable offense? Well, he didn't get a warrant. And he's bragging about it now, as if he had never lied about it in the first place. I can't help thinking what Refuckingthuglicans would be saying if Bill Clinton or Al Gore had done this. But that's not the point. The point is this:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. -- The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution
Now, when you violate the constitution of the United States (which Bush referred to as a piece of paper), I think that qualifies as a high crime. I just have one suggestion. Impeach Cheney first.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Al Gore's Challenge to America

"We are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right. Intellectually, it is possible to carry on this process for an indefinite time: the only check on it is that sooner or later a false belief bumps up against solid reality, usually on a battlefield." -- George Orwell

"Whenever power is unchecked and unaccountable it almost inevitably leads to mistakes and abuses. In the absence of rigorous accountability, incompetence flourishes. Dishonesty is encouraged and rewarded." -- Al Gore

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bonehead Logic

I just love it when people serve me these slow pitch logic balls.
Ok Bonehead, lets get it right for a change, (1) I have never said who I voted for because it's none of your business. (2) Being a vet and having witnessed your boy Kerry during and since the Viet Nam War I couldn't bring myself to vote for him. (3) I did vote during the primary election (not for Kerry or The Bushwhacker or McCain I changed my registered party affiliation and voted for Alan Keys.
My reply:

Alan Keyes. The most whacky of the Rethuglicans. Thanks. I just want to get this straight. You voted for Alan Keyes, and I'm the bonehead? OK....

And one other thing I want to get straight with you. I just want to make sure I understand. You, a vet, wouldn't vote for a vet who was against a war based on lies, even if it meant the victory of a draft dodging daddy's boy who got in a Champaign guard unit to avoid Nam, and then couldn't even complete his duty to that? Just trying to make sure I got that straight. You support the draft dodger. The one who started another war based on lies. Just trying to follow your logic here....

But, hey, the point was that I don't hear anyone in here defending Bush's TWO TRILLION DOLLAR WAR. Not you or any other fucking Republican is explaining how it's fair that we cut taxes for the rich and make the working class people of this country pay off this debt for the next few centuries. My bumper sticker is right. Ken Lay got the surplus. Thanks to people like you.

What a much better place this would be if the Supreme Court had let the recount of Florida continue in 2000....