Saturday, July 06, 2002

FBI Agents Coleen Rowley and John O'Neill, Robert Wright's Terrorism
Investigations Were 'Intentionally and Repeatedly Thwarted'

Wright "worked in the Chicago office on counter-terrorism cases
that focused on money-laundering efforts by terrorist cells operating
within the US. His work developed into an operation that was named 'Bulgar
Betrayal,' which seemed on the verge of becoming officially designated
as a major case because of its far reach and national security
implications. Before he was finished, a Saudi businessman named Yasin
Kadi became implicated in the terrorism funding... One month after the
9/11 attacks, Kadi was named by the Federal government as a financial
supporter of Osama bin Laden. Yet Kadi's name was known to Wright well
before 9/11, when the Bulgar Betrayal investigations were taking place.
Did his work take root within the FBI?... 'FBI management,' said Wright
on Thursday, 'intentionally and repeatedly thwarted my attempts to
launch a more comprehensive investigation to identify and to neutralize
terrorists.'" We demand Judiciary Committee hearings on Wright's
explosive allegations!

911, the NSA Monitored Calls between the Chief Hijacker and 911
Mastermind - And Then Sat on The Info?!

According to Knight-Ridder, the National Security Agency
"monitored telephone conversations before Sept. 11 between [Khalid
Shaikh Mohammed,] the suspected commander of the World Trade Center and
Pentagon attacks and [Mohamed Atta,] the alleged chief hijacker, but did
not share the information with," the CIA or FBI. "When the NSA
monitored their conversations, Mohammed was overseas and Atta was in the
US. Mohammed was included on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List when
it was published in October because he had been indicted on charges of
being involved in a failed 1995 plot to bomb 11 U.S. airliners flying
over the Pacific Ocean on a single day. The U.S. Justice Department has
offered a $25 million reward for him." The NSA has a $5 BILLION
budget and 30,000 employees, and it wasn't PAYING ATTENTION to calls
from TOP Al Qaeda terrorists TO THE US? This is the THIRD published 911
screwup by the NSA We think the NSA told Bush, and is now lying - we
demand a Blue Ribbon Commission!

State Department Knew as Early as June 22nd, 2001 that an Attack by Bin
Laden Followers was Imminent!

On June 21, 2001, Bakr Atyani, a correspondent of the Middle East
Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), interviewed Osama bin Laden and his
aides Abu Hafas al-Masri and Ayman al-Zawahiri inside Afghanistan. Bin
Laden was silent, but nodded approvingly when his aides warned that
"the coming weeks will hold important surprises that will target
American and Israeli interests in the world." The State Department
issued a "worldwide caution" on June 22nd and specifically
mentioned Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda organization as the source of the
threats. According to an article written by Amir Shah, an AP
correspondent in Afghanistan (published in the New Jersey Record on June
25th, 2001), Taliban government officials responded to "U.S.
reports of a terrorist plot" by Bin Laden followers on June 24th,
2001. Responding to "US concerns", Taliban officials stated
that Bin Laden was under their strict control and could not use Afghan
territory as a base for attacks.

June 29, 2001, the US Ambassador to Pakistan Told the Taliban the US
Would Attack Afghanistan if Al Qaeda Attacked the US

According to Sapra India, "William B. Milam, the outgoing US
Ambassador in Islamabad, contacted the Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan,
Abus Salaam Zaeef , on June 29 [2001] and reportedly warned him that in
case of a new terrorist attack against American interests by groups
associated with bin Laden, Washington would hold the Taliban directly
responsible, hinting thereby that any retaliatory strike by the US could
be directed against the Taliban's headquarters. Reports from Islamabad
suggest that a similar warning was conveyed by US officials to Mr.Abdul
Sattar, the Pakistani Foreign Minister, during the latter's visit to
Washington last month. He was reported to have been confronted by US
officials with fresh evidence relating to the continued clandestine
assistance of Pakistan to the Taliban in violation of the UN

of Gold Bombshell - Salon Goes Where the Mainstream Media Fears to Tread

Jean-Charles Brisard reports, "A 1998 memo written by al Qaeda
military chief Mohammed Atef reveals that Osama bin Laden's group had
detailed knowledge of negotiations that were taking place between
Afghanistan's ruling Taliban and American government and business
leaders over plans for a U.S. oil and gas pipeline across that Central
Asian country. The e-mail memo was found in 1998 on a computer seized by
the FBI during its investigation into the 1998 African embassy bombings,
which were sponsored by al Qaeda. Atef's memo was discovered by FBI
counter-terrorism expert John O'Neill, who left the bureau in 2001,
complaining that U.S. oil interests were hindering his investigation
into al Qaeda. O'Neill, who became security chief at the World Trade
Center, died in the Sept. 11 attack."

Force Lt. Col. Steve Butler Is Suspended for Telling the Truth about
Bush's Failure on 911

Air Force Lt. Col. Steve Butler "has been relieved from duties
at the Presidio of Monterey after publication of his letter to the
editor accusing President George W. Bush of having advance knowledge of
the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The letter accuses Bush of allowing the
attacks to occur for political reasons. The letter reads in part: 'Of
course Bush knew about the impending attacks on America. He did nothing
to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. His
daddy had Saddam and he needed Osama. 'His presidency was going nowhere.
He wasn't elected by the American people, but placed into the Oval
Office by the conservative supreme court (if you really want to know why
the justices voted like they did, I suggest 'Supreme Injustice' by Alan
Dershowitz), the economy was sliding into the usual Republican pits and
he needed something to hang his presidency on. ' Butler's letter called
the president's course of action 'sleazy and contemptible.'"

Bush's Stupefying Stance on Global Warming

Molly Ivins writes, "The Bush administration has decided that
global warming is indeed taking place and they are planning to do
exactly nothing about it... They will not even do anything to slow it
down or soften its impact... 'Adapt to the inevitable changes'? The
changes are not inevitable... To keep right on doing what is already
causing disastrous consequences is either insane or profoundly stupid...
We can cut greenhouse gases; we can even do it dramatically. We are not
helpless. We are, however, currently governed by an administration of
oil executives and people whose main guiding principle seems to be
opposing anything Bill Clinton favored. This is both pathetic and
ridiculous... To fail to take action in the face of a recognized threat
is not only incredibly stupid, but also legally actionable. Misfeasance,
malfeasance and nonfeasance can all be alleged, reckless, irresponsible
conduct, failure of duty ... a litany of charges." Like we say --
Impeach Bush NOW!

Salon Delivers a NEW Enron Bombshell -- The Bushies Were Tipped Off
in August!

Salon's Jason Leopold reports that the Bush administration was tipped
off "last August about [Enron's] impending financial problems.
Enron lobbyist Pat Shortridge met with White House economic advisor
Robert McNally Aug. 15, the day after Enron president Jeff Skilling
resigned, to alert the White House that Enron could face a financial
meltdown that could possibly cripple the country's energy markets... If
McNally was tipped off to Enron's troubles it would mean that the White
House had been warned several months earlier than it has previously
acknowledged... It would also mean the White House received such a
warning even before Sharon Watkins delivered her famous memo to then
Enron chairman Kenneth Lay... It also fuels the most common question
plaguing the administration these days: What did Bush know, and when did
he know it?"

Fort Stewart Terrorist Is Set Free - What the HECK is Going On

"The soldier from Fort Stewart, Ga, who was arrested on charges
of planting an explosive device on a dirt road will serve 18 months
probation after pleading no contest yesterday. A Jacksonville police
officer stopped Derek Lawrence Peterson in May and found him wearing all
black clothing and black plastic pads on his knees and elbows. Police
said Peterson, 27, told them he was in the area practicing 'recon
tactics.' After he was arrested, Peterson, who has served on an Army
tank crew at Fort Stewart since March, at first was held on a $5 million
bond. Peterson's attorney, Hank Coxe, said yesterday his client's case
had been blown out of proportion because police initially suspected
Peterson's actions were related to terrorism." WHAT? "No
contest" means the Government did not want the truth to come out.
Probation means Peterson will return to ACTIVE DUTY. This looks like a
BLACK OPERATION by the Pentagon to create a "terrorist"
attack. Call your rep at 202-224-3121 and demand the truth!

Bush and White House Staff Started Taking Cipro for Anthrax on Sept
11 - What Did They Know???

Judicial Watch "is suing the Bush administration for access to
documents about last fall's anthrax attacks, asserting that top
officials might have known the bioterrorist attack was coming... Larry
Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch, said administration officials said
last fall that some White House staff members had begun taking the
antibiotic Cipro on Sept. 11, weeks before the anthrax attacks were made
public. 'We believe that the White House knew or had reason to know that
an anthrax attack was imminent or underway,' Klayman said. 'We want to
know what the government knew and when they knew it.' 'We did not know
about the anthrax attacks. Period!' said Gordon Johndroe, a White House
spokesman." [Gee Gordon, why don't we believe a word you say?]
Klayman said the mistake goes beyond a bad judgment call. 'They
deliberately withheld information,' he said. 'The political elite,
they'll be protected from day one. The ordinary folks will be treated in
a lesser fashion.'"

NY Times Slams Bush's Secret Detentions

The NY Times editorializes, "The Bush administration's
post-Sept. 11 assault on civil liberties reached a new low recently when
the Justice Department argued in court that an American-born detainee,
who may be a United States citizen, should not be allowed to talk to a
lawyer. This is the same Justice Department that has refused to release
the names and locations of the estimated 1,200 people detained after
Sept. 11, and that has insisted on conducting detainees' legal hearings
in secret. These policies are blatantly unconstitutional, and in recent
rulings, courts have begun saying just that." Bush took a solemn
oath of office - on a Bible - to "Protect and Defend the
Constitution of the United States." Impeach Bush Now!

Department of Homeland Insecurity -- or is it the Department of
Distract and Divert?

Frank Rich writes, "No one seems to remember anymore that
President [sic] Bush put Mr. Cheney in charge of not one but two task
forces last year... On May 8, 2001, the president charged Mr. Cheney
with overseeing a 'national effort' to coordinate all federal programs
for responding to domestic attacks... Did Mr. Cheney take on that
responsibility with the same urgency with which he met with Enron
executives to develop energy policy? [After 9/11, The Washington Post
reported] that the government-wide review that Mr. Bush had entrusted to
Mr. Cheney had never taken place... Were the vice president to be
quizzed about his pre-Sept.-11 efforts at preparedness, he'd likely
either invoke secrecy or impugn the questioner's patriotism. [The cure
Mr. Bush now proposes for such ailments is still another avoidance of
accountability that reshuffles the same deck of lightweights we have
now]. These days that's a sure sign that the buck-passing will never

Ashcroft Should be the Very First Head to Roll over 911

Joe Conason writes, "From what we know of Mr. Ashcroft's conduct
since he assumed office last year, he shrugged off the terrorist threat
in favor of his own small-time agenda. He wanted to prosecute people in
California who provide marijuana to cancer patients. He wanted to
prosecute doctors in Oregon who assist the suicides of terminally ill
patients. He wanted to prosecute pornographers... He can't say he wasn't
warned. As Newsweek reported two weeks ago, Mr. Freeh tried to convince
him that additional resources and action were needed to fight
terrorism... but Mr. Ashcroft brushed him off... Last year, Mr. Ashcroft
challenged the patriotism of anyone who dared question his incursions on
traditional freedoms, and his critics quickly backed down. Now it is he
who should be challenged, to explain his past approach to terrorism and
to justify his present assaults on liberty. And he should not be allowed
to hide his answers behind closed doors."