Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An Evangelical Bush Voter Laments: "Who really knew what W had in mind when he was elected!"

"You act like I'm the one making up accepting Christ to get to heaven is my idea."
You act like every other religion is making up that accepting their God to get into heaven is their idea. They believe it is their God's Truth, just as you believe it is yours. And you say they are wrong and will burn in hell. Well, actually, you say your God says so. But all I can hear is you. Just as all you hear are Hindus, Muslims, Wiccans. You don't hear their God any more than they can hear yours. And yet you are convinced you're right.

You know, with that kind of faith, people can be convinced to fly into buildings.

Finally, well, it's all a matter of record. Plenty of people knew exactly what that asshole had in mind before he was elected. I knew. Al Gore knew. Pretty much everyone who voted against him. We all knew. But then there were the people who bought into the Bush Bullshit. Wonder who those people are?

Evangelicals Say They Led Charge For the GOP

Wonder why they don't just come out and say, gee, I was wrong about this guy and I'm sorry for all the nasty things I said about people who were against him and against his TRILLION DOLLAR BOONDOGGLE. You know, all of us who are "with" the terrorists because we're not "with" him? You know, all the people who died because he said "Bring it on." You know, all the people YOU SAY are going to burn in hell for supporting Gay marriage, for realizing that being against gay marriage is THE SAME as being against mixed race marriage.

And we all knew BUSH was neo-con. Hell, Cheney was the Neo-CON in chief. READ THIS:
The 90-page PNAC [the neo-con's Project for a New American Century] document from September 2000 says: “The United States has for decades sought to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security. While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein.”

The strategic “transformation” of the U.S. military into an imperialistic force of global domination would require a huge increase in defense spending to “a minimum level of 3.5 to 3.8 percent of gross domestic product, adding $15 billion to $20 billion to total defense spending annually,” the PNAC plan said.

“The process of transformation,” the plan said, “is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.”
I was pointing out this neo-con philosophy BEFORE the 2000 election. So, my question is, after what he did in the first term, why would anyone vote for him again? Oh, right, because they lied about Kerry, stole votes in Florida and Ohio, and were probably eavesdropping on the competition with their new 1984 Big Brother toys.

Spare me your preacher's stump. I don't buy it. People like you need to seriously re-think your politics before you screw everything up beyond repair.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Reaction disappoints U.S. backers in UAE

Don't bother following the link, unless you like to read the Moonie drivel on the Washington Times boo-hooing about the Dubai ports takeover. All of us who are upset about this deal are hysterical, anti-arab, racist protectionists. Sure. Here's my reaction to the person who sent this to my union news group (yes, that again):
Maybe I'd feel bad for these people if they recognized Israel, and not the Taliban. Maybe I'd feel bad if there weren't so many Bush family ties to the money to be made on this deal. Maybe I'd feel bad for these poor, misunderstood Arabs who come from a tyrannical fascist monarchy, not unlike the one we just deposed in Iraq. Or, maybe I just realize that the Washington Times, and it's flock of Moonies' "reporters" are just a front for a bunch of power-hungry robber barons who are finding yet another way to screw the American worker.

Remember all the Republican congressmen who were there to crown the Reverend Moon as Lord King Jesus on Earth. Isn't there a commandment about that. What a bunch of hypocrites. But, whatever. They have to go where the money, and the people willing to lie and steal for them, are.

So, boo-hoo. I don't know why you waste your time reading this bull slobber from one of the most right-wing bunch of whackos carrying the president's now very foul water.

Dubai is more like the Casablanca of the middle east. "Shocked! Absolutely shocked to find terrorism going on here!"

I"m with Lou Dobbs on this one. I'm an equal opportunity discriminator. I think American ports should be run by American companies. Preferably American companies with addresses here, not in the Caymans, who pay taxes. Now that's patriotism. And all you right wingers who said those of us who were against this TRILLION DOLLAR BOONDOGGLE in Iraq weren't patriotic, I say shove it.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rapture Ready Freak Crawls Out of His Hole

I finally got one of the American Taliban in my union newsgroup to spout off some of my favorite shit: THE RAPTURE IS COMING! These people disgust me to no end. No need to post the ranting bull slober he sent out, you can figure it out from my reply:
OK, I suppose you American Taliban have never heard the term self-fulfilling prophecy. You so want all the visions John had (while he was mentally ill, BTW, near the end of his life) to be true that you vote for a man who's helping it along. You believe God gave John the visions: is that the same as the way God told George Bush to kill thousands of innocent people? Just wondering. Or is this whole idea or Rapture (a word not in the Bible) just made up by Darby to get more bloodthirsty "Christians" like you into his church? Then the Scoffed Reference notes piled on more crap. And now people like you vote for Bush because you think God wants him to be President. Are you sure he's not the Anti-Christ?

Furthermore, I didn't understand your street prophet ranting about the Lord coming like a thief, because I asked you straight up if all the Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, etc were going to burn in Hell. But, I'll assume that's what you're saying. In fact, from what I understand from your ilk, a guy like Hitler could kill millions, but as long as he accepts Jesus right before he dies, he goes to heaven. RIGHT? And Gandhi goes to hell. Nice. And what's even more ironic is that you've been so brainwashed by this crap that you don't even see the irony in that.

"...exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man." sounds like society in any day. Not much on history, are you? I think it's ironic you would choose this quote as Republicans are being frog marched into court by the dozens for their various corrupt dealings. Such hypocrites.

Tell you what, let's cut through the crap. I'm not going to argue angels on pinheads with you. I know plenty of Christians who think you end-timers are full of it, warping the true word of God, yada yada yada. You guys can argue that crap until you're blue in the face.

I want to know how voting for a man who has killed thousands, tortured, maimed, lied, stolen, and generally gone against the teachings of Christ, how is that a good Christian thing to do? HUH? You're going to save unborn babies, while Iraqi children are burned and maimed and killed? You're going to destroy the environment (nature is the temple of God, right) because we won't need it soon anyway? You're going to cut taxes on rich people like Paris Hilton while you cut programs for the poor? While you make it harder for kids to get an education? All the while Bush is helping his rich Arab friends get richer, selling out our ports, cutting deals with his Saudi friends, helping Halliburton steal more of our money that our grandkids will have to pay back?

But none of that matters if you think there is no future, huh? Real easy to brush off any concerns about the future when you think there's not going to be one, HUH? Bush has certainly helped generate sales for all the Rapture bullshit scam you're buying: books, movies, CDs.... Wonder what Jesus would say about all these con men getting rich selling this shit to bird brains like you?

People like you are the most dangerous threat to humanity. You have elected a man who believes like you, and he has his finger on the Armageddon button. Because of your hatred for people who don't believe like you, and because you believe in this violent interpretation of a book of the Bible that many believe should have never been included, you are more dangerous than any Islamofascist. And make no mistake, you are fascists. The way you're trying to force your religious beliefs on the rest of us (abortion, school prayer, government regulators who deny science, ignoring or denying birth control) is FASCIST. The whole 1984 thing - spying on people without a warrant, arresting citizens without charges, rendition, etc. - that's FASCISM. It's what my Grandfather fought against in WWII. And now we have the American Taliban, thanks to people like you.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves for electing these fascist fucks, and I hope you all suffer as much as the people they've massacred. Because you can say you're a nice guy all you want, but that doesn't make it true. Nice guys don't aid and abet murderous thugs and robber barons.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Anti-muslim e-mail going around

I just got this very anti-Muslim, pro-Israel e-mail going around. It starts by listing all the Nobel prizes won by Muslims (not too many) and compares that to the many won by Jews. OK. But then it goes on. My friend actually prefaced the forwarded mail with an admonition to turn everything in the middle east besides Israel into volcanic glass.

Well, that was too much for me:

More than ever we need to back Israel and make volcanic glass of the rest of that miserable area.....
Did you just advocate dropping nuclear bombs on everyone in the middle east besides Israel (which is in violation of all kinds of UN resolutions - Bush's reasoning behind invading Iraq)? Aside from the fact that Muslims have been kept in the dark ages by the very regimes Bush is cozy with (like Saudi Arabia), which would explain their lack of Nobel prizes, I'd like to comment on a few of the other inflammatory comments in this mail.
The Jews are not demonstrating with their dead on the streets, yelling and chanting and asking for revenge.
Yes they are. The Israelis elected the most right-wing, vengeful party they have, the Likud. They chant for revenge every time a suicide bomber kills some of their citizens.
The Jews are not promoting brain washing the children in military training camps, teaching them how to blow themselves up and cause maximum deaths of Jews and other non Muslims.
Yes they are. Military service in Israel is compulsory. Many reports have shown that the Israeli military teaches their teenage soldiers that Palestinians are animals to be shot without remorse.
The Jews don't highjack planes, nor kill athletes at the Olympics.
They don't have to. They have one of the world's best air forces (thanks to the US), equipped with some of the best weapons (thanks to the US). If they want to kill a lot of people, they just use F-16s and missiles. They do it all the time. Sometimes they hit their target. Sometimes they kill civilians.
The Jews don't traffic slaves, nor have leaders calling for Jihad and death to all the Infidels.
Uh, well, yes they do. While it's wrong to say ALL jews do one thing or another, just as it is wrong to say ALL muslims do, it's very well documented that the Palestinian people are used for cheap labor by greedy Israeli corporations who are complicit with the Israeli government to wall off the Palestinians, keep them fenced in substandard housing, and fed rations, since the Israeli government has taken most of their viable farm land. Not unlike what greedy American corporations have done to Mexicans.
The Jews don't have the economical strength of the Petroleum, nor the possibilities to force the world's media to see "their side" of the question.
Huh? They have the economic strength of using cheap loans and billions in grants from the US every year. The media sees their side of practically everything. Hell, there are many people, and I'm not one of them, who are very upset that the media is "owned" by Jews.
Perhaps if the world's Muslims could invest more in normal education and less in blaming the Jews for all their problems, we could all live in a better world.
Same goes for the Jews, eh? Blaming all their problems on the Muslims is the same kind of scapegoating.
OK. Now you think about it. I'm sure I'll feel the wrath of any Jews [in this newsgroup] - especially the ones who voted for Bush because 100,000 dead Muslim civilians at the feet of this administration is just a good start to them, but I really don't care. I think all these extremist religions, from Arial Sharon's to Osama Bin Laden's, are nuts. But when I hear them arguing among themselves, and I see otherwise reasonable people like you spreading this kind of crap (really, advocating the nuking of an entire region...), I've got to step in and say, hey, why not be fair here? There is a very large peace movement in both Israel and Palestine. We used to elect US presidents who tried to help those sides. Now we elect one who, the first time he set foot in Israel, was asked what he wanted to say to all the Jews. He said, "You're all going to hell." See, GW thinks if you don't believe like him, you go to hell. He believes in the literal translation of Revelations (written by a madman) that only a few Jews will accept Jesus at the end, and the rest will burn in a lake of fire.

So, please, don't go down that road with [a freakish right wing Christian zealot in the newsgroup]. Jews and Muslims can have peace with each other. Armageddon is a lie so Bush's Robber Barons can destroy the environment, foreign relations, and anything else they can get away with for profit.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Think Progress » EXCLUSIVE EMAILS: Jack Abramoff Describes Relationship With President Bush

NEWS FLASH! GW Bush doesn't know jack. But, he does know JACK abramhOFF, as these e-mails prove. So, Bush is lying when he says he doesn't know Jack. Like Bush lying is a big newsflash... The newsflash will be when Republican hypocrites (is that redundant?) start doing something about it.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Death, Taxes, and George W. Bush

Howard Gleckman has an article in Business Week that's worth reading: Death, Taxes, and George W. Bush. Basically, Bush's new budget would eliminate the estate tax ("... this year, of the 2.4 million people who are expected to die, only about 6,500 estates will be subject to the tax"). But it would also eliminate the Social Security death benefit of $255 that poor people use to help pay for funerals. Real compassionate, you fucking fucks.