Monday, June 20, 2005

The US war with Iran has already begun

Scott Ritter, author of Frontier Justice, proves that the war with Iran is already underway. The neo-cons realize they may only have 3 years of W left, so they're getting busy.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Defense Tech: Pilot Training Time Slashed

OK, any of you lame brain, Bush loving, morally superior fuck heads want to explain this one to me? Because Iraq has so drained the military, the Air Force is cutting back on pilot training time.
"They're not cutting fat, they're cutting to the bone," [Retired Gen. Hal Hornburg, former Air Combat Command commander] Hornburg said, noting the Pentagon has taken large sums of money away from the Air Force to pay for the Army in Iraq.
And we attacked Iraq why? I mean, screw all the lies and distractions, like WMD and ties to Al Qaeda, which are impeachable enough. What's the reason Bush gives NOW for being in Iraq? Spreading Democracy? We are shelling out billions and leaving ourselves poorly protected at home because Bush thought we should spread Democracy to a region where Bush's best friends next door (Saudi Arabia) are a monarchy that doesn't even want women to drive? That's making us safer? Spending money on a war in Iraq instead on pilots who could shoot down hijacked planes is making us safer. Spending HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS on a war that the new World Bank President, Paul Wolfowitz, said could finance itself is making us more safe than putting hundreds of billions into ports, first responders, chemical factories, and borders would have? Spending hundreds of billions while recruiting drops off and big chunks of the reserve and guard (people who help protect and serve at home, like after attacks or natural disasters) are fighting in Iraq because the army is stretched too thin makes us safer HOW? If we are attacked, where is the National Guard to help keep order and protect us from harm? Over in Iraq with crappy equipment, driving dangerous routes that Halliburton employees make 10 times as much for! I'd like just one of you Bush voting schmucks to tell me how this all makes us safer.