Friday, May 24, 2002

the CIA and Bush Administration Weren't Involved in 9/11 What WERE They

Investigator/journalist and former LAPD officer Michael Ruppert is sure
that the CIA, a secret cartel of major corporations and the Bush
administration colluded in the events leading to 9/11. Ruppert has spent
several months trying to reconstruct the significant events leading up to
the suicide attacks. Here he presents 34 separate but connected and
well-documented "steps" that lead to the horrendous disaster of
9/11. After reading them, you will find yourself wondering why ANYONE
would question Cynthia McKinney's call for a REAL investigation of what
may prove to be the most heinous inside job ever pulled off on American

Deputy Director Admits 'We Knew al Qaeda was Planning a Major Attack'

Online Journal's Larry Chin reports that Jim Pavitt, CIA Deputy
Director for Operations, recently admitted CIA foreknowledge of 911.
"We had very, very good intelligence of the general structure and
strategies of the al Qaeda terrorist organization. We knew and we warned
that al Qaeda was planning a major strike." But Pavitt insists
"We never found the tactical intelligence, never uncovered the
specifics that could have stopped those tragic strikes." Is this the
truth - or a CIA disinformation campaign? There is only one way to find
out - the CIA (and all other agencies, including the FBI, the NSA, and the
White House) must declassify ALL relevant documents, and a Blue Ribbon
Commission must be appointed to demand the truth from those who are paid
over $300 billion each year for "intelligence" and

Ignored Malaysian Warnings About 9-11 Hijackers

Newsweek's Michael Isikoff reports, "Congressional investigators
believe there are more embarrassing documents to come. Another sensitive
issue: the CIA's failure to aggressively follow up on information provided
by Malaysian authorities in January 2000 about a meeting in Kuala Lumpur
of Al Qaeda operatives—including two men who turned out to be among the
9-11 hijackers. Malaysian officials passed along photos to the United
States, but they never heard back and stopped monitoring the suspects, one
Malaysian official told NEWSWEEK. CIA officials said the significance of
the meeting didn't become clear until much later. But by the time the CIA
alerted the FBI, it was too late." Why did the CIA IGNORE the
Malaysian warnings? We demand a Blue Ribbon Commission!

9-11, the FBI Read Moussaoui's E-Mail that 'He Wanted to Learn to Fly a
747 from London's Heathrow to New York's JFK'

Here's another explosive 9-11 revelation: the FBI read Zacarias
Moussaoui's e-mail before 9-11 and "found he wanted to learn to fly a
747 from London's Heathrow to New York's JFK. The agents held
'brainstorming' sessions to try to figure out what targets might be en
route. The agents were 'in a frenzy,' 'absolutely convinced he was
planning to do something with a plane,' said a senior official. One agent
wrote that 'one possibility' was that Moussaoui might be planning to crash
into the Twin Towers." According to Newsweek's Michael Isikoff, FBI
Director Robert Mueller "referred to this memo by a Minneapolis FBI
agent in testimony before Congress last week, but no newspaper reported
this. Why did the FBI ignore this warning? Why did the FBI ignore similar
warnings from its agents in Phoenix? And were there warnings from FBI
agents in Florida, where most of the hijackers were learning to fly? We
demand a Blue Ribbon Commission!

August 16, An FBI Agent in Minneapolis Told his Superiors that Moussaoui
'Could Fly Something into the World Trade Center'

Here is ANOTHER shocking new fact about the extent of the 911 warnings
that were sent to Bush's top anti-terrorism officials from US and foreign
government agents. As the NY Post reports, "It was previously known
that instructors at a Minnesota flight school warned local FBI agents that
Moussaoui - later described as the '20th hijacker' - might try to fly a
plane loaded with fuel into a building." But FBI Director Robert
Mueller told Senators on May 9 "for the first time that an FBI
investigator took that horrifying threat further - and actually considered
the scenario that occurred Sept. 11." "In one of the notes, the
agent in Minneapolis mentioned the possibility of Moussaoui being the type
of person who could fly something into the World Trade Center,"
Mueller said. Who at the FBI and the CIA reviewed this memo? Did they
simply IGNORE this warning?????

FBI Director Robert Mueller LIE to Congress About the Crucial 911 Warning
from Phoenix?

On May 3, John Solomon of the AP revealed that a vigilant FBI agent in
Phoenix was suspicious of local Arab flight students and wrote a detailed
memo urging a nationwide investigation of flight schools. Solomon added,
"The FBI sent the intelligence to its terrorism experts in Washington
and New York for analysis and had begun discussing conducting a nationwide
canvass of flight schools when the Sept. 11 tragedies occurred, officials
told The Associated Press." But on May 8, FBI Director Robert Mueller
told Congress "he doubted that the memorandum was reviewed at a
senior level by agency directors. He said he did not believe that the
memorandum had been sent to the joint C.I.A.-F.B.I. counterterrorism
center." If Solomon's sources are reliable, then Mueller LIED TO
CONGRESS. Once again, we demand a Blue Ribbon Commission!

60 Minutes II Asks: Could 911 Have Been Stopped?

60 Minutes reports, "One of the unanswered questions of [911] is
whether there was anything U.S. intelligence could have done to stop the
attacks...The FBI hauled in a French citizen, Zacarias Moussaoui...We now
know that, back in August, Moussaoui's possessions contained evidence that
would expose key elements of the [911] conspiracy. The FBI didn't search
Moussaoui's things because it says it didn't have enough evidence for a
search warrant. Critical evidence was in the hands of French
intelligence...60 Minutes talked with several sources in French
intelligence and they all agree on three points. First, back as early as
1995 French agents traced Moussaoui to Afghanistan on what they believe
was a trip to an Al Qaeda camp. Second, in 1999, the French put Moussaoui
on a watch list of potential terror suspects. Third, in 2000, French
intelligence followed Moussaoui to Pakistan. They believe he went to see a
man named Abu Jaffa - a top lieutenant to Osama bin Laden."
Investigate 911 NOW!

Palast Exposes the US Conspiracy behind the Failed Venezuelan Coup d'Etat

Greg Palast has done it again! Palast has scooped the US (and global)
media by getting the inside story on the failed US-engineered coup in
Venezuela. The US started planning this coup nearly a year in advance; the
plot included funding 3 simultaneous efforts to assassinate Venezuela's
elected President. US efforts gained urgency when Libya and Iraq
threatened an oil embargo to protest Israeli actions in Palestine. The US
needed to control Venezuela's oil to undermine any embargo. The Secretary
General of OPEC, Ali Rodriguez, warned Hugo Chavez of the planned coup, so
Chavez deployed his troops to foil the coup. His "Plan A" -
surrounding the palace with tanks - failed because the tank commander
disobeyed Chavez's orders (no doubt he was paid handsomely to do so). But
his "Plan B" - filling the palace with hidden troops, thereby
taking the coup leader hostage - succeeded brilliantly. We demand Senate
hearings on Bush's illegal coup!

Conservatism' or Grand Larceny? Bush's Executive Orders Give Your Hard
Earned Tax Dollars to his Corporate Paymasters

Alexander Bolton writes in The Hill, "In a series of
little-noticed executive orders intended to ease the tax burden on
corporate America, the Bush administration has implemented a number of new
policies that will provide corporations with billions of dollars in tax
relief without the consent of Congress. The actions include new
regulations, notices of new rulemaking, and tax collection policies on
issues ranging from tax-free compensation for corporate executives to tax
deductions for 'intangible' assets to greatly expanded tax accounting
flexibility for small- and medium-sized businesses. Many of the
business-oriented actions taken by the Treasury Department since the
beginning of the year are so arcane that few members of Congress,
including those with jurisdiction over tax policy, were familiar with the
new regulations and revenue procedures."

- We Must Elect a Democratic Congress to Impeach Bush!

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress - NOT THE
PRESIDENT - the power "to declare war." But George W. Bush is
openly planning to use 70,000 to 250,000 American troops to INVADE IRAQ
- WITHOUT A DECLARATION OF WAR! Has Bush simply scrubbed the
Constitution??? Call your Senators and Representatives (202-224-3121)
and demand immediate hearings on Bush's ILLEGAL plan to invade Iraq. And
get busy registering every young voter in America who will be sent to
fight and die in Iraq to make Bush's oil and weapons puppeteers
infinitely richer. We must sweep ALL Republicans out of office in
November, and sweep in a Democratic Congress that will IMPEACH GEORGE

Reads Letter from Member Sam Park

Letters from
members are getting results! Here's an exchange from Crossfire on
4-25-02. "CARVILLE: 'I understand the GOP elite has sent out the
word for top GOP leaders to stay off CROSSFIRE because they can't stand
the heat. Waaaa! Da wittle cry babies.' Sam Park, Van Nuys, California.
I tell you something, Sam, about these people. They can give it, but
can't take it. And I found out something about this right-wing crowd.
They all got glass jaws. The good ones that come over here... CARLSON:
They all come on here. And I must say, to think that they're going to be
ignoring to be... CARVILLE: Why is Marc Racicot telling -- he's the
chairman of the Republican party! CARLSON: That is absolutely...
CARVILLE: He's a weenie. From the left, I'm James Carville."
Congratulations to Sam Park!

7, 2001 was Another 'Day of Infamy' - Bush Let Bin Laden Escape into

According to the LA Times, in November 2001 Osama Bin Laden was holed
up in the caves of Tora Bora, and anti-Taliban forces were eager to
capture him, but Bush chose to drop expensive "daisy cutters"
built by his defense contractor buddies, instead of spending a few
dollars for anti-Taliban guns and food. Did Bush REALLY want to get Bin
Laden? One top commander's aide said "I don't think the U.S. wants
to capture Osama. We know where he is, we tell him, and they do
nothing." "Around Dec. 7, the soldiers overheard Bin Laden on
the radio. He was still in Tora Bora, but 'they were getting ready to
move,' said Haji Zahir, another senior Afghan commander. The next
morning, tribal scouts said they saw Bin Laden picking his way over the
hills on horseback. The Saudi exile was flanked by four Al Qaeda guards,
commander Haji Khalan Mir said." Bush let Bin Laden walk into
Pakistan! Was this utter negligence, or does Bush want Bin Laden to live
- to justify a permanent "war against terror"???

Arranges Ransom to Terrorists - Congressional Investigation of Treason

A. F. Nariman writes: "ABC News has just released a breaking
news story reporting that the Bush Administration was involved in
arranging $300,000 in ransom payments to the Abu Sayyaf rebel group in
the Philippines…to secure the release of an American missionary couple…
What's wrong with this picture?…Abu Sayyaf group is an arm of bin
Laden's Al Qaeda network of terrorists…. in Bush's own words, 'If you
are a terrorist, or you harbor a terrorist, you are a terrorist.'…
these actions can be construed as treason under Article III, section 3
of our U.S. Constitution, which reads: 'Treason against the United
States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering
to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort… Let us hope…that
'giving aid to the enemy' is a greater crime, and one more worthy of
impeachment than having adulterous sex in the Oval Office, or committing
perjury to hide one's shame. Certainly, the Senate and House need to
investigate this matter post haste."

Gramm Wins Battle for Enronomics, So Every State Can Get 'Enroned' Just
Like California

Sen. Phil Gramm (R- TX) blocked an amendment introduced by California
Democrat Dianne Feinstein that would have closed the loophole that
allowed Enron to hide wholesale prices from buyers and control markets.
"Just because Enron is bankrupt doesn't mean the party's over for
these energy traders. The regulatory framework that allowed Enron to do
what it did is still intact," said Tyson Slocum, a senior
researcher with Public Citizen. "This is a modest attempt at
regaining accountability over our electricity markets, and the Senate
couldn't even muster the votes. The fact that Phil Gramm played a key
role in blocking these reforms illustrates that Enron's legacy is still
strong in the U.S. Congress."

Rule Will Let Coal Miners Fill Valleys and Streams With Debris

Katharine Seelye reports in the NY Times, "The Bush
administration is preparing to allow the coal mining industry to fill
waterways and valleys with the rock and dirt from mountaintop mining,
particularly in West Virginia... Environmentalists oppose the
regulation, saying that filling streams and valleys destroys the
ecosystem of the waterways and forests... and is a serious rollback of
the Clean Water Act. [Christie Whitman says] 'It is not a giveaway to
the mining industry -- It does not allow activity that isn't already
under way.' " Environmentalists say that the permitting process is
illegal, and has already erased more than 1,000 miles of streams in
Appalachia. Hey, Christie -- since George Bush has already stolen an
election, does that make stealing elections legal?

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Iran-Contra II - Bush Pays Al Qaeda Ally for Hostages!!!

Reagan's Iran-Contra scandal exploded when a Lebanese newspaper
revealed that Reagan officials - Ollie North and John Poindexter -
delivered arms to Iran in exchange for US hostages, after Reagan vowed
never to pay ransom. Well Shrub made the same promise - and now ABC News
has revealed, "The United States was involved in arranging a ransom
payment to the Abu Sayyaf rebel group in the Philippines meant to secure
the release of an American missionary couple kidnapped nearly 11 months
ago, but the couple has not been freed, ABCNEWS has learned."
WHAT??? As ABC reports, Abu Sayyaf is Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda
affiliate in the Philippines! So Bush helped raise $300,000 to PAY AL
We demand a Senate investigation!

Palast Debunks Lies about Chavez and Venezuela

Investigative journalist Greg Palast interviewed Hugo Chavez a few
weeks before the failed coup. Here Palast reveals the real reasons for
the failed US-supported Chavez coup attempt. "What neither Bush nor
the papers told you is that Chavez's real crime was to pass two laws
through Venezuela's national assembly. The first ordered big plantation
owners to turn over untilled land to the landless. The second nearly
doubled, from roughly 16% to 30%, royalties paid for extracting
Venezuela's oil. Venezuela was once the largest exporter of oil to the
USA, bigger than Saudi Arabia. This explains Chavez's unpopularity - at
least within that key constituency, the American petroleum

Bush likes the Venezuelan Coup attempt, the lying AWOL SOB...

Reich's Bloody Fingerprints Are All Over Venezuela's Coup

The man in charge of Bush's Latin American policies - Assistant
Secretary of State Otto Reich - has bloodstained hands from his past
support for terrorism (enter "otto reich" in our search
engine). So it comes as no surprise that Reich tried to mobilize
international support for the Venezuelan coup only hours after it
happened, as revealed by Joshua Micah Marshall in Salon. Reich lied to a
roomful of Latin American ambassadors by "handing out copies of a
State Department press release that blamed Chavez's overthrow on Chavez
himself and denied that any coup had even occurred. Reich then gave a
tortured reading of the Venezuelan constitution in an attempt to
illustrate that Chavez's apparent military overthrow really wasn't
unconstitutional at all." Reich's nomination was so controversial
that he was never confirmed by the Senate - instead, Bush arrogantly
appointed him while the Senate was in recess. We demand Reich's
immediate removal from office!

Fatherland Security Office Is Modeled On Richard Nixon's Evil Plans for
an Imperial Presidency

"Most people have long forgotten Richard Nixon's plans to
reorganize the Executive Branch after the 1972 election. He planned to
exercise the powers of the presidency more aggressively than any
president ever had, and a cornerstone of his plan was cutting off
Congressional oversight...Bush has structured the White House homeland
security operation as if modeled on Nixon's old (and discredited)
governing plans. All the... policymaking is being undertaken at the
level of the White House staff - where it is immune from Congressional
oversight. As a result, the government is being run in secrecy more
typical of a big corporation than an open, democratic society. The White
House Office of Homeland Security was [ostensibly] created to give
Americans both real safety and reassurance. Yet its structure,
characterized by secrecy, is actually reason for concern. Most troubling
is its similarity to the Nixon model, which was designed to hide abuses
of power." So writes John Dean.

Kucinich: 'Secret Government Is Not An Acceptable Substitute for

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) walked out on a House Government Reform
Committee briefing by Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge after saying
he should testify publicly. Afterwards, Kucinich stated: "This is a
very serious matter that a Director who speaks for the President on
matters of national security is not accountable to the Congress, not
accountable to the press and not accountable to the people. Homeland
Security has a $38 billion budget. There's been no public process to
review this $38 billion budget. So you have a Director who is not
accountable to the Congress, not accountable to the press, and not
accountable to the people." This is exactly what Bush wants - an
Imperial Presidency. Let's Impeach Bush!

target="_blank">Greg Palast Reveals More Details on Katherine Harris' Felonious Felon

target="_blank"> src=""
alt="The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast"
align="right" hspace="16" vspace="8" width="60"
After 18 months of research, Greg
Palast has obtained the "scrub list"
that Katherine Harris and her predecessor sent to
county officials to remove "felons."
Highlighted examples include "David
Butler," a name which appears 77 times in
Florida phone books; Thomas Cooper, flagged for a
conviction in 2007 (!); Rev. Willie Dixon,
scrubbed despite a rare official pardon; and
Johnny Jackson Jr., who never went to Texas but
matched the name of a Texas felon; and Wallace
McDonald, who was scrubbed for the misdemeanor of
sleeping on a bus-stop bench in 1959. "Of the
'matches' on these lists, the civil-rights
commission estimated that at least 14 percent - or
8,000 voters, nearly 15 times Bush's official
margin of victory - were false." No corporate
media outlet has ever reported on the felon purge
- because it proves Jeb helped George steal
Florida in a "high-tech" stolen

target="_blank">Why Army Secretary
Thomas White Should Resign has extensive information
about the unethical behavior of "Enron Whore
Army Secretary Thomas White", including recent
news about his dozens of phone calls to Enron.
Political Amazon neatly documents his "little
White lies" and hammers home the hypocrisy of
the right-wing, who pushed for Clinton's impeachment
on the flimsiest of charges yet now let Shrub's
corrupt cabal get away with murder!

target="_blank">Gore Rips Bush Energy Policies and

In another of a seemingly endless series of
failures of the commercial news media, it was
generally NOT reported today that the candidate for
president in the most recent election (who received
more votes than his opponent and according to polls
is the leading contender to challenge the president
at the next election) gave a speech sharply critical
of the current government's policies. He blasted the
administration for its failed energy policies and
for undermining a generation of laws guaranteeing
citizens an open and transparent government. But
none of this was in your newspaper or on your
television news, was it?

target="_blank">The Bush Administration Lied About
Spencer Abraham's Contacts with Energy Executives

"As he helped the Bush administration write
its national energy report last year, Energy
Secretary Spencer Abraham heard from more than 100
energy industry executives, trade association
leaders and lobbyists, according to documents
released by the Energy Department. Mr. Abraham did
not meet with any representatives of environmental
organizations or consumer groups, the documents
show. In a press release on Monday night, the Energy
Department summarized the secretary's calendar by
saying that Mr. Abraham met with 36 industry
representatives on task force matters. Most news
organizations reported that figure today. But Mr.
Abraham actually met with 109 representatives of
energy industry companies and trade associations...
18 [of which] contributed a total of $16.6 million
to the Republican Party since 1999, nearly three
times what they gave to the Democratic Party."
So reports the NY Times. We demand ALL of Cheney's
Secret Energy Task Force documents!

Monday, May 06, 2002

target="_blank">Here Is ANOTHER Huge Bush Scandal -

In the past week, Taiwan has been rocked by the
revelation that ex-president Lee Teng-hui operated a
$100 million slush fund to buy influence overseas.
Part of this money was used to buy influence in the
US through two people NOW IN TOP POSITIONS IN THE
BUSH ADMINISTRATION. Carl Ford was a lobbyist for
Taiwan at Cassidy and Associates, which was
reportedly paid $1.5 million from the slush fund to
gain influence with Bush, and reportedly gave
$1-$1.75 million to Bush and the Republicans in 1999
and 2000. Ford's reward was being appointed
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and
Research, where he engineered Bush's sale of $4
billion in high-tech weapons to Taiwan last year.
The sale included submarines built by General
Dynamics - ANOTHER client of Ford's. James Kelly ran
the Scaife-funded Pacific Forum (connected to CSIS),
which received $100,000 from the slush fund. Kelly
is now Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia.
This scandal has received NO coverage in the US!

target="_blank">FBI Raids Republican
Front Group Tied to Grover Norquist

Last week, the FBI raided a Saudi-backed charity
called the Safa Trust because of suspicious
transfers. The Trust is a major supporter of the
Islamic Institute, "which was set up to
mobilise support for the Republican party. It shares
an office in Washington with the Republican activist
Grover Norquist, [who serves on its Board]. The
institute, founded in 1999 to win influence in the
Republican party, has helped to arrange meetings
between senior Bush officials and Islamic leaders...
Its chairman, Khaled Saffuri, and Mr Norquist
cooperated to arrange the meetings... The institute
has also received money from abroad, including
$200,000 from Qatar and $55,000 from Kuwait."
Why is this coming out now? Has Ashcroft been
holding up this investigation for political reasons?

93 Evidence Mostly Points to Shootdown by Military

At 9:58 a.m. on 9-11, Dick Cheney ordered the
military to shoot down Flight 93 three times, with
"a fighter in the area." At 10:06, Flight
93 crashed near Shanksville, PA. Before the crash,
ground witnesses heard explosions followed by quiet,
and saw the plane flip. Debris - including human
remains and a one-ton engine part - was found as far
as 8 miles from the crash site on a breezeless day.
Witnesses also saw an unmarked white jet flying low
nearby. Did a military jet - either an F-16 or a
specially-equipped government plane - shoot off an
engine under orders from Dick Cheney? The Pentagon
denies it, and the cockpit tape offers few clues.
The truth will not be known until the government
releases the complete results of its investigation,
including the two flight recorders, radar readings,
the debris field map, and passenger phone call
records. We demand a Blue Ribbon investigation!

target="_blank">Yes, Virginia, the
Bin Laden Family DOES Have a Connection to the
Carlyle Group - and That's Just the Tip of the

Fortune Mag. reports, "Are you the sort of
person who believes in conspiracies--the Trilateral
Commission secretly runs the world, that sort of
thing? Well, then, here's a company for you. The
Carlyle Group, a Washington, D.C., buyout firm, is
one of the nation's largest defense contractors. It
has billions of dollars at its disposal and employs
a few important people. Maybe you've heard of them:
former Secretary of State Jim Baker, former
Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, and former
White House budget director Dick Darman. Wait, we're
just getting warmed up. William Kennard, who
recently headed the FCC, and Arthur Levitt, who just
left the SEC, also work for Carlyle. As do former
British Prime Minister John Major and former
Philippines President Fidel Ramos. Let's see, are we
forgetting anyone? Oh, right, former President
George Herbert Walker Bush is on the payroll too.
The firm also has about a dozen investors from Saudi
Arabia, including, until recently, the bin Laden

target="_blank">GOP's $70 Million Clinton Witchhunt
Exposed Sex - But What Would Bu$h Say Under Oath???

"My advice to fellow liberals who are approached by beaming
conservatives with the 'Clinton lied' story is as follows: Pose this
question to the offender: Suppose we had the opportunity to put George
W. Bush on the stand. He would be sworn in and asked the following
questions: 1. 'Please give a full accounting of your alleged cocaine use
during your college and Texas Air National Guard years.' 2. 'Is it true
that you were suspended from flying during your last two years of Texas
Air National Guard service for refusing to take a physical examination
that might have revealed illegal drug use?' 3. 'Is it true that in the
winter of 1971, while dating a woman whose initials were R. L., you
arranged for her to have an illegal abortion at the Twelve Oaks Hospital
in Houston?' 4. 'Besides the 1976 DUI arrest that America learned of
days before the 2000 election, how many other times have you been
arrested for driving while intoxicated?'" So writes the Angry
Liberal in href="" target="_blank">BuzzFlash.

target="_blank">Bush and Enron Were Oil Partners in

In target="_blank">the Nation, David Corn writes: "Did George W.
Bush once have a financial relationship with Enron? In 1986, according
to publicly available records, the two drilled for oil together--at a
time when Bush was a not-too-successful oil man in Texas and his oil
venture was in dire need of help. Bush's business association with
Enron, it seems, has not previously been reported. As the details of the
Spectrum-Harken acquisition--which Bush badly needed--were being
finalized, Enron Oil and Gas Company... announced on October 16, 1986,
that it had completed a well producing both oil and natural gas in
Martin County, Texas... Enron held 52% interest in the well... 10%
belonged to Spectrum 7. At that point, Spectrum 7 was still Bush's
company... To spell it out: George W. Bush and Enron Oil and Gas were in
business together in 1986--when Ken Lay was head of Enron... Calls
placed to both the White House and Enron have not yet been
returned." We demand a Special Prosecutor!

target="_blank">Army Secretary Thomas White Rigged
NY Deal for His Old Company - ENRON

When former Enron executive
Thomas White became Army Secretary, he promised to
bring private-sector "efficiency" to the
Army. He sure did - ENRON style. White rigged a
$25 million contract to provide power to Fort
Hamilton in Brooklyn, NY, so that only Enron would
bid. This contract is under investigation by
Rumsfeld's Defense Department - but WE DEMAND A

target="_blank">Did Christie Whitman Lie About
Trade Center Air Safety to Benefit Citigroup?

According to Hugh Kaufman, an
in-house watchdog and longtime EPA critic,
Christie Whitman is letting her family's financial
ties to Citigroup influence EPA decisions.
"Kaufman said Whitman falsely assured New
Yorkers that the air around the World Trade Center
was safe in the days after the structures were
leveled by the Sept. 11 attacks. That, he said,
saved Travelers Insurance, owned by Citigroup,
millions of dollars. And he said Whitman tried to
dissolve the EPA national ombudsman's office,
where he works, so it wouldn't interfere with a
court settlement with Citigroup about
Shattuck." Whitman's husband worked for
Citigroup and still owns stock in the company. The
probe is being conducted by the Justice
Department, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enron.

target="_blank">Bush's Latest Assault on Taxpayers
and the Environment: Making US Pay for Superfund

The last three presidents, including Reagan and Bush Sr., all
supported the Superfund and its slogan, "the polluter pays."
However, the current Bush wants to give big polluters (and big donors)
a break - at OUR expense! Bush must have known this was a pretty slimy
thing to do, because he tried to hide this insult by burying his
proposal to cut taxes on industrial polluters – the main source of
Superfund money – in an obscure part of his budget. Go to Working
for Change's website to urge your Senators to dump this toxic proposal
and send Bush a message that we refuse to clean up after his cronies'

target="_blank">War on Terror Masks Bush's Grand
Strategy: To Control the World's Oil

"Bush's claims the US
invaded Afghanistan to 'defend democracy' and/or
'stamp out terrorism' is certainly not the whole
story. The Pentagon had drawn up plans to invade
Afghanistan, and US Special Forces were operating
in Kyrgystan, well before 9/11. Over the past five
months, the US has established permanent military
bases in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgystan,
Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and facilities in Kazakstan.
In short, a constellation of air and army bases
designed for long-term strategic control of the
region, under the command of the US 3rd Army,
whose headquarters was recently moved from the
southern USA to Kuwait. The so-called 'war on
terrorism' is being used to mask a far grander
imperial design: the overthrow of Saddam Hussein
that will allow the US to a. gain control of
Iraq's huge oil reserves, which are second only to
Saudi Arabia's, and b. secure American control of
the giant Caspian Oil Basin." So writes
Toronto Sun columnist (and Vietnam Vet) Eric

href=""> size="4">Kenny

KKKarl Rove: “The president knows him. But the idea that he is a
friend in the sense that this is a guy who’s a close intimate is just
ludicrous.”  Bush wrote a note in 1997 wishing Lay a happy
birthday:  “55 years old. Wow! That is really old. Thank goodness
you have such a young, beautiful wife. ... Laura and I value our
friendship with you.”

href=""> size="4">It
matters less who has the best arguments

“We are a loyal member of your team and are prepared to do whatever
fits your strategic plan,” Ralph Reed wrote in an Oct. 23, 2000, memo
obtained by The Washington Post. “In public policy,” he wrote, “it
matters less who has the best arguments and more who gets heard - and by
whom.” MSNBC took this story down fast, hid it in their
"stacks," and now it can't even be found by searching the
site! I'm amazed it's even in the stacks!

target="_blank">When Will Bush's Own
Insider Trading Be Investigated?

Molly Ivins writes, "When Bush was in the
oil business, his failing company Spectrum 7 was
bought by Harken Energy. Bush and his two partners
got $2 million in stock in exchange for a company
that had lost $400,000 in the six months prior to
the sale. Bush himself got stock worth about
$500,000 and an annual consulting fee of $120,000,
later reduced to $50,000. In June 1990, Bush sold
two-thirds of the Harken stock he had acquired in
the Spectrum 7 deal at $4 a share -- $318,430 more
than it was worth when he got it. A month before
Bush sold his stock... Smith, Barney, Harris, Upham
& Co., the financial consultants hired by Harken,
told Bush... only drastic action could save the
company. So Bush sold his stock before the news
became public. According to U..S. News & World
Report, there was 'substantial evidence to suggest
that Bush knew Harken was in dire

target="_blank">Is Cheney Hiding
Shady Deals with his Former Company, Halliburton?

In The Nation, Nate Blakeslee writes:
"Congress's effort to obtain records from Vice
President Dick Cheney's energy task force has now
reached the boiling point. The Enron collapse has
only made Cheney dig in his heels even harder, such
that the whole country is now wondering just what
Ken Lay asked for--that is, recommended--at those
meetings, and what Cheney delivered. But is it
Enron's dealings with the task force Cheney is
trying to hide, or Halliburton's? The huge
Dallas-based oilfield services conglomerate, for
which Cheney served as CEO from 1995 to July 2000,
may yet become Cheney's own poison pretzel."
Blakeslee suggests two possible "favors"
sought by Halliburton: 1) lawsuit restrictions to
limit asbestos lawsuits, and 2) lifting of sanctions
on "evil" Iraq, where Halliburton is the
biggest US contractor.

target="_blank">Did Ken Lay Meet with
the Bush Administration on Feb 4 to Concoct a Cover
Story to Protect Bush?

On Feb. 4, Ken Lay was in DC - yet his DC lawyer
said he couldn't accept a subpoena because he didn't
know where Lay was. "BuzzFlash's speculation is
that Lay might have been meeting with emissaries
from the White House to establish a consistent cover
story before Lay 'testifies,' which is now scheduled
for the week of February 11. Remember that there are
certainly grounds to suspect that a Justice
Department 'investigation' is aimed at keeping the
White House from being tainted by the scandal,
rather than getting to the bottom of the truth. Can
you imagine a John Ashcroft Justice Department
actually bringing information to a Grand Jury that
might be damaging to the White House? Dream on. The
right wing Federalist clique has always applied one
standard of justice to Democrats and another, more
lenient one, to Republicans. And remember that Papa
Bush saved his neck from a potential criminal charge
by pardoning his administration's participants in
the illegal Iran/Contra activities."

target="_blank">Jeb Lied About His Contacts with Ken

"Gov. Jeb Bush spent up to a half-hour on
the phone last April with Kenneth Lay, the former
chairman of Enron Corp., the now-bankrupt
Houston-based energy conglomerate that had an
interest in breaking open Florida's energy market to
outside companies. The disclosure that Bush talked
to Lay was revealed in public records made available
to several news organizations Wednesday. Bush said
late last month he did not 'recall' meeting or
talking with anyone from Enron during his tenure as
governor, although he said he had met with
representatives of an Enron subsidiary. Lay, who
this week refused to voluntarily testify to Congress
about the demise of his corporation, and Enron were
one of the largest donors in the 2000 election to
President George W. Bush, the older brother of
Florida's governor. Several Enron officials --
including Lay -- also donated money to Jeb Bush's
1998 campaign for governor." So reports the
Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

target="_blank">Ken Lay's Puppet at the FERC Should

"Enron Corp.'s close ties with the Bush
administration have prompted a call for Federal
Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Pat Wood to
resign because of the alleged influence the failed
energy trading company had over his appointment.
Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell said on Saturday he
had urged Wood to quit as the commission begins an
investigation into whether Enron manipulated energy
markets last year to raise electricity prices under
long-term power supply contracts with California.
'Sadly, the integrity of the commission has been
irreversibly compromised due to the circumstances
surrounding your appointment and the FERC's intimate
relationship with Enron, and as such I urge you to
resign as chairman,' the New Jersey lawmaker said in
a letter to Wood on Friday." So reports

target="_blank">More Evidence that
Enron's Hiring of Ralph Reed on Behalf of Bush was a

According to the NY Times, "Lobbying the Pennsylvania
legislature was also the stated reason that Karl Rove, Mr. Bush's
political adviser, recommended that Enron give Ralph Reed, a Republican
strategist with ties to religious conservatives, a consulting contract,
which it did. Mr. Reed never had to lobby in Pennsylvania — his hiring
came after a deregulation bill was passed." So why did Enron pay
Reed hundreds of thousands of dollars? To pay for his consulting
services to the Bush campaign. This served two purposes: 1) it was an
extremely valuable - and absolutely ILLEGAL - corporate contribution to
Bush; and 2) it concealed Bush's relationship with the radical
rightwinger Reed, so Bush could pretend to be a "moderate".
This crime should be investigated by the Justice Department, but guess
who picked John Ashcroft - Reed's mentor, Pat Robertson. We demand a
Special Prosecutor!

href=""> size="4">Noelle
Bush Is Getting Away with Drug Abuse, Deadly Driving
and Perjury - Because She's Jeb's Daughter and
George's Niece

Once again, a Bush is getting away with a crime,
thanks to powerful family ties. Jeb's daughter
Noelle, 24, was busted for trying to buy drugs.
(Unlike the terror-supporting pot users in Bush's TV
ads, Bush family drug abusers don't buy drugs on the
street. Instead, they impersonate doctors and write
themselves fraudulent prescriptions.) Noelle then
PERJURED herself in Florida court when she swore she
had no prior arrests - she WAS arrested for
shoplifting lingerie in 1995 and paid a $305 fine.
To conceal her criminal record, Noelle gave Florida
police a different Social Security number - yet
ANOTHER fraud. Noelle also received more than 12
driving tickets (including driving 95 MPH in Palm
Beach County) with 4 crashes, including one
influenced by drugs - why was she never arrested, or
her license revoked? Call State Attorney Willie
Meggs at 850-488-6701 and demand that Noelle be
prosecuted like any other drug abusing, recklessly
driving perjurer - for her own good, and ours!

target="_blank">While Bush Declares
War on Terror, He Harbors a Terrorist in Florida

Over the objections of Congress, Bush recently
appointed Iran-Contra propagandist Otto Reich to
head US relations with Latin America. Reich
"was alleged to have used his influence to try
and get a US visa for a convicted terrorist, Orlando
Bosch, jailed in Venezuela in 1976 for the bombing
of a Cubana airliner with 73 people on board. Bosch
had already been convicted of a terrorist attack in
Miami on a Polish merchant vessel bound for Cuba and
jailed in the US. According to US justice department
records: '.... Bosch has personally advocated,
encouraged, organised and participated in acts of
terrorist violence in this country as well as
various other countries.' Amazingly, Bosch was
granted a pardon by George Bush senior in 1990 and
is now in Florida... Although many countries seek
Bosch's extradition he remains free, protected by
the same government that warns other countries that
they are either for or against terrorism." So
writes Duncan Campbell in the Guardian of London.

target="_blank">Bush's Budget: It's
The Greed, Stupid

The Nation's John Nichols writes, "Bush
wants to drain the Social Security trust fund, with
a proposal to divert more than $2 trillion in Social
Security and Medicare surpluses over the next ten
years... to cut 30% of the funding from the federal
program that trains doctors at children's
hospitals... to cut Low-Income Home Energy
Assistance Programs that help Americans heat their
homes in winter by 15%... to cut 15% of the budget
for repairing dilapidated public housing units... to
cut 13% of the funding for Corps of Engineers public
works programs designed to prevent flooding of
communities, homes and farms... to cut 10% of the
funding for the National Institute for Occupational
Safety and Health's efforts to reduce job-related
deaths, injuries and ailments... to cut federal
funding for environmental protection programs,
transportation improvements and aid to farm families
that are being driven off the land by the thousands
each year." Why? To make the rich richer,
that's all.