Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Iran-Contra II - Bush Pays Al Qaeda Ally for Hostages!!!

Reagan's Iran-Contra scandal exploded when a Lebanese newspaper
revealed that Reagan officials - Ollie North and John Poindexter -
delivered arms to Iran in exchange for US hostages, after Reagan vowed
never to pay ransom. Well Shrub made the same promise - and now ABC News
has revealed, "The United States was involved in arranging a ransom
payment to the Abu Sayyaf rebel group in the Philippines meant to secure
the release of an American missionary couple kidnapped nearly 11 months
ago, but the couple has not been freed, ABCNEWS has learned."
WHAT??? As ABC reports, Abu Sayyaf is Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda
affiliate in the Philippines! So Bush helped raise $300,000 to PAY AL
We demand a Senate investigation!

Palast Debunks Lies about Chavez and Venezuela

Investigative journalist Greg Palast interviewed Hugo Chavez a few
weeks before the failed coup. Here Palast reveals the real reasons for
the failed US-supported Chavez coup attempt. "What neither Bush nor
the papers told you is that Chavez's real crime was to pass two laws
through Venezuela's national assembly. The first ordered big plantation
owners to turn over untilled land to the landless. The second nearly
doubled, from roughly 16% to 30%, royalties paid for extracting
Venezuela's oil. Venezuela was once the largest exporter of oil to the
USA, bigger than Saudi Arabia. This explains Chavez's unpopularity - at
least within that key constituency, the American petroleum

Bush likes the Venezuelan Coup attempt, the lying AWOL SOB...

Reich's Bloody Fingerprints Are All Over Venezuela's Coup

The man in charge of Bush's Latin American policies - Assistant
Secretary of State Otto Reich - has bloodstained hands from his past
support for terrorism (enter "otto reich" in our search
engine). So it comes as no surprise that Reich tried to mobilize
international support for the Venezuelan coup only hours after it
happened, as revealed by Joshua Micah Marshall in Salon. Reich lied to a
roomful of Latin American ambassadors by "handing out copies of a
State Department press release that blamed Chavez's overthrow on Chavez
himself and denied that any coup had even occurred. Reich then gave a
tortured reading of the Venezuelan constitution in an attempt to
illustrate that Chavez's apparent military overthrow really wasn't
unconstitutional at all." Reich's nomination was so controversial
that he was never confirmed by the Senate - instead, Bush arrogantly
appointed him while the Senate was in recess. We demand Reich's
immediate removal from office!

Fatherland Security Office Is Modeled On Richard Nixon's Evil Plans for
an Imperial Presidency

"Most people have long forgotten Richard Nixon's plans to
reorganize the Executive Branch after the 1972 election. He planned to
exercise the powers of the presidency more aggressively than any
president ever had, and a cornerstone of his plan was cutting off
Congressional oversight...Bush has structured the White House homeland
security operation as if modeled on Nixon's old (and discredited)
governing plans. All the... policymaking is being undertaken at the
level of the White House staff - where it is immune from Congressional
oversight. As a result, the government is being run in secrecy more
typical of a big corporation than an open, democratic society. The White
House Office of Homeland Security was [ostensibly] created to give
Americans both real safety and reassurance. Yet its structure,
characterized by secrecy, is actually reason for concern. Most troubling
is its similarity to the Nixon model, which was designed to hide abuses
of power." So writes John Dean.

Kucinich: 'Secret Government Is Not An Acceptable Substitute for

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) walked out on a House Government Reform
Committee briefing by Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge after saying
he should testify publicly. Afterwards, Kucinich stated: "This is a
very serious matter that a Director who speaks for the President on
matters of national security is not accountable to the Congress, not
accountable to the press and not accountable to the people. Homeland
Security has a $38 billion budget. There's been no public process to
review this $38 billion budget. So you have a Director who is not
accountable to the Congress, not accountable to the press, and not
accountable to the people." This is exactly what Bush wants - an
Imperial Presidency. Let's Impeach Bush!

target="_blank">Greg Palast Reveals More Details on Katherine Harris' Felonious Felon

target="_blank"> src=""
alt="The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast"
align="right" hspace="16" vspace="8" width="60"
After 18 months of research, Greg
Palast has obtained the "scrub list"
that Katherine Harris and her predecessor sent to
county officials to remove "felons."
Highlighted examples include "David
Butler," a name which appears 77 times in
Florida phone books; Thomas Cooper, flagged for a
conviction in 2007 (!); Rev. Willie Dixon,
scrubbed despite a rare official pardon; and
Johnny Jackson Jr., who never went to Texas but
matched the name of a Texas felon; and Wallace
McDonald, who was scrubbed for the misdemeanor of
sleeping on a bus-stop bench in 1959. "Of the
'matches' on these lists, the civil-rights
commission estimated that at least 14 percent - or
8,000 voters, nearly 15 times Bush's official
margin of victory - were false." No corporate
media outlet has ever reported on the felon purge
- because it proves Jeb helped George steal
Florida in a "high-tech" stolen

target="_blank">Why Army Secretary
Thomas White Should Resign has extensive information
about the unethical behavior of "Enron Whore
Army Secretary Thomas White", including recent
news about his dozens of phone calls to Enron.
Political Amazon neatly documents his "little
White lies" and hammers home the hypocrisy of
the right-wing, who pushed for Clinton's impeachment
on the flimsiest of charges yet now let Shrub's
corrupt cabal get away with murder!

target="_blank">Gore Rips Bush Energy Policies and

In another of a seemingly endless series of
failures of the commercial news media, it was
generally NOT reported today that the candidate for
president in the most recent election (who received
more votes than his opponent and according to polls
is the leading contender to challenge the president
at the next election) gave a speech sharply critical
of the current government's policies. He blasted the
administration for its failed energy policies and
for undermining a generation of laws guaranteeing
citizens an open and transparent government. But
none of this was in your newspaper or on your
television news, was it?

target="_blank">The Bush Administration Lied About
Spencer Abraham's Contacts with Energy Executives

"As he helped the Bush administration write
its national energy report last year, Energy
Secretary Spencer Abraham heard from more than 100
energy industry executives, trade association
leaders and lobbyists, according to documents
released by the Energy Department. Mr. Abraham did
not meet with any representatives of environmental
organizations or consumer groups, the documents
show. In a press release on Monday night, the Energy
Department summarized the secretary's calendar by
saying that Mr. Abraham met with 36 industry
representatives on task force matters. Most news
organizations reported that figure today. But Mr.
Abraham actually met with 109 representatives of
energy industry companies and trade associations...
18 [of which] contributed a total of $16.6 million
to the Republican Party since 1999, nearly three
times what they gave to the Democratic Party."
So reports the NY Times. We demand ALL of Cheney's
Secret Energy Task Force documents!

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