Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Caniac the Magnificent

This came in over at Questions for Christians:
You liberals are always looking for the knee-jerk response. In the mid 70's, you all thought the next ice age was coming due to aerosol emissions. Global warming just 30 years later? 19,000 international and relevantly experienced scientists have signed a petition calling the whole global warming issue "poppycock".

A couple of degrees up or down over 5,000 years really doesn't concern those of us who can think. Liberals "feel", they don't think. You all immediately have to respond to things. You blame humans for their impending doom. Did the brontosaurs cause their own extinction by driving SUVs? Was it the Raptors rampant gun use? Triceratops urban sprawl? If only they were all vegans...
Oh, I just love these guys. He did everything but call the dinosaurs "Jesus Horses" (thank you Jimmy Fallon). But I ignored the obvious problem this guy has with the fossil record and went after him on the more obvious stuff.
Hey, Caniac, can you back this up:
"19,000 international and relevantly experienced scientists have signed a petition calling the whole global warming issue ‘poppycock’."
Please tell me who that was. Provide a link to the petition. Show me the signatures. Otherwise, get lost. I was a grade schooler in the 70’s. And 100% of the non-oil-company-funded scientists (that means peer-reviewed science, not the kind George Bush preaches) agree that we are heating the planet, melting the ice, changing the climate, and raising sea level.

Oh, and remember, a few degrees up or down, a few feet up or down (ocean level) doesn’t really matter much to the molton-core ball of rock with a thin shell of delicately balanced air and water that 6 billion of us live on.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Stolen Votes and Union Republicans

Another Tirade on Health Care in My Union Newsgroup

While we watch out health care get whittled away, while more soldiers
die in a war based on lies, and while corporate cronies get rich while
robbing the middle class, the vote stealing continues, and lying scumbag
republicans like TJ keep promoting the thieves and liars because of
bullshit issues like gay marriage.

All you guys want your health care and dental? Stop voting for these
fucks. Vote for universal health care and we won't have to worry about
who we put on the trust or whether stagehands make good negotiators.

In the mean time, the votes keep getting stolen by the Karl Rove crowd
while people like Brother Mike C**** keep swift boating anyone who gets
in the way of Republican domination of the electoral process and the US

Wake up.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Reply to a Lament on My Union's Health Care

Unions all over this country are in the same shape. Health care is the issue. Bill Clinton knew it, and his wife had a plan that would have cost 7% of GDP, as TJ recently pointed out. Now we are paying almost 20% of GDP in health care. Trillions every year. For profit health companies like those owned by Bill Frist give 90% of their political contributions to Republicans, as do pharmaceutical companies. Their reward? A 600 Billion Dollar Medicare bill that prohibits us from negotiating for lower prices for drugs.

Howard Dean, who everyone here likes to ridicule because they can't talk issues, had a good plan that would have helped all the working people in this country get health care. You pay into Medicare, you get covered by it. The administrative costs of medicare are very low, about three percent, compared to the costs of for-profit private plans, where administrative costs run about 30% with a big chunk of that going into the CEO's pocket.

Contrary to popular Republican belief, malpractice insurance premiums are a VERY small chunk compared to that healthy bite taken so someone's daughter can drive a Mercedes at Harvard. The profits are obscene, like those earned by Senator Dr. Frist's company. (BTW, Dr. Frist believes AIDS can be spread through tears and sweat)

In a time of cuts from greedy corporations like the forum management, I doubt very much we're going to get the kind of contracts we need to cover it all.

It is time that Americans voted for health care for all.

Now, that ain't a debate about Nero's bar tab. That's a bucket brigade, and it needs to pour votes on the fire these corporate plutocrats are holding to our feet. It's the only way to beat the Diebold factor.