Friday, June 16, 2006

Stolen Votes and Union Republicans

Another Tirade on Health Care in My Union Newsgroup

While we watch out health care get whittled away, while more soldiers
die in a war based on lies, and while corporate cronies get rich while
robbing the middle class, the vote stealing continues, and lying scumbag
republicans like TJ keep promoting the thieves and liars because of
bullshit issues like gay marriage.

All you guys want your health care and dental? Stop voting for these
fucks. Vote for universal health care and we won't have to worry about
who we put on the trust or whether stagehands make good negotiators.

In the mean time, the votes keep getting stolen by the Karl Rove crowd
while people like Brother Mike C**** keep swift boating anyone who gets
in the way of Republican domination of the electoral process and the US

Wake up.

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