Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Caniac the Magnificent

This came in over at Questions for Christians:
You liberals are always looking for the knee-jerk response. In the mid 70's, you all thought the next ice age was coming due to aerosol emissions. Global warming just 30 years later? 19,000 international and relevantly experienced scientists have signed a petition calling the whole global warming issue "poppycock".

A couple of degrees up or down over 5,000 years really doesn't concern those of us who can think. Liberals "feel", they don't think. You all immediately have to respond to things. You blame humans for their impending doom. Did the brontosaurs cause their own extinction by driving SUVs? Was it the Raptors rampant gun use? Triceratops urban sprawl? If only they were all vegans...
Oh, I just love these guys. He did everything but call the dinosaurs "Jesus Horses" (thank you Jimmy Fallon). But I ignored the obvious problem this guy has with the fossil record and went after him on the more obvious stuff.
Hey, Caniac, can you back this up:
"19,000 international and relevantly experienced scientists have signed a petition calling the whole global warming issue ‘poppycock’."
Please tell me who that was. Provide a link to the petition. Show me the signatures. Otherwise, get lost. I was a grade schooler in the 70’s. And 100% of the non-oil-company-funded scientists (that means peer-reviewed science, not the kind George Bush preaches) agree that we are heating the planet, melting the ice, changing the climate, and raising sea level.

Oh, and remember, a few degrees up or down, a few feet up or down (ocean level) doesn’t really matter much to the molton-core ball of rock with a thin shell of delicately balanced air and water that 6 billion of us live on.


Reverend Chuck... said...

stay fired up man, I was in gradeschool in the 50's.
Not enough attention is given to global dimming. some studies were done when there were no contrail induced clouds over the US for a number of days following 9/11. Interesting studies..especially when combined with the global warming phenomena
Mayan calendar ends in 2012.
We got a lot'a work to do my friend, while getting ready for the comet.

EmpiresFall said...

Reverend Chuck: The fact that the mayan calendar happens to come to an end in 2012 doesn't mean diddly squat. The Mayans didn't have any special knowledge; after all, their own civilization ended centuries ago.

You're right that global dimming is interesting, but the scary thing about it is the fact that it may be the only thing that's shielding us from warming.

Elvez73 said...

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