Thursday, March 22, 2007

Got kicked out of my union newsgroup again

Yeah, the wing-nut NRA (national redneck association) owner of my union's unofficial newsgroup finally kicked me out of the group again. Said he couldn't stand my venomous hate anymore. Funny. This from a guy who voted for a mass murder. You can figure out what he said from my reply:
What's the matter, man? Blocked my email? Just ignoring me? Maybe you didn't get this latest mail. Maybe you're just embarrased for being a Republican. Maybe all your NRA lies about liberals wanting to take your guns just aren't working anymore.

Well, for the record, gun boy, I believe in the second amendment. Guess your socialist theory on me is going down the tubes. I believe in the whole second amendment. I believe you can be part of the well regulated militia. Guns should be treated like cars (deadly high-speed metal): prove you can use one safely, and you can own one. That's a well regulated militia.

I'm also for removing subsidies to big business. Did you know that corporate welfare in this country is 10 times what we spend on people welfare. So, you see, the welfare queens are in the boardrooms, not the ghetto.

Whose freedom of speech have liberals squashed? HUH? It's your dear leader who is trying to do that. From investigating anti-war groups, having his Republican buddy jail protesters during the GOP convention, to outing an undercover CIA agent when her husband spoke the truth to power.

You called me a commie. Like most conservatives, you totally avoided the points in the first email. And like most conservatives, you would rather ban what you don't want to hear than debate it.

So, you can call me a communist, a socialist, etc. (those are names you're calling me, right?) But I can't call you a fascist. You, the Bush supporter. Do you have any idea what has been going on in this government? Did you know that Bush can call you an enemy combatant, throw you in prison, and not allow you to go before a judge and plead innocent? Are you watching the DoJ fiasco, and listening to what the Bushies are saying about the executive branch not having to answer to anyone.


So, if you support Bush, you support the fascist remaking of our democracy.


Now, you say I don't know anything about you. That's crap. I know plenty. I know you support president Bush. I know you called me a commie. That's all I need to know to respond in kind.

My venomous hate? Did you read the letter from the father of the dead soldier? HUH? Do you read? You support the most hateful murderous president in the history of the US, and you say I'm hateful? HOW DARE YOU!

You supported lies to get us into a war. How much worse can you get than that? Oh, wait, I know...


That woman, Raich, will die without marijuana. Marijuana is literally keeping her alive. That's not some pot dealer's opinion. It's her doctors' opinions, and she's had many. The court didn't even try to deny that she would die without it. They simply said, too bad, you can't have it. DIE IN PAIN.

Now who's hateful and venomous here, Ray? Me, or YOU who voted for the people who are pushing this hateful agenda?

What you have a problem with is the forceful way I defend myself and my point of view. You're used to liberals who just roll over and take it from bullies like you, who quietly go about your fascist reconstruction of America.

In short, you're a chicken. Rather than argue the point, you squash my right to free speech, and then come up with some crap about how liberals do that. How about some examples, HUH? When have I ever done that? IN fact, if you go back through the records, you'll find that I argued for not kicking out people with whom I disagreed.

So, yeah, you, like most conservatives, just lie about facts to make your case.

Too bad you won't do that in the open, where I can call you on it in front of your union (read socialist organization) brothers. We could delve into my "socialist ideology." Like, where in the email you responded to, did you see anything socialist. It was merely pointing out the many inconsistencies in Republican ideology.

I think government, even when being run by Democrats, should be open. We should know what our leaders are doing. We should never rely on "trust" when it comes to government. We should be informed, so we, as citizens of a democracy, can make the right decisions about who should be in charge.

We should have the right to join unions. Is that socialist? We should take care of our troops when the come home, especially when they're wounded. We shouldn't lie our way into wars. We should have kicked serious ass in Afghanistan. We should have gone into Tora Bora and gotten Bin Laden ourselves, instead of relying on bribed war lords to do it.

We should balance the budget.

How is that socialist? It's not. Which makes you a liar.

I don't have an ideology. I have a philosophy. I am open to facts and changing events to shape my policies.

And I believe that we should hear what everyone has to say, no matter how they say it. Censorship is wrong. I wasn't yelling fire in a theater. I wasn't advocating the killing of anyone (which your side often does). And I sure as hell wasn't being abusive. You threw out a commie joke, I threw out a fascist joke. Too bad you still don't get it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Manichaen Paranoia

I love it when I have to go to Wikipedia to figure something out. While I was familiar with the dualistic Persian religion Zoroastrianism, I'd never heard of Manichaeaism, which strongly divided the world into the good (light) and bad (dark). So, when I heard Zbigniew Brzezinski say "Manichaen Paranoia" in a March 14, 2007 interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, I headed to wikipedia to find out what it was.

There was no entry for Manichaen Paranoia on March 15. There is now. In fact, I just went in and added another reference I found, an essay by William F. May: Manichaeism in American Politics, Christianity and Crisis, May 2, 1966. Hopefully this will save the page from deletion, because The One True and Good God (who tortures and kills all who are evil) knows that there is nothing paranoid about the All-Mighty GW Bush or his Wikipedia editors.

Note that the essay by May was published in 1966. Even back then, when I was two years old, wise men had noted that the radical right wing in this country had become Manichaen Paranoids.
In the Church this Manichaeism often expresses itself in the somewhat self-pitying struggle of "good church people" arrayed against the politicians. In the political Right Wing it generates—and anoints—a whole series of readiness committees, Minutemen and freedom evangelists pitted against the Communists, fellow-travelers and dupes in American education, press, church and government.
Yeah, that sounds familiar.

Odd that men such as Cheney and Bush have bought into this paranoia to the point that they have actually taken up the Nixonesque position that if the President does it, it's not illegal. Except these guys, in their sickening self-conviction that they are the doers of Good, have taken it so much further, to: If the US does it, it is not evil. Now, I ask you, how fucked up is that?