Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Would You Like Crabcakes With Your Humble Pie?

Things have gotten so bad for us that we've stopped paying all but the bare essentials because we just can't afford it. Actually, we can't afford the bare essentials either, but that's all we can borrow to pay for. So, we don't have TV now.

No beer and no TV make Homer something something...

But back in our pre-Tivo days, Robin recorded our favorite shows for me when I was at work, and we kept all those tapes--moved across country with many boxes of VHS tapes that Robin assured me we'd be happy to have.

Once again, she was right.

Last night we stumbled across the West Wing Episode, The Midterms, from 2000, which contains this fairly famous clip:

What we hadn't noticed before, because we didn't know it, was that the Bible also says not to eat shell fish, and the delicious food they were serving at this talk radio reception was Alaskan Crab Cakes.

Nice the way they slipped that in without hitting you upside the head with it.