Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bush challenges hundreds of laws - The Boston Globe

"He agrees to a compromise with members of Congress, and all of them are there for a public bill-signing ceremony, but then he takes back those compromises -- and more often than not, without the Congress or the press or the public knowing what has happened."--Christopher Kelley
Like a little boy promising his mother something while his fingers are crossed behind his back, GW Bush is committing treason by ignoring the laws of the land, which he has actually signed into law, by attaching "signing statements" that essentially mean he's taking it back. This isn't a veto. Congress can't over-ride a signing statement. The bill becomes law when he signs it, and if he breaks it, he should be prosecuted. As this story in the Boston Globe points out, he has broken several of them. When will he have to pay?

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