Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Favorite Un-evolved Life Form is Staying Out in the Light!

More fun with the un-educated....
You are so full of shit I have no idea where to begin.

The Republican congress in 1994 passed Bill Clinton's tax package. It included tax cuts for middle class people and a slight raise on taxes on rich people. You really should shop for facts somewhere besides Fox News....

I heard on the radio this morning that we are now spending 17% of GDP on health. I'll take the Devil's deal. Devil in a dress. HA. And people say we Bush haters let our hate get in the way of reason. Un fucking believeable. If you were any more fucked up, TJ, we could call the guys in white coats.

As for socialized medicine, well, that which you do to the least among us....

Wait, Bush said the recession was 9-11's fault. Which is it? And why would Gore raise taxes when we had record surpluses? Gore never mentioned raising taxes once. And he never could have with Rethugs in control of the house. You can try to re-write history all you want, but facts are facts. Bush is a disaster. Working people's wages have fallen steadily, Clinton created more jobs in his best month than Bush created in his whole 5 years, oh, and Bush's jobs are those really high paying ones, like Butlers and diamond-tipped cane polishers. The rich are getting richer, there are millions more poor people (where's your Jesus there, huh?), millions more without health care, and CEOs salaries are now 1000 times that of the average worker (it was only 300 times under Clinton). Not only have wages fallen, but now, thanks to making his oil company buddies richer, our purchasing power and disposable income are dropping too. Plus, the only thing driving the Bush economy has been people borrowing on their equity. Just wait till that chicken comes home to roost....

Kennedy cut taxes on upper incomes because when he took office they were really high because we had been paying off WWII, the cold war, and Korea. You know, novel idea, pay for the wars you fight, instead of borrowing the money from the Saudis and Chinese and making your grandkids pay it back, plus interest.

You're a liar on stem cells, too. The reason you can spew the crap you do about umbilical cords and adult cells is because you and your beloved great leader have suppressed research on Embryonic cells, which are taken from a glob of cells, not a child. Nobody gets killed because an embryo is not a person. In fact, under your glorious leader's rules, the embryos can go in the trash, but not into research. What a joke. THERE IS NO blood of life there, bible boy. You need to stop getting your science from your church. They have an obvious bias. As for the debate between Adult vs. Embryonic, well, you're wrong again (I'm sensing a pattern here).
"But the biggest difference in potential between adult and embryonic stem cells comes down to their developmental capacity -- their ability to give rise to other, more mature types of cells.The most flexible type of stem cells are those that are totipotent, which are considered the "master" cells of the body because they contain the genetic information necessary to create all the cells in the body. The fertilized egg is an example of a totipotent cell.Pluripotent stem cells, which come from embryos and fetal tissue, have the potential to develop into all of the more than 200 different known cell types in the adult body -- except the placenta."
The real hope in adult stem cells is in bone marrow, not umbilical cords. And since there has been so little research on embryonic cells (thanks to you Jesus freaks forcing your backwater views on the rest of us), you really can't say adult cells are better. What we know so far is that the developmental capacity of embryonic cells is better than adult cells.

But hey, what do you care, Jesus is coming back soon, right? Why don't you wait for him under your rock. All those un-evolved life forms under there are lonely without you.
Gee, this is so much fun! Fucking moron.

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