Friday, May 12, 2006

Jesus Freak in my Union Group crawls out from under his rock again

Seems when thing are going really bad for Republicans is when the GW loving Jesus freak in my union group decides he's going to spew out some good ol' Republican hate. I just love shooting him down.
Funny how you just ignore all the valid points I've made to you over the years. Seems when you can't argue you just run and hide like all the little Bush lovers now. But you just have to poke that vapid little head of yours up everynow and then.

Do you or your draconian sheriff have any proof that a democratic lecture series is why they're in jail, or is this just a stupid joke? Real funny. Suggesting that Democrats actually encourage criminals. Real nice. That's all you got? Some bullshit lie by some bullshit sadist? Has the spokesman for the Republican crime machine actually come to this? How about we send Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, Tom DeLay, and all the other Republican crooks to Joe's jail? I'd love to see Duke Cunningham survive that. He could give a LIVE lecture series on how to take bribes.

Let's ask the sheriff what he thinks about unions, eh? Or maybe we should just do away with social security, Medicaid, workers comp, and all the other programs brought to you by Democrats, eh God Boy? Let's just let your hero GW Bush and his rich oil company buddies turn this country into a plutocracy (oh, wait, too late) where we all fend for ourselves. Then they'll be plenty of people for Joe's Jail, huh?

Maybe the prisoners would like to hear what Barack Obama said about Iraq yesterday.

Wonder what Jesus would have to say about Joe's little tent city?

I know, Jesus freak, why don't you read some of these stories about good Christian Joe Arpaio:

I especially enjoy the ones where guys who did not kill anyone DIED because of this man's serious abuses of power. Who would Jesus Kill? Or, how about the ones where Joe cost his constituents millions because he lost law suits for cruel and unusual punishment? Yeah, really saving them money there, huh?

But you don't give a shit, do you, oh kind, loving, cheek turning Christian? You don't give a shit about anyone but you and yours. "I got mine. Fuck you." Right? The Local 33 Republican motto?

We all know, TRASHYNOVA (at that once-great-country-on-line ISP), that you don't give a shit about the US Constitution. Like Bush said, it's just a piece of paper. Why not just wipe your ass with it?

Hell, let's just go back to monarchy. Then GW could send me and anyone else with the balls to speak truth to Joe's jail. I'm sure that would make you and your Christian friends real happy. Why not just kill everyone who doesn't agree with you? Eh?

Don't worry. I don't expect you to answer a single one of my points. You never do.
Can't wait to see his answer.

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