Friday, October 13, 2006

Honor Crude and Cruel Persons

A friend recently posted a short bit on Christians and forgiveness: "Is it possible to honor crude and cruel persons who destroy life and love?"

My answer?
100's of thousands of dead Iraqis. Over 2700 dead American soldiers. Civil war. Torture. Rape. Mutilation. Thousands of times more than was being committed by Saddam. Unstable middle east. Nuclear proliferation. Pakistan making friends with Al Qaeda types. Taliban coming back. North Korea. Iran. Broken military. Rich getting richer. More poverty. Less health care. War on the middle class. All because working people thought gay marriage and abortion were a bigger threat than anything else.

Good thing I'm not a Christian because I hate GW Bush more than any of you Republicans ever hated Bill Clinton. I will never forgive him. I will never forgive those of you who called me a traitor because I tried to tell you what an evil man he and his cronies are. I will never forgive anyone who voted for this regime, which has hurt America more than any administration in history. I will never forgive the ignoring of threats, the lies, the cherry picking, the strategic leaks, the denials, or the signing statements. I will never forgive any authoritarian government that forces the views of some on the rest.

Even long prison sentences for these criminals will not be enough.

Now all of you who are angry, get out there and vote. The rest of you, well, let's hope your God has mercy on your souls, and that your children are rich enough to afford to pay of the deficit.

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