Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christian Questions for Christians Answer Christian Questions

The End of Caniac?
"You have certainly shown yourself to be an ignorant and angry man with whom an intelligent conversation is impossible."
I can only hope. But there's no way I'm going to let a wing nut get the last word...
Well, I'll be glad to see you go. Throughout your ignorant tirades, you have ignored my questions and provided lies as proof for yours. You ask ignorant crap like "how is the Iraq war a corruption of Christianity?" And, apparently, you're actually serious. Just once I'd like for jerks like you to quote where Jesus said killing people is good. But, forget Jesus for a while. I can ethically argue that sometimes war is neccessary, and even good, like when we stopped the Nazis. But you have made no such argument for why the Iraq war is good. You are blindly following your lying jerk of a President, who has called me a terrorist, while you support the killilng of innocent civilians. You and your chimpanzee leader have lied at every turn. Your attempt to equate Islamist extremists with Nazis is a sad joke. You just can't face the fact that you and your glorious leader have been wrong about EVERYTHING. So, suck it up and get lost. This country is finally on a path back to REASON and SCIENCE, and your pitiful attempts to debunk global warming with EXXON funded bullshit has been exposed for the dangerous, murderous lie it is. From the environment, to the war, to Katrina, to the deficit, to the attack on science, your glorious president has made this world a more dangerous place. Millions will die as a result. You should be ashamed of yourself. And to have the balls to call me ignorant after the display you've provided on these pages is the height of Hubris. Why don't you go see what your Bible says about that...

Frankly, if someone who pays attention to the evils you and your ilk have perpetuated isn't as angry as I am, there's something seriously wrong with them. So long, and thanks for all the death, destruction, and deficits. We'll clean up your mess, but you're not allowed to play here anymore.
Of course, there's no way he'll let that go, so I hope he comes back for one last diatribe that I can mark as spam, so he can no longer speak for Christians over at my wife's Questions for Christians blog.

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