Thursday, December 14, 2006

Caniac the Miserable

The wing nut over at Questions for Christians wrote back, of course, because the fighting keyboardists don't have lives or kids in Iraq. And, as I promised, he has now been banned from the blog my wife started to honestly ask questions of Christians. When Caniac actually asked how the Iraq war conflicted with Christianity, I just had to let 'em go. But, he wrote back with a rude, hate-filled tirade for me that's just not worth posting (after saying he had no ill will, HA!). So, I got the last word. Am I too harsh? No. I don't support a war of lies, torture, creating more extremists, destroying diplomacy, deficits, supression of science, and environmental catastrophe. Am I too nasty and angry? Uh, well, just look at the state of the world this guy and his glorious leader have brought us? We should all be EXTREMELY ANGRY. These people have done more damage to the world in 6 years than anyone could have dreamed. This great country I love is being ruined by these red-neck mother fuckers, and I will never calm down to talk to their ilk. They should be in prison, and I'm going to severely pissed until that day arrives. So, here's the two barrels I gave him:
I knew you wouldn't be able to shut the fuck up, just like most Republicans.

80% of Americans disapprove of your glorious leader's handling of the war. I will no longer listen to the nonsensical ravings of your lunatic mind that says killing innocent people is OK with Jesus. After 911, the whole world was with us. Even Iranians were marching in the streets against extremist. Now the whole world hates us, and there is even more extremism. All because of George W. Bush. All because of idiots like you.

Crybaby? I have been physically assaulted by pricks like you because of my bumper stickers (so much for free speech), and I have seriously kicked the ass of every prick who ever did that to me. The last guy sucker punched me in the face through my car window and I got out and kicked him in the balls so hard, he was still on the ground crying when I drove away. I'm sure you would be no different. Without your guns or your keyboards to hide behind, you are sad little shits who never worked hard for anything in your miserable life. I have busted my ass at hard labor for 20 years, and I don't need some sad little shit like you to tell me what's real and what's not. You are a chicken shit little puke who couldn't fight in the war you support, so you join the fightin' keyboardists with the rest of your chicken hawk friends. Now piss off, fuck head. I could care less what you think about me. You started a war on lies, from a President who wasn't even elected, controlling a theocratic government that dismisses science and shoves a backwards religious view down the throats of those the constitution says have a right to be free of that.

When a democrat wins in 08, and the new democrat congress has passed a higher minimum wage, ethics reform, lower student loan rates, medicare reform, and your idiot president has vetoed all those things a majority of Americans want, then the only thing I will have to whine about is the fact that people like you aren't in prison for your treasonous crimes, and the enormous tax you've left to my children because of your massive deficits.

Your idiotic ravings have been marked as spam and you are no longer able to post at Questions for Christians. Any email you send back to me will be marked as spam and go unread, so don't bother. I control this site, and you are no longer welcome. I get the last word. You and your red-neck buddies down in North Carolina can all go fuck each other's pretty mouths while you rant and rave about the homosexual agenda, you fucking deliverance hypocrites. I hope you get cancer and are denied marijuana as medicine, I hope you suffer in your final days without the option of euthanasia, and I hope it all happens after you're forced to patrol the streets of Baghdad in shitty body armor.

So long, prick. You will not be missed.
If anything, I was too easy on the miserable excuse for a living being.

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americanreply said...

Your answer to the 'Wing Nut' is 'HILARIOUS', and although it was warranted, I myself, didn't know how brainwashed we ALL are, until I went online to read the truth about our own 'American History'.

After battling non stop corruption in the courts, and treason by this Florida government, I was also shocked to read what our Media never, and still isn't reporting.

Keep on the democrats too, because America's property was quietly sold off, and much more is being sold without any interference, as our so-called free press, who should also be tried for treason, is still keeping this hidden.