Sunday, December 24, 2006

Republican War

DarkSyde wants to remind everyone that this is a Republican War:
"this is a Republican War started by a Republican President managed by a Republican Cabinet enabled by a Rubber-stamp Republican Congress and cheered on by Republican media operatives."
Cheered on by a lot of Democrats too. Like Hillary. And John Kerry. I mean, while we're working for public opinion, why not gain a little by admitting that certain members of our own party cheered this Treasonous administration on, like a bunch of political gamblers cheering on a cock fight, wherein they thought that out of the post-9-11 nationalist fervor, they could win the kind of political points afforded to those who sell out to the center.

Of course, Pro-war Democrats were just icing for Karl Rove's plan to politicize the war. Of course some Democrats would go for the head fake. Others did everything they could short of blocking the shot (thank you, Russ Feingold).

The rest of us need to point out that the Democrat/Republican difference is less important that the war/anti-war difference. Only ONE side of the latter was right. That makes for some very wrong Democrats (I'm looking at you, Joe Lieberman). Now I want to hear them admit they were wrong, otherwise, they're not much better than this narcissistic President on this issue.

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Zihuatanejo said...

Lieberman is a favorite Down in New Orleans right now:

Can you stir this up for us:

Lieberman Gives Bush White House A Pass On Katrina.