Saturday, December 30, 2006

Robert Scheer: Silencing Saddam

Robert Scheer knows what's up with Silencing Saddam, at The Huffington Post:
"The irony here is that the crimes for which Saddam Hussein was convicted occurred before the United States, in the form of Donald Rumsfeld, embraced him. Those crimes were well known to have occurred 15 months before Rumsfeld visited Iraq to usher in an alliance between the United States and Saddam to defeat Iran."
This is a basic mafia hit. In an international trial, with real witnesses to ALL of Saddam's crimes, we would have found out where the goodies came from that Saddam used to kill his own people. We would have found out about all the help Ronnie Raygun and Bush's dad gave this third rate dictator who was more of a threat to the Republican party and the Bush family than he was to the Americans who'll be paying for this war for years to come.

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Scrubs and Shines said...

I very much like your blog and have linked yours to mine" Apple Bee and Commentary" I posted your one blog regarding Saddam and Rumsfeld. I will remove this post if you have objections to me publishing it on mine. thanks Doug