Saturday, January 06, 2007

White House argues its visitors log is off-limits to public

That's odd. I was under the impression that we, the taxpayers, own the White House. Bush doesn't even pay rent. But this isn't the usual landlord/tennant relationship. Bush isn't just our tennant. He's our employee. The Business side of the White House is not the residence. As Bush's employer, I want to know who's been visiting during office hours. So, when I heard that in yet another step towards unitary executive authority, that the White House is arguing that its visitors log is off-limits to public, I thought, well, that's gotta be the last straw. Coupled with the recent announcement that the executive branch can read any American's mail without a warrant, I figure even the die-hard anti-impeachment lefties must be caving in now.

And I was right. Thereisnospoon, one my favorite bloggers at the Daily KOS, has finally come over to the pro-impeachment camp:
The fact is that George Bush's continued insistence on using contra-legal signing statements to justify increasingly outrageous activities has left Americans with any shred of respect for the law with their backs against the wall.
Torture, wiretaps, mail reading, and hundreds of other laws have been shredded by the Bush egomania machine. Each one is a big fuck you to the legislative branch, as if laws of the land do not apply to the office of the President.

But I think it's more than that. After a life of having everything handed to him, GW Bush is convinced that he can do whatever he wants. And considering that many legal experts contend that a President can pardon himself, perhaps he is right. George can do whatever he wants and get away with it, because, when the shit hits the fan, the most that can happen is impeachment. In the midst of the investigations into the charges of impeachment, Bush could just pardon himself, or pardon Cheney and resign, and then Cheney pardons him. Either way, the worst that happens to the spoiled little brat is that he has to leave the Presidency a little early. Big deal. He's done what he went in to do anyway.

The rest of us will pay for years.

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