Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scant evidence found of Iran-Iraq arms link

Hey, whaddya know? The Bush Junta is lying again! I wonder if Curious George will accuse Iran of supplying weapons to the Iraqi insurgents tonight in his catatonic state of the union address? Yep, the LA Times is reporting that scant evidence has been found of an Iran-Iraq arms link. I'm shocked. Shocked that there are no weapons there.

Really, folks. Are we sensing a theme here? These guys make the Gulf of Tonkin look like the greatest ruse of all time.
For all the aggressive rhetoric, however, the Bush administration has provided scant evidence to support these claims. Nor have reporters traveling with U.S. troops seen extensive signs of Iranian involvement. During a recent sweep through a stronghold of Sunni insurgents here, a single Iranian machine gun turned up among dozens of arms caches U.S. troops uncovered. British officials have similarly accused Iran of meddling in Iraqi affairs, but say they have not found Iranian-made weapons in areas they patrol.

The lack of publicly disclosed evidence has led to questions about whether the administration is overstating its case. Some suggest Bush and his aides are pointing to Iran to deflect blame for U.S. setbacks in Iraq. Others suggest they are laying the foundation for a military strike against Iran.
Of course, they could be doing both. You don't have to be a genius to think that in one of the many meetings the administration has had on how to do the politics of attacking Iran, Cheney has shot something like this into the faces of his fellow hawks:
Quack. We can blame the insurgency, quack, on the Iranians. Quack. That'll cover our asses on why we're losing in Iraq, and we can say attacking, quack, Iran will help us win in Iraq. Quack.
Of course, since it's not being reported on FAUX Nothing (it sure ain't news, as Olberman pointed out yesterday), the shit-for-brainers, like the fucking idiots in charge of my union news group, who think Obama is a muslim sleeper cell won't believe it.

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