Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blogswarm for Fair Use in Free Speech

The legal ramifications of this move by Disney to squelch fair use in free speech make this story noteworthy, but it also spotlights a dangerous disease rampaging through the right wing of this country, and that is hate speech which encourages violence as a way to settle disputes with liberals. Join the effort to cover this story so that ABC/Disney will be challenged for going after this blogger, Spocko, who is exercising his rights as a US citizen, but also to make sure that the hateful commentators are exposed for the disgusting, violence inciters that they are.

Of course, we can go after these assholes by targeting their advertisers, or by blog-swarming, or many other peaceful ways. I don't want to advocate violence against them. HOWEVER, I am for instant Karma, and I think if these bloodthirsty shits are so set in their ways that they want to call incitement to violence free speech, then I can take a few of their "conservative" points of view and beat them over their proverbial heads with them.

For example, they advocated blowing up all the mosques in Syria with cruise missiles while they're full of people praying. Of course they don't mention how they'll pay for it (cruise missiles costing millions each), but that goes without saying for wing-nuts. The instant Karma here would be for me to hope that some one blows up their church while they're praying in it. But I'm not going to hope that. I wouldn't want any innocent people to get hurt. What I do hope for, though, is for them to get stuck in Iraq with crappy body armor, in a shittily armored Hummer. Or, since they support everything the Bush administration does, I could just wish my old standard on them: I hope they get cancer, are refused marijuana to help with the pain, and just days before their cancerous organs explode, I hope they're denied the right to a dignified death and have to suffer through the cancer death, as Republicans have tried to force the people of Oregon to do, despite the fact that Oregon voters passed the death with dignity act.

Big difference between what they're doing and what I'm doing. In one case, these frumunder cheese eaters fantasized about putting NY Times editor Bill Keller in a malfunctioning electric chair. What has Bill Keller ever done to anyone? These people have supported a war that has cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. They support a president who says the law does not apply to him. They support policies of torture and murder. I do not. I only wish that these people get to experience a little of what they've wished on others. Maybe if they actually had to suffer a little in their delusional little lives, they'd think twice before wishing torture and murder on people.

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