Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bonehead Logic

I just love it when people serve me these slow pitch logic balls.
Ok Bonehead, lets get it right for a change, (1) I have never said who I voted for because it's none of your business. (2) Being a vet and having witnessed your boy Kerry during and since the Viet Nam War I couldn't bring myself to vote for him. (3) I did vote during the primary election (not for Kerry or The Bushwhacker or McCain I changed my registered party affiliation and voted for Alan Keys.
My reply:

Alan Keyes. The most whacky of the Rethuglicans. Thanks. I just want to get this straight. You voted for Alan Keyes, and I'm the bonehead? OK....

And one other thing I want to get straight with you. I just want to make sure I understand. You, a vet, wouldn't vote for a vet who was against a war based on lies, even if it meant the victory of a draft dodging daddy's boy who got in a Champaign guard unit to avoid Nam, and then couldn't even complete his duty to that? Just trying to make sure I got that straight. You support the draft dodger. The one who started another war based on lies. Just trying to follow your logic here....

But, hey, the point was that I don't hear anyone in here defending Bush's TWO TRILLION DOLLAR WAR. Not you or any other fucking Republican is explaining how it's fair that we cut taxes for the rich and make the working class people of this country pay off this debt for the next few centuries. My bumper sticker is right. Ken Lay got the surplus. Thanks to people like you.

What a much better place this would be if the Supreme Court had let the recount of Florida continue in 2000....

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