Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Questions for Christians

I posted some new questions for Christians, but everyone is invited to answer, be they Christian, Jew, or miscellaneous.

"Hindu. There are 700,000 million of us."--Apu Nahasapitapetalan, The Simpsons

The new questions are in the realm of separation of Church and State, and the possible overturn of the Establishment Clause, leading to the establishment of state religions.

"We the people of the great Mormon state of Utah."

Oh, wait. Bad example.

"We the people of the Baptist state of Alabama..."

I was thinking about this today, while the Bush administration was attacking the character of anyone who dared question their precious little war, because the only way I could see that anyone would want to keep fighting this war is to increase the Rapture Index. And, of course, while they're waiting for Armageddon, they want to force everyone to pray and worship like them, or at least belittle and abuse anyone who doesn't.

And if Alito gets confirmed, you can bet we'll be seeing the Methodist State of Texas real soon, because a majority of the court will, for the first time, think that the establishment clause applies only to the Federal government, not the states, thereby freeing state goverments to establish official religions if they want.

"Isn't that special?" -- Church Lady, SNL

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agora said...

There seems to be a group of vested interests who have been anointing themselves as "Christians", while perpetuating mass-environmental destruction (eco-cide); and social justice.

You know this group.. don't you? They have been vaunting their professed belief in the Bible, while ignoring their activities which constitute an immediate threat to human quality-of-survival on our planet.

Now consider this.. do you actually think that political leaders who actually and sincerely belived that G-d created the Universe, the Heavens, and the Earth with all life on our planet, would actually perpetuate such activities?

Creating a false impression of an affinity to G-d, has been the very basis of anointing the essentially "anti-Christ" like activities of environment-destroying capitalistocrats, who ignore messages of environmental stewardship, social justice, peace, and lovingkindness that trascends religious texts.

We are spiritually inspired by Nature as fellow environmentalists, who reject the prism of the worship of the "gods of capitalism".

The "Environmental Movement" MUST successfully expose this apparent fundamental hypocrisy against the 'Book of Genesis', that "Creationists" refer to, in a timely manner, among self-professed "Christian" political leaders. Otherwise, the failure to save our planet from these apparent Christians poseurs, will potentially be imminent, with catastophic outcomes... which are already precipitating, i.e. Global Warming.. ecocides.. etc.

We are a covergence of progressive muti-faith communities with environmental and social activists.

We would further appreciate if you could html link your internet site to ours, in order to help support our public awareness efforts.

Jesustians: The Tommy Movement on
Spirituality and Social Justice
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