Monday, November 06, 2006

VA-Sen: Voter suppression in Virginia

If conservatives have all the ideas, then why do they have to cheat? I can't wait to see some other Rethugs perp walked for these crimes. Of course, in the close races, some of these people would rather go to club fed than see the public vote for someone besides their guy. This is Bush Treason, Republican Treason, Karl Rove Treason: trying to force democracy on Iraq, while taking it away here.
Daily Kos: VA-Sen: Voter suppression in Virginia: "Widespread Calls, Allegedly from 'Webb Volunteers,' Telling Voters that their Polling Location has Changed.

A couple of examples:

a. Norman Cox has been registered to vote in the same location in Arlington since 1972. Someone from a 406 number (in Montana) called to tell him that his polling place has changed. [Note: The Webb Campaign is NOT making any such phone calls.] Cox said he believed that he was being mislead and the caller hung up.

b. Peter Baumann in Cape Charles, VA (North Hampton) got a similar call from a 'Webb volunteer' saying his polling location had changed. He said: No, I'm a poll worker and I know where I vote. The girl--who was calling from California--hung up."

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