Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bush Gets Stoned by the World Media (

I really don't give a shit if he smoked pot, or even if he did so much blow that it ate half his brain cells. What bothers me is that, just like with everything else, he lies about it, or keeps it secret. Or blames the system, the press, his opponent, etc. Republicans used to get my respect for taking the personal responsibility angle to its logical conclusion. Now they have this whiny little brat who won't take responsibility for anything, won't even admit mistakes, and the moral minority that idolizes this man just ignores any fact that doesn't fit their view of their hero. This is a Republican right that has not only thrown out responsibility, they've thrown out logic as well.

We live in dangerous times, and it seems the only way to break the Bush-stoned moderates out of the propaganda funk is to shoot the truth at them from of a cannon, like Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's ashes, where they can hang in the crisp morning air for all to see. I sure hope there are some journalists out there willing to push the limits of what their Republican conglomerate CEOs will accept as "news." Like George Bush doing illegal drugs and not doing the responsible thing, like saying, yeah, I did it, and it nearly ruined my life. The way he's handled it is even worse, because kids can say, look, he did it, now he won't tell the truth about it, and he became president!

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