Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Reply to a Leftist Ayn Randian

Wait. Is that an oxymoron? Here's my reply to my friend, Jeff:

I've read Shrugged and Fountain Head and I took a big grain of salt with both. Human nature will not allow the capitalist utopia Rand envisioned, because corruption and greed have fouled the free market. The game is rigged by the corporate powers, and cannot, therefore, be the kind of free market needed to make personal capability and responsibility the only deciding factors for success. The George Bush's and the Ken Lay's of the world, who Rand would vote and work for in today's world, are the ones who've made the vision impossible. And the socialist elements hated so much by Randians, like unions and social security, aren't the havens for the lazy trying to get a free ride. They are the corrections by a democratic society to the Corporate control which has turned out more like Rollerball or 1984 than anything Rand ever saw coming.

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