Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson Quotes Hunter Thompson Books Gonzo posters:

"The president cannot be a Fool. Not at this moment in time--when the last living vestiges of the American Dream are on the line. This is not the time to have a bogus rich kid in charge of the White House. Which is, after all, our house. That is our headquarters--it is where the heart of America lives. So if the president lies and act giddy about other people's lives--if he wantonly and stupidly endorses mass murder as a logical plan to make sure that we are still Number One--he is a Jackass by definition--a loud and meaningless animal with no fundamental intelligence and no balls."—Hunter S Thompson
I admired HST because he was a tough-guy neo-liberal. My theory is that Progressives don't win elections anymore because people think they're all pussies. Hunter proved that was a lie with every ounce of his being. He understood that the tough-guy counter-culture movement of the sixties, like Hell's Angels, was the antithesis of George W Bush, and yet the baby-boom Harley set voted overwhelmingly for this rich brat who had convinced them, through a massive Madison Avenue campaign of lies and distortions, that he, the draft-dodger chicken hawk, was the tough guy.

I hope that Thompson's suicide will wake up the tough-guy neo-liberals of this country, and prompt them to get in the faces of the lying hordes of right wing radio listeners who spread bullshit on behalf of the pampered little rich-boy draft dogers in the White House who never had to do a hard days work in their lives. As someone who's been fighting the battle for the entire GW Bush administration, I can say I'm tired. I can certainly understand the deep funk that no drug can help, that no tequilla worm can make you forget, that no amount of ether can stupify away. No doubt that there's a small party in the Oval Office today, where the neo-Nixonites are celebrating the death of an old enemy over their non-alcoholic beers, while they bury the story about Bush lying about smoking pot. Just the thought of Georgie Boy Bush dancing on Hunter's preverbial grave makes me angry enough to keep going. I just hope there are more like me out there to help.

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