Sunday, February 20, 2005

On Exposing the Agenda of the Right Wing Neanderthals

Wait, there's proof Neanderthals shared everything with their clan. Commie bastards. They should have gone back to Russia.

Second, connections to the underworld of corporate America abound in all three branches of Government. Hell, GW Bush actually did the very same thing that Martha Steward is in prison for, with Arbusto stock. Except, Martha did it for a lot less money, and her Daddy wasn't president with oil friends running the SEC when she did it.

You know about Cheney and Halliburton. Every regulator in the Bush administration is either a former CEO or lobbyist for the industry they're now regulating. It's the most crooked bunch of hooligans ever to run the White House, but people like [my idiot, anonymous, fascist, union brother] don't give a shit about that, because they think Saddam bombed the World Trade Center. They thought Bush was telling the truth when he said Saddam wouldn't let the inspectors in (they were already there). They thought Bush was telling the truth when he said the "vast majority" of his tax cuts went to the middle class.

They weren't paying attention to the fact that abortions have INCREASED under Bush. They weren't paying attention when oil and gas wells popped up all over BLM land in the west.

No, people like [my pseudoreligious union brother] and some other easily deceived people in this group, thought GW Bush was the second coming of the Lord himself, and if we could have changed the minds of 60,000 of them in Ohio, a man who defended his country, instead of snorting coke and dodging the draft, would be president right now. And I guaran-damn-tee you that he wouldn't be making National Guard troops cover their own health care after serving in Iraq, like Bush and Dick "I-had-other-priorities" Cheney are doing.

The true agenda? Please. Until we're back into back-alley, wire-hanger abortions (illegal, dangerous, and common), praying to Christ in classrooms, letting churches convert people for welfare money, increasing pollution and not making the polluters pay for it, bankrupting families and small farms, eliminating Social Security and the minimum wage and every union in the land, the Karl KK Roves of this country will not rest their fat fucking lily white asses.

And the union voters who buy into their robber baron bullshit should be ashamed of themselves, for their brothers' sake, and the sake of our children, who will be paying for these Neo Nazi Con misadventures for the rest of time.

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