Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Las Vegas SUN: Nevada Democrats decry Gibbons' remarks:

Seems Nevada Nazi Party Chairman and republican Congressman Jim Gibbon's wants to kill liberals.
"'too damn bad we didn't buy them a ticket' to become human shields in Iraq."
Apparently, he had a little tirade about tree-hugging (as opposed to tree-cutting) liberals (like all liberals are hippies). That's fine with me. Democrats are making a fuss, as they should, but I really love it when right wingers go off like this. Shows what hatefull fucks they are. And the more they do it, the more hateful I become toward them. Howard Dean is right. Republicans are evil. Just look at this guy, suggesting that anyone who disagrees with his Bush idolization and rotten little corporate empire expansion in Iraq should have been shipped out and blown up. Will Bush say this guy went to far? Of course not? Did they fire General Boykin? They need the hate. They love the hate. They get ignorant red-necks to vote for them because of the hate.

So, let's do some hating. Let's show Republicans what idiotic wimps they are when it comes to creative insults.

Jim Gibbons should be taken to Iraq and strapped to the undercarriage of an unarmored Humvee being driven by National Guard soldiers through IED alleys. Anyone who agrees with Jim Gibbons should be strapped down as Human Humvee Armor. Let's see how much they support the troops. Anyone who voted for Jim Gibbons can shell out the cash these National Guard troops need to keep their families out of bankruptcy, and to pay their, and their families', medical bills.

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