Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Nation | Column | The Bankruptcy Bill: A Tutorial in Greed | Robert Scheer

"'I can't listen to Christian lawyers,' said the senator, 'because I would be imposing the Bible on a diverse population.'"
This essay on the indentured servitude to credit card companies bill may damn well be the best thing Rober Scheer has ever written. He's really been on a roll lately. But this quote from Senator Gassly had me LMFO.

I call Rethuglicans hypocrites all the time, but to hear a rabid Christian right wing freak, who consistantly votes anti-choice and anti-civil rights on biblical grounds, say he doesn't want to impose the Bible on a diverse population is the biggest pile of steaming pig shit since, well, since Grassly and his robber baron cronies allowed factory farms to keep piling up.

No More Mr. Nice Blog has a great list of Grassly actions and quotes that are directly contradictory to his conveniently new-found fair mindedness.

One last note: Credit Card Company Profits have risen 163% over the past five years (Harvard University). Gee, Chuck, good thing you bailed these guys out. The whole financial system might have collapsed at that rate...

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