Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Jim Lampley Gets Down with the Odds that Karl Rove Rigged the 2004 Election

Jim Lampley, yes the sports reporter, is mad as hell and he's not going to take it any more. In his post yesterday in the Huffington Blog, Lampley lambastes the fourth estate for it's collective silence in the Rovian/Machiavellian rigging of election 2004.
We know that professionally conceived samples simply do not yield results which vary six, eight, ten points from eventual data returns, thaty's why there are identifiable margins for error. We know that margins for error are valid, and that results have fallen within the error range for every Presidential election for the past fifty years prior to last fall. NEVER have exit polls varied by beyond-error margins in a single state, not since 1948 when this kind of polling began. In this past election it happened in ten states, all of them swing states, all of them in Bush's favor. Coincidence? Of course not.
Hey, if it takes a sports reporter to show these chicken shit journalists what odds makers understood from the exit polls, then I say "FORE!" Keep swingin' Jim.

BTW: that's twice in the first three days of it's existence that I heard about a Huffington Post post from another news source outside the internet. Nice goin' Arianna.

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