Monday, May 09, 2005

George Bush's Family Friends and the Dirty Bomb Blackmail

The Huffington Post got off to a bang--excuse the pun--today with an exclusive story about The House of Saud's dangerous self destruction mechanisms designed to force the west to protect their fascist regime and the world's largest supply of oil.

In "EMBARGOED BOOK CLAIMS SAUDI OIL INFRASTRUCTURE RIGGED FOR CATASTROPHIC SELF-DESTRUCTION," Arianna Huffington's new blog/newszine starts off with an exclusive story with mammoth proportions for Bandar Bush and George W. Saud. Since the actual goal of the jihadists is not the overthrow of the US, but the overthrow of the heretic monarchies and secular leaning governments of the middle east, Saudi Arabia, or, more specifically, the Saudi Royal Family, is very nervous.

How nervous? Nervous enough to rig their entire oil infrastructure with various conventional and radiological "dirty" bombs, which, in the event of a jihadist uprising (ironically from the very wassabist cults funded by the Royal Oils) or attack from a neighboring Islamist state, Bandar Bush and his majesty's family could push the button making the world's largest oil supply off limits for thousands of years.

Maybe they'll go for it soon! We'd sure find alternatives to fossil fuels then! Conservation would stop being a personal virtue and would start being the rule. Even Dick Cheney would have to stop using petroleum enimas.

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