Wednesday, May 11, 2005

In my union newsgroup, my friend Jeff had this to say to this KOS post about recruitment problems:
Not surprising, really. We'll be recruiting 12-year-olds before you know it.

Per this NYT article, the only people who are voluntarily enlisting these days are one's who are at odds with society. Nice, eh? Nobody in their right mind; (and understandably) wants any part of Viet Nam: Act II. It is not a just war. That leaves the loonies. The "Kill 'em all" thugs; the psychos. Wow. This is bad.

I'm gonna miss a lot of things about this country. Too bad it's going down the shitter so fast.
To which I replied:
Well, what do you expect when blood thirsty idiots who lie and cheat take charge because idiot union voters buy their bomb-them-all bullshit?

Quick, one of you assholes down on your knees giving Bush a blowjob, tell me who attacked us on 9-11. Tell me where the Iraqi WMDs are? Tell me why Americans are dying in a country you think we should just turn to glass with nukes?

Yeah, I'm talking to the fascist pigs who refuse to defend the Bush administration any more, like the Jesus freaks who think God actually tells Bush to kill Muslims.

Yeah, I mean all you Bush voting union brothers who are too chicken shit to argue with me anymore, much less sign up for this glorious Holy war you love so much.
I just can't help it. I'm done with trying to get along with these people. No olive branches. We lose more voters by looking spineless than we do if we fire back at these people with better than what they give.

And the really sad part is that, in this country we just freed, our representatives in uniform are fast becoming the whackos. What a great impression these young nut cases must be making! I feel really sorry for the decent human beings in the military who will be screwed by these bad apples as they start to permeate the ranks.

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