Saturday, June 26, 2010

Set Yourself on Fire

David Weigel lost his job because he said Drudge should "handle his emotional problems more responsibly and set himself on fire." Wow. If right wingers lost their job because they advocated violence in private emails, none of them would have jobs. Shit, just look at the kind of stuff they say in public ("Nuke them all, let God sort it out" kind of sums it up).

My problem with Weigel is that he didn't go far enough. I think Drudge should light himself on fire while standing next to a kerosene soaked Dick Cheney, while both of them are in the Fox News control room, with tape running, so all the relatives of the people who died because of Dick Cheney can watch.

Then I hear this morning that Dick's in the hospital again, where apparently the molten mass of lead they call his heart is acting up again. Oh, the tirade I could go on about how dying of a heart attack is too fucking good for the likes of this monstrosity of  a human, but then I would sound like all the fuckers who have sent me hate mail over the years (inevitably involving decapitation and the shoving of something down the neck hole). While I love the Rude Pundit, I just can't generate enough trash talk to ever come close to what Deadeye Dick deserves. So I'll just wait to hear that his latest "heart" attack was painful, extremely so, and that will have to do.

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