Tuesday, June 22, 2010

George Bush's Giant Balls Have Damaged His Brain

If ever there was a man who should just shut the fuck up...

Here we have GW, in the kind of massive irony (that could only be topped if he was giving this speech in the Gulf of Mexico) that only he could muster, lecturing someone (albeit deservedly in this case) for wasting resources while millions of gallons of the precious crude is being wasted in the gulf because he and Dick Cheney didn't give a shit about regulation or oversight. Wonder how much all the oil is worth, Dumbya?

Here we have GW lecturing on wasting resources while the fish, shrimp, crabs and other valuable life in the Gulf are lost, perhaps forever, because of his administration's greed and blatant preference for oil companies over life, jobs, and nature.

Here we have a man whose whole raison de etre is the mindless destruction of America's bounty for the profit of a few, extremely wealthy plutocrats, and he has the balls to lecture some petty dictator over "wasting" resources. George Fucking W Bush wasted more resources to help Halliburton in one day than the Dear Leader could waste in a year.

I was glad to see that someone had the guts to point out that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were at the very least not exactly "Christian." I hesitate to think how many resources were wasted in Iraq over Bush's bullshit lies. We can't even accurately count how many people died...

George W Bush is the last man on earth who should be talking about wasting resources.

in reference to:

"But some local Christian organisations, including the Christian Alliance for Church Reform, criticised Bush's presence at a time when cross-border tensions are high."It is just nonsense to bring to the Korean War prayer meeting the former US President Bush, who started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have him give testimony," they said in a joint statement."
- AFP: Bush blasts N.Korea's Kim for wasting resources (view on Google Sidewiki)

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