Sunday, October 30, 2005

Expose the Obscenity

Iraq War CasualtyMaryScott, I have an idea for exposing the horrible result of our invasion of Iraq. I've been thinking about your recent diary about the obscenity of child casualties in Iraq.

I remember back before the election, someone here at the KOS encouraged Kossacks to go vote things up or down at Yahoo news. Using my Yahoo username(s), I often vote stories and photos up or down on the Yahoo Recommended Stories Page, which now has a Google PageRank of 8 (same as the KOS). This means that the Yahoo Recommended Stories page has a lot of incoming links, and, therefore, a lot of traffic. Because that page is reader generated, we can actually have an impact there.

For me, voting stories up or down at Yahoo has become a replacement (my family would say obsession), that replaced video games. I can't help it. I get so fucking angry about Bush that I have to do something to make people actually see the truth.

SHOW IT. Goddamn you sonofabitches, it will NEVER STOP until you start SHOWING IT. And yeah, maybe showing it won't make it stop... and then again, maybe it motherfucking WILL, you cowards.
I agree, MaryScott. That's why we should reward Yahoo for posting those pictures: click this heart-wrenching picture. Vote 5 on it (you'll need all your Yahoo usernames and passwords). I often manage to work pictures like this into the top twenty (it only takes ten votes to get listed), but they get pushed right off. People just don't like to be reminded of what these murderous thugs got us into over there. People don't want to face the fact that the neo-con cabal wants permanent war with Eurasia, er, the terrorists, and that the result of that war is thousands of casualties of the young, innocent type, like this young girl.

If the MSM won't help us, we'll have to do it ourselves. Yahoo news has a great section of Iraq pictures, constantly updated. You can rank the pictures, e-mail them (which also gets them ranked on the most e-mailed page), or, as I have done, print them, keep some in your car, and stick them on the windshields of Bush-Cheney stickered cars.

Careful on the last one. I've been assaulted. Of course, I live in a very Republican suburb of LA, and I drive around in this:

Please help. Yahoo News is a great resource that has lots of different news and wire services available, including the AFP. Even if you just spend a few minutes a day there, voting war pictures above anorexic models and panty shots of teenage tennis players, you'll be helping to keep this war in the minds of the people who go there to read news.

Demographics have shown that younger people tend to get their news from on-line sources and Jon Stewart. Yahoo is constantly listed as a high-ranking on-line source. The added advantage of this tactic is that we reach young people, the key demographic to future political success.

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