Thursday, October 27, 2005

Enough already with calling Iraq a mistake

The Iraq war was treason. Stop calling it a mistake. Meteor Blades of the Daily KOS hits the nail, not the thumb, with this one:
A mistake is when you hammer your thumb instead of the nail. A mistake is when you choose c) instead of d) on the SAT. A mistake is when you put too much garlic in the minestrone. Invading Iraq was no damned mistake. And calling it a mistake is more than a mere slip of the tongue. It sets a precedent. Pretty soon, everybody will be saying invading Iraq was a mistake. And in 20 years, your grandkids will be studying out of textbooks that call it a mistake.

Instead of calling it what it really was. Sedition.
Send this one to your lists. Tape it on cars with Bush stickers. Nail it to your Church door (even if you're not Lutheran). Staple it to your Bush voting neighbors head, er, door. Read it out loud at the City Council meeting. Slip it into Bush-loving books at your library. Send it in to your newspaper. Or, just send it out to your e-mail lists.

The Iraq war is Bush treason.

Iraq was not a threat. The Bush Administration systematically and premeditatively lied about that fact. That is fraud. That is treason. That is sedition.

But it's worse. The real threat is getting worse because of the Iraq war. There was a reason we left a strong-armed dictator in highly controlled "charge" of that country. It's a hellacious place to try to control.

And even the real threat we face, Al Qaeda, gets blown out of proportion. These third world thugs aren't a threat to our freedom. Your sons and daughters aren't over there protecting my rights. They're over there doing the bidding of some coalition of theocratic-petro-plutarchs. And they're creating more terrorists who are a threat to our lives, but not to our way of life. The only power on this planet capable of ruining our way of life now is the Republican party.

Through their court stuffing, Patriot Act, fear mongering power grabs, they are turing this great country into a police state run by theocratic rich people who are going to force us all to live the way they say is right. Remember that James Dobson, who has strong ties to Republican leaders, believes gays should be given the death penalty just because they're gay. But more practically, almost the entire Republican party believes that if you can't pay for your own health insurance, you and your family should just die.

How long before James Dobson thinks YOU should be killed? How long before he becomes President? How many lives from these Christo fascists will the voters believe? And even if we don't believe them, how many pre-programmed voting machines will we let them put in swing states? How long will we allow Bill Kristol and Fox News to say that people without health insurance are just lazy welfare queens who don't want to work for a living? Don't those of you who work, but still can't afford health care or a house or a car or even a pot to piss in, don't you get ANGRY about this? If not, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Bush and his neo-con cabal committed TREASON. Plain and simple. Where are the prosecutors? Perhaps more importantly, where are the Republicans willing to save their party from this treacherous path they're protecting? And perhaps most importantly, where is the leader of the opposition party?

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