Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When lyin asshowes pass email makes me look bigger idjut

She added: "I'm peeved,,, when people in this country is getting kicked out of there homes everyday and our government passes a bill to spend more then 20 billion dollars to bring Hamas here and supplies them with food and homes that just wrong."

It's pretty clear that Stone got these bogus ideas about H.R. 1388 from a chain email that has been thoroughly debunked by


Hey, when the hell have facts ever mattered to people like this? Or the people who started that email? They make shit up... it's what they do. Call them out on it! Stand up to these idiots, cuz, you know, people is getting kicked out of there homes and all. Not that GW had anything to do with that, its all Clinton's fault.

in reference to: Hutaree Member Angered By Fake Hamas Resettlement Bill | TPMMuckraker (view on Google Sidewiki)

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