Monday, October 01, 2007

This is How Bush "Supports" the Troops

Thousands of U.S. soldiers in Iraq — as many as 10 a day — are being discharged by the military for mental health reasons. But the Pentagon isn't blaming the war. It says the soldiers had "pre-existing" conditions that disqualify them for treatment by the government.
We spend a lot of money making sure that people with "personality disorders" can't enlist. Then they go to war. Now I know you Chicken Hawk bastards who want to fight wars on the cheap won't understand this, but war fucks these guys up. They get brain injuries. They get PTSD. But now the Pentagon, which knows damn well they did not have any problems when they enlisted, is saying they did. The Pentagon (read White House) knows damn well how expensive care is for these kinds of injuries, wants to spend all that money paying Blackwater mercenaries and Halliburton latrine contracts instead of actually supporting the troops.

Why am I not surprised? I'd sure like to hear some of you Bush lovers explain this one, because I just love hearing bullshit from you sick fucks.

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