Friday, March 15, 2013

The Iraq Boondoggle, Ten Years After

Photo by Faleh Kheiber/Reuters
Ten years is a long time, but apparently not long enough for some wingnuts to apologize for the largest foreign policy disaster in the history of America. Dick Cheney is still out there pushing the same bullshit that got us into his massive quagmire. GW Bush occasionally pops his head up to remind us that he still thinks so highly of himself that he paints himself wash himself, maybe some psychological attempt to get the blood of millions off his hands. Other assorted neo-con adventurers managed to sign on with Willard Romney's failed bid to become President and lie us into another multi-trillion dollar war.

So, if you haven't apologized for supporting that war, and calling people who opposed it, like me, a traitor, then here's your chance for a little soul searching. Since most of you warmongers also happen to be deficit hawks, except for Dick Cheney who famously said deficits don't matter, maybe you'll take a look at the new report from Costs of War.
Total US federal spending associated with the Iraq war has been $1.7 trillion through FY2013. In addition, future health and disability payments for veterans will total $590 billion and interest accrued to pay for the war will add up to $3.9 trillion.
Add it up, warmongers, if your math skills will let you. That's a total of $6.2 Trillion for the boondoggle you helped lie us into. And you assholes have the balls to bitch that Obama, who has lowered the deficit every year since he got in office, and almost halved it now, is a profligate spender? Wow. Just wow.

See, at this point, if you still want to defend the Iraq War, then I have two things I can think of to say to you. One, please, keep talking, wingnuts. And two? Fuck you. Just fuck you and the Supreme Court you and the traitors Bush and Cheney rode in on.

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