Thursday, April 21, 2011

Karl Rove is a Traitor and a Hypocrite

He outed an undercover CIA officer and never had to pay a price for that crime. But these days, Karl is busy spreading his bullshit in another area where he is a blatant hypocrite: government debt.

In his article today in Murdoch's WSJ, Rove advocates encumbering a debt ceiling increase with "tough spending and deficit caps." Of course, when his hero GW Bush, who blew the surplus and created most of the debt we have today, needed to have the debt ceiling increased, there were no such encumberences. In fact, the GOP voted to raise the debt ceiling 19 times under Bush.

Why didn't they encumber those debt ceiling raises with spending and deficit caps? Because Karl Rove is a hypocrite. And a traitor.

in reference to:

"For this fight, President Barack Obama's strategy is three-fold. First, warn of catastrophic consequences if the debt ceiling isn't raised by early July when the Treasury Department runs out of fiscal tricks to keep from breaching the limit. Second, demand a "clean" debt ceiling increase, unencumbered by the tough spending and deficit caps that some congressional Republicans want to strap on the measure. Finally, blame the GOP for holding our economy hostage as often as possible."
- Karl Rove: How Republicans Can Win the Debt Limit Fight - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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