Friday, January 15, 2010

It's bad enough you gave us Bush...

Of course, when will you ever see anyone get in Karl Rove's face about this? Will some media person ask him this? Or will we all be disappointed when Jon Stewart is the only guy to ever say something, and then Karl weasels out of it, like John Yoo did?

It's great that Axelrod calls him out on it, but, honestly. The kind of people who vote for Bush, watch Fox, and believe in the book of Revelations literally are not going to believe any of the facts Axelrod hands them, no matter how true they are.

Fact is, if someone was stupid, greedy, ignorant, bigoted, or whatever enough to vote for Bush twice and has yet to apologize, then they're just going to make up whatever they want to make up, as long as it's convenient to their argument at that exact moment. They don't care if people can actually "look things up" or "check the facts." They just want Jesus to come burn all the heathens in a lake of fire, and the sooner the better.

in reference to:

"To put the breathtaking scope of this irresponsibility in perspective, the Bush administration's swing from surpluses to deficits added more debt in its eight years than all the previous administrations in the history of our republic combined. And its spending spree is the unwelcome gift that keeps on giving: Going forward, these unpaid-for policies will continue to add trillions to our deficit."
- David Axelrod - What Karl Rove got wrong on the U.S. deficit - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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