Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Satan Wrote the Bible

Well, that would certainly explain how a man who says Jesus was his favorite philosopher could start a war, using lies, to create $100 a barrel oil, and claim God told him to do it.

Hell, it even explains how he could claim that God wanted him to be president.

Now, I know the idea of Satan writing the Bible is going to piss a lot of you off, even some of you on the left ideologically. Please, don't panic. This new blog is simply an open forum for Bible commentaries where the author, who chooses to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, explores the possibility that Satan wrote the Bible.

The Satan essay is based on what those who believe there is a Satan believe about him. It is a rational argument using empathy. Its purpose is to make people think, nothing more or less. I have no desire to make anyone angry or upset or to change anyone’s belief.

So, please, go check it out. It's a fun read.

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