Saturday, September 01, 2007

There's a Word for Lying to Continue a War (or to start one)

Treason. When they lie to keep Americans in a hopeless situation, it's treason. Just like it was treason to get us there in the first place. So, any of you arguing that the surge is working, or that if we leave it will be genocide, or that a bunch of third world Muslims are going to follow us home and take over this country, forcing their religion down our throats, just remember who's feeding you that Bullshit.


Name one thing he's been right about, and then tell my why you want to keep listening to him.

One thing.

Fact is, the numbers they're spewing now are just more crap, and any of you who eat it up and vote Republican again are treasonous, shit-eating mother fuckers too. Go fuck yourselves. Your glorious Grand ol' Party of racism, hate, and kill-them-allness is spiraling down the drain to a very ugly place... Good riddance.

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