Thursday, July 21, 2005

Guest writer explores the psychiatric nature of Arab Assassins

This is from my union brother Jeff.

Back in the '20's and '30's, Pavlov tortured and maimed dogs to try and prove that they could be conditioned to salivate when he rang a bell. "Uncle Joe" Stalin asked Pavlov to write down everything he had learned with an eye to how it could be used on humans. Thus was born "Russian brain-washing".

The West, in the traditional tit-for-tat vein, the CIA developed Cointelpro, or counter intelligence program some time after WW II. It was a vast black program which further developed "brainwashing" techniques by the use of drugs and deep sleep drug induced comas. People were placed in comas for months at a time and regularly electro-shocked. Canadian and American psychiatrists collaborated in this latter day stepped up version of Pavlovian and dehumanizing and very heartless and cruel program.

Osama's mentor, Ayman al-Zawarhi, an Egyptian rich kid and medical student was involved in the assassination of Abdul Nasser. He got caught and spent seven years in an Egyptian prison. Zawarhi was subjected to cointelpro techniques. He learned to despise America and finally got some measure of revenge on America on 9/11. Osama was a perfect dupe and Zawarhi, being a medical doctor made sure Osama received lots of opiates and heroin and amphetamines and electro shock and cointelpro behavior modification techniques.

Regular folk wonder how anyone could blow themselves up and murder civilians in the process. Well, in addition to being carefully selected beforehand, Suicide bombers are normally very heavily doped up on amphetamines and opiates.

The Arab culture is steeped in the lore of the "assassin". There were "Thugee" cults in India, but the Assassin is the Arab version. The word comes from "user of hashish". An unwitting and somewhat impressionable and imbecilic young man would be selected by agents working for Hashshashin, founder of Serif Arabi Cult of assassins.

This young goober would be slipped a mickey of hashish. He would pass out and be kidnapped and when he woke up, he would be in a harem tent and would be told he was in heaven. A couple of days would pass and this goof-ball would have enjoyed himself immensely. Then his mentor would say that he had been brought to heaven prematurely and that Allah needed just one more small task performed: "Kill so-and-so. And upon your success, you will at once be whisked back up to heaven".

The guy would be slipped another overdose of hashish and pass out and then be dumped back out on the street. The guy would be very highly motivated to kill Sultan so-and-so and with a fervent frenzy, could very well succeed!

Modern day al Qaeda techniques have this tradition. That is why their suicide bombers are so fervent and so dedicated. Intelligent or well schooled or educated or not; they are more or less suggestible to begin with. That is the primary criterion that the suicide bomber scouts look for
-- gullibility.

Add to this months of "brainwashing" and heavy doses of amphetamines and opiates and hallucinogens and voila! Suicide bombers made to order by the gross.

My point is that our psychiatric programs, the misguided and violently misanthropic programs that they are, were exported by the CIA and probably the NSA to various operatives in the field. And the Arab, already familiar with the history of the Assassins readily understood and embraced and combined cointelpro methods with what he knew of his history; the assassins. And thus he has really taken the West by the scrotum.

It is a tragic dilemma and there is no one-shot-cure. Using psychiatric techniques such as post-cointelpro dehumanizing and torture methods at places like Abu-Ghraib are kerosene thrown on the fire.


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